Black is back: design & style tips

November 18, 2022

Black is back. In fact, the matt version of this colour is dark, dramatic, super-stylish and now on-trend in the kitchen. Just like the timeless appeal of the little black dress, this colour in the heart of the home looks set to harness a bold approach that will last. So, it’s no wonder our product manager, Luke, hails matt black as the one to watch this year.

At Caple, we’ve embraced this distinctive colour-way with an entire collection of high-performance appliances and super-stylish sinks and taps. So, we asked Luke how you can successfully feature black in your kitchen and here’s what he had to say:

Fine blend

If you’re feeling adventurous and you want to create instant dramatic impact, an almost entirely black kitchen could be perfect. So, choose wall cabinets and base units with a matt finish in this colour with matching appliances. Then contrast this industrial-style look with a few highlights, such as polished brass handles and a light-coloured worktop, such as marble.

So, why not add a touch of luxe with our C2600BS Smart Oven in a black steel finish? Part of our Sense Premium collection, this new pyrolytic model connects with our CapleHome app on your smartphone or tablet. From family-friendly recipes to multiple cooking times, you can access a whole host of features.

You could even boost your black-in-the-kitchen look with our new CMS260BS smart microwave oven, which can also be used to steam, grill and bake your food via our dedicated app.

Contrast and conquer

If you’re looking for a more striking contrast in your kitchen, why not choose cabinets in a different colour? After all, these will provide an interesting backdrop and put your matt black appliances, sink and tap at the forefront of your design. Thankfully, matt black is so versatile it works well with many materials and finishes, from stone and brick to painted wood and metallics. This shade can completely alter the mood of a room and achieve a sense of sophistication in the heart of the home.

Create a bank of appliances in a sleek black matt finish and contrast these with your kitchen units

The layout of your appliances should always be important as this is the best way in which to make the heart of your home function at its best potential. If you want to create the wow factor with black in the kitchen, consider placing your ovens and warming drawer in one bank. Or you could try an entire wall of appliances, if you have enough room. So, team the C2601BS smart oven and WC6100BS wine cooler with our new CM465BS coffee machine and matching warming drawer WD140BS.

Small is beautiful

If you feel an all-black scheme may seem too dramatic, why not introduce the colour as an accent shade in your kitchen? After all, this is a great way in which to make your heart of the home instantly feel more modern. So why not start small with a new black steel sink and tap? This colour trend is all about creating more drama. So, imagine the striking contrast a sink in this finish could make with a white marble or light quartz worktop.

It takes two

If you want a cohesive finish in a highly contemporary kitchen, consider matching a black steel sink with a designer tap in the same finish. Choosing this ultra-modern colour will not only take your kitchen to the next level, but your wet zone will become a feature, too. After all, your sink and tap are probably one of the most frequently used products in a kitchen. So, why not spend some time choosing matching models with function and form?

Add a dash of darkness to a white backdrop with our black steel Harlo Puriti filter tap

Tap into the trend

At Caple, we’ve got plenty of tap designs in this finish. For example, you could opt for a chic 3in-1 hot water tap, such as our Joya or Vapos 2. This model is so versatile, it will provide fresh cold, regular hot and 98°C steaming water. Or take your drinking water to the next level with our Harlo Puriti Filter Tap in black steel. We’ve even got dual lever models, such as our Avel or Joya in the same shade. Or you could go sleek and single (lever) with our Karns or Ridley tap in black steel?

A diamond cut effect on circular dials gives an elegant dimension to our Joya 3-in-1 hot water tap in black steel

Black in the kitchen sink

You can instantly make a style statement in your kitchen when you match your preferred tap with a matt black sink. Whether you’re looking for a single or one-and-a-half bowl version, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our Mode 45 Inset or Undermount model, for example. Or opt for our Mode 3415 RH Inset or Undermount Sink? You could even add a further dimension to your design with a different coloured basket strainer waste and overflow. After all, this two-tone look is a great way in which to experiment with colour.

Create a clever contrast with metallics with our Mode 3415 RH Inset or Undermount sink in black steel and a copper basket strainer waste and overflow

What is black steel PVD?

This describes our new, special Caple finish used in our sink and taps, so think stainless steel with a matt black overlay for a luxurious feel. This colour not only looks good but it’s designed to last. In fact, we use Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) to produce our signature black steel finish. So, this means you can benefit from a brilliant, ultra-durable, solid matt shade. We know this method produces extremely fine surface cover that will stand the test of time. So, we use PVD to create all our black steel, copper, gold and gunmetal sinks and taps. This way, we can feel confident each finish will look super-stylish and will last for years to come.

Finishing touches

If you want a totally coordinated look with matt black in the kitchen, then work those accessories. Why not add a basket strainer in the same shade for a contemporary top-up? Or unfurl a folding mat on a black steel model. You could even give a dark colander a go.

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