Urgent Safety Notice

We have recently identified a possible risk of a gas leak from the connecting elbow with certain Caple gas hobs.

This is a serious issue which could pose a risk to health. The risk could vary from poisoning (from inhalation) to extremely rare cases of fire or explosion.

Safety is our main priority. We would ask that all potential owners contact us to arrange a free of charge inspection via:


0800 041 8842

If you smell gas, get to fresh air immediately and contact the relevant 24 hour National Gas Emergency service number for your area. (0800 111 999 in England, Wales and Scotland, and 0800 002 001 in Northern Ireland) or a gas safe registered installer.

It is vital that all Caple gas hobs detailed below, are urgently inspected and if required modified. This will be conducted free of charge.

Consumers using the hob in domestic properties should not attempt to disconnect the hob from the gas supply and can continue to use the appliance but must remain vigilant.

Consumers who are using the appliance in a caravan, leisure home or motorhome should stop using the product and disconnect it from the LPG cylinder.

If you own any of the affected hobs, or have any concerns, please contact us via  https://gashobsrepair.mktpoint.com or by telephone on 0800 041 8842.

The affected models are:









The serial number can be located on the rating plate which is on the underside of the hob, or on the cover of your instruction manual. The serial number will be 3 letters and followed by the month, year and day of production, example below 05/22/30 (30th May 2022). Please do not attempt to remove the hob to confirm any of this information.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and patience.