This compact powerhouse not only rids odours with plasma but also tackles fine dust and contaminants using cutting-edge electrostatic discharge [ESD] technology all combined in one filter, making it one of a kind and worldwide patented.

An important advantage of a recirculation filter is that you save a significant amount of money on your heating costs, because the filter keeps the heated or cooled air inside.

Easy plug and play installation. Simply attach the PlasmaMade® Filter to the hood and insert the plug.

The PlasmaMade® E-Filter has specially been developed to prevent energy wastage in your home. Our filter is 97% recyclable

With correct use and regular cleaning of the grease filter of the extractor hood, the filter will last up to 15 years practically maintenance free.

Most kitchens use outdoor extraction or carbon filters to remove cooking odours. These are solutions that can be costly and unsustainable in the long term. The PlasmaMade® E-Filter is a revolutionary plasma filter with E-technology that offers a solution to these problems. The table below shows a comparison between a PlasmaMade® E-Filter, regular recirculation filters and outdoor extraction.

The Technology behind pure AIR.

The patented PlasmaMade® filtering technology uses four individual techniques, which include the combination of Plasma and ESD to break down unpleasant smells and substances, recirculating clean and fresh air back into the room.

1.The PlasmaMade® generator creates plasma by using a high voltage, this plasma neutralises odours and micro-organisms.

2.Contaminations are caught in the electrostatically charged Nano fiberglass filter, which together with the conical inner design helps to ensure smooth air flow through the filter.

3. The electrostatic discharge [ESD] filter uses a voltage of 1-4kV to break down contaminants [including grease, fine dust, pollen and bacteria].

4. The ceramic foam filter then helps to ensure everything gets caught, so only clean air is released back into the room, while also providing a sound dampening effect.