The secret of cooking with steam

October 15, 2018
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Steam cooking is growing in popularity for a number of very good reasons. First and foremost, it’s delicious and healthy. Steaming food helps it to retain its nutrients, flavours and colours. It’s also very energy-efficient. Steamed food cooks faster and at lower temperatures than other methods. Another big advantage? Because it’s odourless, you can save energy (and money!) by cooking different foods simultaneously without all the different flavours mingling.

The best of both worlds

Did you know, at Caple, we provide all the benefits of steam cooking with our range of versatile built-in combination steam ovens. These offer the best of both worlds, in the form of steam and conventional cooking methods.


Our Sense and Sense Premium collections both feature combination steam ovens, in black, white and stainless steel finishes. Each one looks fabulous (and functions perfectly) set within a bank of appliances.

Why not combine a steam oven, single oven, microwave and coffee machine for a super stylish and complete multi-functional cooking zone? Being able to call on this array of appliances makes entertaining so much easier. And there’s no limit to the culinary creations you can serve up for friends and family. Simply let your combination oven do all the hard work for you!

How do steam ovens actually work?

Mention a steamer to most people and they’ll probably picture a three-tiered standalone collection of pans that sit on top of the hob. But today’s steam and combination steam ovens harness much more advanced technology. Injection steam systems are the feature to look out for. This is where water is heated by an element in the tank. When it reaches the correct temperature, it works by injecting steam directly into the oven cavity. This provides consistent temperatures for cooking – meaning you achieve the best possible results, every time.


Whether your meal plan calls for mouth-watering joints of meat, a delicate fish dish, or perfectly steamed vegetables, our S0210SS Combination Steam Oven takes it all in its stride. Its roomy, 34L capacity means you can easily cook

for a crowd, and there are 11 functions to choose from. There are two pre-set steam temperatures (cooking 100°C and reheating 130°C), plus a steam cooking pause function. A touch control programmable electronic timer also helps you plan ahead.

Unsure what to cook? No problem. Both our S0210SS and the S0210WH Combination Steam Ovenfeature no fewer than 100 preset recipes. These include food weight and temperature to help you achieve outstanding cooking results with minimum stress and fuss.

Many people shy away from steam functionality because of the added cost involved. That’s why we offer a combination steam oven at an affordable price in our mid-range Sense collection. The 36L S0111model features a stylish black glass/stainless steel trim that incorporates steam, fan heat with steam, grill, turbo grill and defrost options, for maximum versatility. It even includes an automatic descaling system to prevent limescale build-up – essential if you live in a hard water area.

Recipes for success

There’s really no limit to the delicious dishes you can cook with steam. Forget any fears about flavourless food. With steam cooking, you don’t need to add fats or oils to boost taste. In fact, this method of cooking retains all the moisture, vitamins and minerals food contains, leaving it packed full with flavour.

Some of our favourite steamed recipes feature fish and seafood. Mussels, salmon and halibut steam wonderfully. Why not try our Salmon steamed in a bagrecipe with our SO110 combi steam oven? This quick and healthy mid-week meal was conjured up by Michelin-starred chef and Caple brand ambassador Josh Eggleton. We hear Josh also recommends steaming hake or cod with wine, instead of water, for an extra delicious finish.

Rest assured, steam ovens can cook much more than just fish and vegetables. For example, it’s a great way to prepare risotto and it bypasses all that endless stirring into the bargain! Or for something more substantial, why not experiment with a steamed roast chicken and vegetables. Yum! Your combination steam oven can even help you indulge your sweet tooth. We promise that a steamed chocolate cake could prove one of the easiest desserts ever. All you have to do is weigh and mix, and your steam oven will do the rest.

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