Transform your wet zone with our new SASO sink collection

November 30, 2022

When you realise how much time you spend at your kitchen sink, you’ll know why this is such an important feature. Whether you’re rinsing vegetables or simply washing your hands, this product has proven to be indispensable. In fact, a stainless-steel sink should not only form a functional part of a kitchen but it should look visually appealing, too.

Our new SASO45/26/BS black-steel worktop sink embraces the trend for matt black in the kitchen. This on-trend design and finish is ideal for a contemporary kitchen style

So, we’re delighted to unveil our new arrival for super-stylish wet zones – the revolutionary SASO stainless-steel sink collection. We asked Assistant Product Manager Ashley to explain what makes these new additions, to our comprehensive product portfolio, so special:

Transformative design details

Choose your own waterfall worktop in stone, quartz or solid surface and install it with our new SASO45/16/CO sink in copper. This style will instantly make a strong impact in a designer kitchen

At Caple, we were looking for a unique sink structure, which would add the wow factor to every wet zone. So, we explored ways in which we could achieve a sleeker aesthetic. Then we discovered how to clad the sink with a striking waterfall worktop. This would leave only the bowl base and overflow on view, for a more discreet finish. This innovative production technique has been specifically designed to work with three worktops – quartz, solid surface and stone. So, this makes the SASO stainless-steel sink collection ideal for luxury kitchens, where style is key.

Kitchen maintenance matters

We also wanted to ensure caring for your sink would be easy. So, we have designed each side of the base to slant towards the base for easier access to clean the corners and edges.

Go for gold with our new SASO45/26/GD stainless-steel small bowl sink in this sumptuous finish; perfect for adding a touch of bling with bags of sophistication in a muted colour-way.

SASO stainless-steel sink installation

Each sink is, essentially, an undermount model. However, your installer will fabricate the sides of the bowl with your worktop first, to create a box-like structure. This is then connected to the top of your work surface to create a seamless finish. Your installer will then slide your sink into place so only the base is on view. Holes are then made to create space for a tap* and overflow, which will make this revolutionary design complete.
*For point of reference, this sink does not come with a tap hole so this will be cut into the worktop.

Our new SASO sinks have been designed to create a more seamless finish in a modern kitchen setting. We’ve even included small versions, which will sit next to your main bowl. Our new SASO20/16/GM sink is showcased here in gunmetal

Material of choice

If you prefer to stick with a stainless-steel aesthetic, our new SASO collection features four model sizes in this classic finish. This includes our SASO45/26/SS worktop sink.

The stainless steel sink has been one of the most popular products for residential and commercial kitchens for years. It’s no surprise why, when you consider that this material is ultra-durable, and stain and heat-resistant, too. A high-quality stainless-steel sink won’t chip, fade, crack or stain. So, your model will stand the test of time and should be easy to maintain. We chose a 1.2mm brushed stainless steel for our new collection. This was because we were looking for a sink, which would look as good as new for years to come. We also wanted to add different colours to this stainless-steel sink collection for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Colour me beautiful

Colourful sinks continue to prove popular as people become more adventurous in the wet zone in the kitchen. So, what was once purely a functional must-have for washing, can now become a statement piece with colour. For our SASO stainless-steel sink collection, we have carefully hand-picked five distinctive shades for a contemporary finish. You can simply choose stainless steel or add another dimension to your kitchen design with black steel, gold, copper or gunmetal.

If you’re keen to follow the latest trend for matt black in the kitchen, you’ll love our new SASO45/16/BS black steel worktop sink. Made from 1.2mm brushed stainless steel, this features a 90mm waste outlet for a basket strainer waste

At Caple, we know the importance of aesthetics in every modern kitchen, so we’ve created a colour-matching base and overflow. And for those who want to take your creative sink design to another level, you can pick folding matt and grid accessories. Style-wise, either colour-match these extras with your new SASO stainless-steel sink or choose a contrasting shade for added glamour.

Stainless steel accessories

A matching grid will not only look stylish but will also help to reduce wear and tear on the surface of your sink. This is a brilliant accessory, which can help to improve drainage. A sink grid will also enable you to add a custom look to the base of your stainless-steel sink bowl. And this accessory will prevent vegetables from touching the base of the bowl when rinsing.

Your wet zone will feel complete if you can kit it out with must-have accessories. Our new grids and folding mats not only look good as they colour-match our new SASO sinks, but they will make your wet zone more functional, too.

Our folding mats are very useful for drying washing-up, especially if you have a groove-free draining area in your worktop. And they will also make the most from the available space around your sink. I tend to fold up my mat when I’m not using it and it makes a great trivet for hot pots and pans, too.

Want to add matt black to your kitchen in more ways than one? Then read our blog on this colour trend, which showcases black steel in all its glory!