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    Ask many people to name a household item they wouldn’t want to live without, and many will answer “dishwasher”. Happily our reliable, integrated dishwashers will give you load after load of squeaky-clean pans and glassware that sparkles like new. With low water consumption, and a wide range of programmes to suit all users, and you have your perfect kitchen helper.

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    60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher
    60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher
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    60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher
    60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher
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    FAQs for Dishwashers

    My dishwasher will not start?

    Please check that the plug has not become loose or been switched off accidently.
    There may even be an issue with the socket itself. Try another electrical appliance in the same socket, like a radio, or anything that you know is working.
    The dishwasher won’t operate if the door isn’t closed fully. If you don’t hear the latch as you shut the door, it might still be open.

    My dishwasher has just been installed & will not fill with water & E1 is displayed?

    Please check that the water supply is turned on & that the fill hose is not kinked or twisted.
    Check drain hose is not too low & syphoning back, check that the installer has removed blanking plug from sink plumbing connection.

    Do I need to add salt & rinse aid?

    Salt is required to protect your dishwasher from lime scale & soften the water for better cleaning results.
    Rinse aid is required to ensure spot-free, shiny dishes & to assist the drying function efficiency.

    My dishwasher is not cleaning very well?

    It is very important to maintain your dishwasher by following these simple steps for perfect cleaning results.
    Check that cutlery, dishes & glasses are dishwasher safe.
    Regularly clean filters to avoid blockages & food deposit build up.
    Regularly remove spray arms & clean to make sure spray holes do not become blocked, to clear blockages inside the holes use a toothpick.
    It is important not to overload or in correctly load the baskets as this will stop your dishwasher from cleaning efficiently, refer to instruction book for more information.

    Correctly loaded

    Overloaded & Incorrectly loaded

    Make sure pots/pan handles & large plates do not catch on upper spray arm, if they do this will stop the rotation of the arm & the upper basket will not clean properly.
    Adjust upper basket to the upper (higher) setting to allow clearance & free spray arm rotation, refer to instruction book for more information.
    Make sure excessive food is removed from pots, pans & plates before loading into the dishwasher.
    For best cleaning results it is best to load pots, pans, plates on the lower basket, placing larger plates at the rear of the basket & smaller plates at the front. For cups, mugs & glasses place on the upper basket.

    Glasses are coming out with white spots & film on them?

    Please check that the softener is topped up with salt, check salt & rinse aid settings, check glass ware is dishwasher safe.

    Refer to instruction book for further information.

    Glasses are cloudy?

    Ensure glass ware is dishwasher safe & washed on correct wash settings for best results, high temperatures can cause damage.

    Refer to instruction book for further information.

    Cutlery is rusting?

    Check cutlery are dishwasher safe, make sure cutlery is not touching as continued rubbing together can cause pitting.
    Possible imperfections in the stainless steel cutlery.

    Water is left on some items after drying?

    It is perfectly normal to find water may be left on items made of wood, plastic & Teflon.
    If dishwasher is left overnight condensation can form inside & on base of cups etc… best to unload lower basket first then upper.

    My dishwasher is not drying very well?

    Check that the dispenser has rinse aid as this is important for the drying efficiency, it may be necessary to increase the rinse aid setting.
    For best results unload dishwasher 10-20 minutes after cycle has finished & if possible do not leave overnight as condensation can form.

    My dishwasher has dirty water inside?

    Please check filters are clean, check that drain hose is not too low & syphoning back. Also check it has a swan neck shape at the top to stop water in sink running back into appliance.

    What are the different positions for my Caple CBASKET1?