PVD: luxury metallics in bespoke kitchen design

June 12, 2023
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Adding quality in design

 It’s no secret that we Brits love a bit of shine and sparkle. So, it’s understandable that metallics have been a top trend within interiors for some time now. Striking but versatile, they create a great focal point if you’re keen to make a statement. Conversely, metallics can also provide a subtle finishing touch to almost any décor. Lights, mirrors – and even furniture and fabrics – can be harnessed to tap into this enduring trend. But it’s in the kitchen that metallics really come into their own as our product manager Luke explains:

Of course, not all metallics are created equal. We’re proud that our portfolio features luxury, high-quality metallic products that we consider to be fit for any bespoke kitchen design. We offer a huge range of metallic sinks, taps and matching accessories, in a wide range of shades. So, whether you’re drawn to traditional kitchen metallics, such as chrome and stainless steel, or favour modern shades of copper, brass, gunmetal, black steel or gold, we’re sure to have something that suits.

The power of PVD

If you’re wondering how we produce some of our more distinctive kitchen metallics, let me explain. Take our gold sinks for example – these aren’t actually made in this material. However, many of our metallic finishes, including gold, are achieved using a process called PVD, which stands for Physical Vapour Deposition.

In terms of explaining the scientific part, the PVD technique vaporises solid metal in a high vacuum environment. It then deposits it on electronically conductive materials as a pure metal or alloy coating.

Other coating processes for metallics are available however PVD tends to offer the most durable finish. NASA has even harnessed the PVD process for use on aircraft engine turbine components.

Robust & resilient with PVD

PVD offers a huge array of benefits, in terms of both function and form. First and foremost, the process creates a coating that is highly resistant to scratches, corrosion and tarnishing.

This is good news for high-traffic areas such as your kitchen – and hard-working products, in particular, your sink and tap.

PVD achieves such durable results because of the nature of the process. While it’s often referred to as a coating, in reality it’s actually more of a surface treatment. Rather than adding layers to a surface, PVD physically binds a compound to the surface at the micron level. In other words, the thin layer of deposited material becomes part of the metallic surface itself.

The aesthetic advantage

Today’s luxury kitchens have to look as good as they perform. Happily, PVD offers lots of aesthetic advantages, in addition to its superior functionality. But don’t just take my word for it. Leading international watchmaker Rolex uses it to create luxurious colour and visual depth.

In the car industry, Formula One (F1) has used this method on gears and engine parts to help to improve performance. In terms of kitchen metallics, PVD produces highly brilliant colours that do not fade.

Yet another benefit delivered by PVD is its range and versatility. We have picked specific colourways in our metallics portfolio, which we have finished using this coating. So, this means it’s easy to coordinate your kitchen with colour-matched products across our entire range. Then, once you’ve chosen your sink and taps, you can even complement or contrast your selections with coloured accessories too, such as our basket strainer wastes, new sink grids, and colanders.


I’ve now established that PVD metallics look amazing and perform well. But what about their eco-credentials? The good news is that PVD is one of the most environmentally-friendly coating styles available. Unlike some other painting methods, such as galvanic surface treatment processes, PVD does not rely on chemical reactions to create the finish. Clean and dry, it’s free from hazardous materials, and does not generate chemical waste or cause water pollution. Furthermore, PVD components are recyclable.

PVD colour in the kitchen

Nowadays, colour in the kitchen is a key trend, led by the new generation of PVD metallics which, for Caple, encompasses gold, black steel, gunmetal and copper.

Thanks to PVD, our Mode sink collection incorporates all these modern metallics. If gunmetal grey is your go-to shade for interiors, it’s hard to go wrong with our Mode045 sink, available as an inset or under-mount model.

The art of the contrast

Contrasting kitchen colours work surprisingly well – as do mixed metallics. After all, why stick with just one shade, when so many amazing options are available? A dark sink such as our Mode3415 in Black Steel, set within a pale, neutral shade in a worktop, will instantly make an impact. Simply add some copper accessories for the perfect finishing touch.

For a super sleek sink, do explore our new SASO collection. Striking waterfall worktops clad these models, so that only the bowl base and overflow are on view. Our SASO 45 worktop sink in gold is a great way to add a touch of understated bling to your kitchen. Other available SASO PVD shades are gunmetal, copper and black steel.

Let’s talk PVD taps

Your kitchen tap is one of your home’s hardest working appliances. We offer a huge range of mixer models in a wide range of PVD metallics. These include single control versions like our Karns and Ridley, dual control models such as Avel and multitasking hot water taps. Our hot water taps don’t just look good, they can save you time, energy and money too. Both our Joya 3-IN-1 andVapos2 3-IN-1 models are available in PVD copper, gold, gunmetal and black steel.

Another popular PVD option is our Harlo Puriti Filter Tap, which reduces impurities and scale to deliver great-tasting water to drink and cook with. Last but not least, feast your eyes on our new FOSSO 4IN1 Steaming Tap. Available in a range of metallics, including PVD black steel, gold, copper and gunmetal, this advanced model supplies regular hot and cold, filtered cold and filtered 98°C steaming water – all while looking absolutely amazing!

In addition, we have a new ‘tap’ on the block – our Ember Bridge model in Matt Black, which we have carefully curated with unique customisable options. This model made from solid stainless-steel features a powder-coated Black finish on the original tap for solid, durable colour.

However, you can simply swap the matching matt black, diamond-pattern (knurled) cog-style handles, spout end (aerator cover) and base rings for the same pieces in a PVD copper or gold finish. These striking metallics enable you to add your own personal touch and will create a contrasting aesthetic in your kitchen.

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