Unveiling Caple’s Showcase at KBB Birmingham 2024

March 7, 2024
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The curtains have closed on yet another successful KBB Birmingham at the NEC, and this year, Caple took centre stage with a showcase that left attendees all in awe.

In this blog, we dive deep into what set our exhibition apart, exploring the design choices that defined our stand and unveiling the innovative products that stole the spotlight.

Did you miss the show? Click the link below to continue the Caple experience, and discover the Marmobello worktops on display.


Caple’s stand at KBB Birmingham 2024 was a testament to bringing the Caple Experience to life. Drawing inspiration from our award-winning Leeds showroom, every detail of the stand spoke volumes about our commitment to quality, innovation, and design.

The immersive showcase went beyond presenting exquisite furniture, cutting-edge appliances, and stylish sinks and taps. Elegant rafts above the long island in the Caple Studio, meticulous brickwork, and strategically placed uplighters created an atmosphere that transported visitors into the heart of Caple’s design philosophy.

Pictured here is the C2601BG and CMS260BG with optional extra gold handles.

The standout feature was the introduction of our all-new Black Glass appliances, reflecting Caple’s dedication to a design-led product range. This defining theme throughout every corner of the stand, from the kitchens on display to the central tunnel section showcasing the Caple Studio.

‘Best Kitchen Stand’ Award

Caple’s stand at KBB Birmingham 2024 was not only a visual triumph but also a recipient of prestigious recognition. Out of 320 exhibitors, our stand was honoured with the ‘Best Kitchen Stand’ award, a testament to the exceptional design and innovation showcased.

New Products and Ranges

Our stand featured a staggering 18 new products, highlighting Caple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of kitchen design and functionality. Additionally, we unveiled 5 bespoke new furniture colours, adding a touch of personalisation to our offerings.

Furthermore, 2 new kitchen ranges were introduced, expanding our already diverse portfolio and providing more options for our discerning customers.

Kitchen Portfolio

Our product portfolio shone bright at KBB Birmingham 2024, featuring a diverse range of kitchens that showcased the versatility and innovation Caple is known for.

Find more info about each kitchen below:

Soho Foodhall:

The Soho Foodhall kitchen was a vibrant display of the love for all things kitchen disco. With Jo and Lauren, our training managers, at the heart of it, culinary delights were whipped up to showcase the capabilities of Caple products. The immersive experience allowed visitors to witness firsthand the seamless integration of technology and design.

Smart Kitchen:

Minimalism took centre stage in the Smart Kitchen, featuring a sleek and elegant all-black look. The slab matte furniture added a touch of sophistication, aligning with modern design trends and showcasing Caple’s commitment to staying ahead in kitchen aesthetics.

Art Deco:

The Art Deco kitchen, featuring the Sutton model with a detailed stone worktop, celebrated the charm of a bygone era. Crafted from solid timber, the shaker lines of the Sutton kitchen blended tradition with modernity. A highlight of this kitchen was the introduction of pot fillers, showcasing Caple’s dedication to combining innovation with timeless design.


The Biophilic kitchen aimed to establish a connection with nature, featuring a mix of white, cashmere, natural oak, and natural reeded doors. The slab and textured door combination, along with light natural worktops and a natural colour vein, created a serene and harmonious space. This kitchen was a testament to Caple’s commitment to sustainability and a holistic approach to design.

Caple Studio:

The central tunnel section of the exhibition provided the Caple Studio experience, showcasing a comprehensive display of ovens that demonstrated the hierarchy of Caple’s cooking ranges – Classic, Sense, and Sense Premium. This immersive studio experience allowed visitors to explore the intuitive technology and flawless design that define Caple’s kitchen appliances.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s Visit

Adding a touch of celebrity glamour to our showcase, the renowned Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen was captivated by Caple’s exquisite furniture and the latest in extraction technology.

His visit highlighted the universal appeal of Caple’s offerings, resonating with both industry professionals and design enthusiasts alike.

5-year Guarantee


A recurring theme throughout the exhibition was Caple’s new 5-year guarantee. This exclusive offer allows customers to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that every Caple appliance is backed by a commitment to durability and quality. The guarantee extends to all Caple appliances when purchasing any Sense Premium oven or microwave simultaneously.

Black Glass Finish

The star of the show was undeniably the introduction of the Black Glass finish. Featured prominently in the Biophilic and Art Deco kitchens, these appliances brought a touch of luxury to any kitchen scheme. The sleek and modern look, coupled with the smooth reflective surface, underscored Caple’s dedication to contemporary and stylish designs.

In conclusion, KBB Birmingham 2024 was a resounding success for Caple, showcasing not just products but an immersive experience that encapsulates the essence of the Caple brand. From innovative appliances to timeless kitchen designs, Caple continues to redefine the standard for excellence in the world of kitchen solutions.