Combination steam ovens: key benefits for modern living

June 21, 2022

If you want to speed up cooking times and lock in all the flavours and goodness in your cooked food, a combination steam oven could be your best bet. These appliances not only allow you to use steam cooking to its full potential but they offer many benefits, too. As a result, you can deliver the mouth-watering meals your friends and family truly deserve. So, we asked our assistant product manager Ashley to explain why combination steam ovens should be high on your kitchen appliance wish-list:


This is ultimately a multi-function oven, which combines the best of both worlds. You can therefore enjoy a combination of conventional and steam cooking within one model. This could be perfect for a kitchen where space may be at a premium or simply provide you with a cost-effective option with a two-in-one appliance. The steam function will also cook your food more quickly than a conventional oven. As a result, this will equate to lower energy use which, in turn, can help to decrease household bills.

Combination steam ovens are hugely versatile, whether you require the dry heat in a conventional oven and moisture from the steam setting to create dry or wet heat or a combination of the two. In fact, combining the different functions can create a wide variety of delicious, healthy meals. These high-performance appliances also allow you to steam, grill and bake food in the same cavity. And the results, when using a combination of functions, can be mouth-watering; think of a roast chicken with a golden brown, crispy layer and incredibly tender meat inside.

The health benefits

As the growing trend towards healthy eating continues, why not consider a combination steam oven in your kitchen renovation plans? After all, these models are renowned for their health benefits. For example, steam will infiltrate the food, which can remove excess fat. However, this cooking method also locks in all the essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. And you will use less oil when cooking with steam – another clear health benefit. So, you can enjoy healthy cooking all year round.

Our Sense SO111 built-in combination steam oven has a roomy 40l cavity with full touch controls and 11 functions. You can customise cooking methods to suit different food, and steam has so many advantages. Cooking in this way produces dishes that are delicious and healthy with no need to boost taste with added fats or oils.

Better flavours with combination steam ovens

When cooking vegetables in a pan on a hob, a lot of the vitamins and minerals will escape into the water. However, adding moisture to your cooking via steam helps to preserve these nutrients, the natural textures, colours and the flavours of the food. Imagine a tray bake of vegetables, for example. Steaming these will be quick and easy, leaving you with a perfectly cooked, tasty dish. You’ll also find, when you use the steam setting, you no longer have to worry about flavour transfer. So, you can prepare an entire meal, such as baked salmon for the main and a chocolate pudding for dessert, in the oven cavity at the same time.

Speeding up the cooking process with steam

If you use this setting, this will instantly decrease the time you spend cooking, when compared to a conventional or fan oven. This is because the steam transfers the heat more efficiently than air, even if the conventional or fan function can cook at a higher temperature.


Steam cooking is energy-efficient, operating at faster speeds and lower temperatures than other methods. Our SO111SS combination steam oven features a water tank, which is positioned in the control panel for easy access, too.


You can use your combination steam oven to reheat food, which will no doubt prevent more food wastage, too. You’ll find a perfect balance between the steam and dry heat, will help to add moisture back into the food. You’ll no longer have to worry about over-cooking or uneven heating, as the steam will penetrate the food more evenly at low cooking temperatures.

Steam cooking can make the right choice for chef-worthy desserts too; you’ll find steamed puddings will be cooked to perfection. There’s no need to worry about the height of your soufflés either. Using the steam setting will enable them to rise well, while dry heat from the conventional oven will create golden crusty tops. Cakes tend to rise more during this cooking process; they will retain more moisture while pastries should be lighter and fluffier.

In short, combination steam ovens are all about helping you cook the dishes you already make, but better, which is why these appliances are one of my favourites for modern kitchen living.

Benefits of combination microwaves with steam

A combination microwave instantly offers more benefits than a standard model, so why not add steam functionality, too? As a result, you can enjoy the health benefits of cooking with steam. However, you’ll benefit from the speed and power you can expect when using the microwave. The only difference with our combination model (with steam) is the size. This is a compact appliance, which will help you save space in your kitchen. However, you can still use a wide variety of cooking options from steam, microwave and defrost to grill, roast and bake.

Our Sense Premium Wi-Fi enabled Combi Microwave + Steam Oven comes in three finishes – stainless steel, gunmetal and black glass. It incorporates the benefits of speedy built-in cooking with the option of steam, so you can enjoy delicious dishes every time. We designed our Caple Home app in-house so you can benefit from functionality, which is perfectly suited to UK living.