Kitchen sink accessories: how to choose the essentials

September 1, 2023
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Fashionistas know that the right accessories can make or break an outfit. And it’s the same scenario for interiors. Just as accessories to an outfit add interest and those all-important ‘finishing touches’, your kitchen sink accessories add personality and pizzazz to your decor. The best ones incorporate plenty of practical benefits, too! Sink grids, basket strainers and chopping boards help to enhance your kitchen sink area and make food prep more efficient and enjoyable. Kitchen sink accessories are also a great way to update this area, without splashing out on a complete renovation. If you’re keen to upgrade your accessories game, read on to discover some of Product Manager Luke’s expert recommendations.

Let’s talk taps

Your kitchen tap is one of your home’s hardest working products. Its primary role is, of course, a functional one. But how your chosen tap looks, is a key factor too.

Obviously, you’ll want it to work with the overall design of your heart of the home. So, thinking of your tap as one of your key kitchen sink accessories really is worthwhile from an aesthetic point of view.

Once upon a time, kitchen taps tended to feature stainless steel or chrome finishes. Nowadays however, almost anything goes! Your kitchen sink accessories are a great way to introduce some colour to your kitchen. Metallics are enduringly popular. In recent years, gold has grown in popularity, alongside copper and gunmetal grey.

Black tapware is another leading kitchen design trend and bridge taps are also enjoying a moment. So, it’s probably no surprise that one of my key kitchen sink recommendations is our new, customisable Ember Bridge Tap.

The evolution of Ember

A bridge tap is a type of mixer model. It’s named after its central section, which connects the separate hot and cold-water inlets. One of our solid stainless steel Ember models embraces the trend for black; a strong statement shade that’s super versatile. This colour works well as an accent or principal tone, and complements both classic and contemporary kitchen settings.

Our Ember Bridge Tap in Matt Black features unique customisable options. So, you can tailor your kitchen sink accessories to your personal tastes. This tap incorporates diamond-patterned (knurled) cog-style handles, a spout end

and base rings that are available in different coloured finishes: copper, gold or black. Mixing and matching can create eye-catching, contrasting kitchen elements. Our Ember Bridge Tap is also available in a stainless steel finish.

On the grid

Sink baskets and sink grids are next on my list of must-have kitchen sink accessories. A sink grid – sometimes called a sink rack – helps to protect the bottom of your sink from scratches.

In practical terms, a sink grid can help to reduce wear and tear, while improving drainage. You can even rinse vegetables on one. In terms of style, it’s a fast, easy way to add an attractive custom look to your kitchen sink.


As you’d expect, we offer grids in a range of shapes and sizes, to suit every Caple sink base. Some even have a curved front, to accommodate our Blackmore and Pemberley models. We have stainless steel and chrome grids. However, different coloured finishes are also available – gold, copper, gunmetal and black steel – to match or contrast with our coloured sinks.

These special metallic finishes are achieved using a process called Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). This creates a coating that’s highly resistant to tarnishing, corrosion and scratches. So, it’s perfect for your high-traffic kitchen sink accessories. In addition to its superior functionality, PVD is known for its ability to produce brilliant non-fade finishes. It’s even used by Rolex, and to coat parts of Formula One cars.

Sink baskets, fold mats and colanders

Sink baskets and fold mats are underrated kitchen sink accessories. Sometimes, simple ideas are the best ones! The baskets are one of the best ways to air-dry dishes. At Caple, we offer a range of options,

from stainless steel and chrome to PVD black steel and gold finishes, which are compatible with different sinks. Easy to store, our foldable sink mats help you maximise available space. They’re also great for draining and drying.

If you do a lot of cooking, sink colanders are essential kitchen sink accessories. They are the best way to strain foods such as pasta and rice, and wash fruits and vegetables during food prep. Our CSB31GD and CSB31SS models are proving very popular. These have been designed to sit neatly in our MODE 175 Stainless Steel & Gold Inset Sink (small bowl only). You can choose a finish that matches either the bowl colour, or the 3mm brushed steel frame.

Once your vegetables are rinsed clean, use one of our chopping boards to prep them for cooking. If you’re a fan of eco-friendly kitchen solutions, you’ll like our VACB model. It’s made with paper from trees harvested under guidelines of the North American Sustainable Forestry Standards. It’s knife-friendly, stain- and heat-resistant. Because it’s non-porous, it’s doesn’t harbour bacteria either. Best of all, unlike wood and bamboo chopping boards, it’s dishwasher-safe too!

Basket strainer wastes

Basket strainer wastes perform a valuable dual role. They allow your sink to fill with water, catching any food debris before it disappears down the plughole. But basket wastes can be pretty as well as practical. We offer a range of different colours, which in turn provides another way to mix and match metallics in your kitchen. These include a square and round overflow and are compatible with our entire ceramic sink collection and a handpicked selection of Caple stainless-steel sinks.

Waste disposal units

They aren’t on show but waste disposal units (WDUs) are one of those super-handy kitchen sink accessories. They are growing in popularity, thanks to their ability to get rid of food waste quickly and hygienically. WDUs are environmentally friendly too, as they grind up leftovers/food scraps into small pieces that won’t block sewers or end up in landfill. They are installed discreetly underneath your kitchen sink.

We offer different designs and power ratings to suit every household – and household budget. Our most powerful model, the WDU125, is perfect for larger families, if you do a lot of entertaining and enjoy batch cooking. This 1.25ph waste disposal unit incorporates a high-speed permanent magnet motor, complete with overload protection. Other key features include Bio Shield odour protection, and a corrosion-resistant 3-stage grinding system.

Kitchen purchases and renovations are exciting – but they’re a big investment too. Our Caple Care guarantees and warranties offer extra peace of mind (and reduce your life admin!). Click here to find out more.