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Energy-efficient appliances: five best buys

April 7, 2022
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As energy bills are set to soar, it makes perfect sense to look more closely at energy-efficient appliances for your home. In fact, millions of UK households could expect an average £693 annual rise, as Ofgem raises the price cap by 54% to £1,971. Of course, this sort of impact could be huge for many. So, if you’re looking for new appliances for your home, why not consider energy-efficient models? After all, these will be kinder to your pocket in the long-run. We asked our product manager, Luke, what to look for to make energy bills more affordable:

Energy labels explained

Energy labels explained

You may remember seeing A+++ energy labels on a variety of appliances a year or so ago. This used to provide a benchmark where this demonstrated the most energy-efficient model available. However, nearly every large domestic appliance in the UK used to appear in the highest category – the A++ to A+++ range. So, the rating system has since been changed to a more simple A to G scale. Basically, this refreshed labelling system applies to laundry, dishwashers, refrigeration and wine cabinets, so it’s useful to keep this in mind.

However, it’s important to note that these changes can be confusing. For example, at Caple many of the alterations we have made, to the appliances referenced above, now provide some of our formerly-rated A+++ products with a D or E energy label. However, many of these appliances actually use less energy than the formerly rated an A+++ models. So, this is due to the re-scaling system in the new structure.

Washing machine considerations

Washing machine considerations

Look for an appliance which offers you a 24-hour delay timer. This way, you can plan to wash your laundry in the evening at a time when electricity will cost less. If you pick a washing machine with a decent energy rating, this will be incredibly energy efficient and an A or B label for spin efficiency will add to these benefits.

A variety of programmes should help you choose the most productive washing method, too. For example, an eco-setting will be more economical to run whereas as a rapid 14-minute wash may be all that’s required to wash lightly soiled items. These are great ways in which to save energy, which won’t really impact on your lifestyle.

We designed our WMi4001 washing machine with an A energy-efficiency rating. It’s extra roomy with an impressive 9kg capacity and it features rapid washing and eco programmes, too

The energy-efficient heat pump dryer

The energy-efficient heat pump dryer

Firstly, this appliance will tend to be far more energy efficient than a conventional model. If you look for a sensor dryer, this will actually monitor the humidity and moisture of the items in the drum. Then it simply adjusts the programme time accordingly, saving you more pennies in the long-run.

Consider our TDi4001 tumble dryer, for example; it uses 50% of the energy which would be used for a conventional model. The actual heat pump mechanism generates hot air without the need for a heating element, which the appliance then reuses during the cycle to dry laundry.

Our A rated TDi4001 energy-efficient tumble dryer is packed full with functionality and innovative features with a heat pump and sensor drying. With 15 programmes to choose from, you’re bound to find something to suit every need; these range from anti-allergy, refresh and pre-worn to small loads, mix & dry and sportswear

Cooking considerations

Cooking considerations

If you really want to be energy-efficient in the kitchen, a built-in combination steam oven could be an ideal option. This versatile model offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to customise cooking methods to suit different foods. Steam has lots of advantages, too.

Cooking in this way produces food that’s delicious and healthy, with no need to boost taste with added fats or oils. This is perfect if you’re trying to watch your weight and follow a healthy diet. Steam cooking is also very energy-efficient because it operates at faster speeds and lower temperatures than other methods.

Our Sense SO111SS model offers 11 different functions, including steam, grill and steam, fan heat with steam and defrost. It also has a 40-litre capacity, a practical double-glazed removable door and a Steam Recovery system to reduce water consumption.

Dishwashing wisely

Dishwashing wisely

By their very nature, dishwashers will reduce your energy consumption when compared to washing dishes by hand. This is because they tend to minimise the amount of water, which is used, when compared to the other method. Before you buy, check whether there is a dedicated eco setting. This programme should use minimal levels of water per wash. For example, if you choose an appliance, which uses just nine litres on an

eco-programme, this could certainly lower your energy bills.

Don’t forget to choose a model, which comes with a delay timer. These are very useful if want to time your appliance to automatically start at night when electricity costs less. When you don’t have many dishes to wash, a dishwasher with a half-load function could also prove useful. After all, this will not only help you save water but electricity, too.

Our 45cm-wide, D-rated Di482 dishwasher is not only ideal for a kitchen where space is tight but it can greatly reduce water and electricity usage. Our special eco programme will lower electricity consumption by 28% and save more than three litres of water in every wash

Cool energy-efficient refrigeration

Cool energy-efficient refrigeration

A fridge-freezer is one kitchen appliance, which is switched on 24 hours a day. However, there are ways in which you can choose a model, which is more energy efficient. One method is to pick an appliance with a dedicated mode that allows you to switch off entire compartments when you’re not using them.

Another is to choose a model, which you can switch to a ‘holiday’ setting, when you take a break away. Simply empty your fridge and this feature will reduce the power in this compartment. Intelligent night sensors can automatically switch off refrigerator lighting if there’s sufficient illumination in the room and look for a screensaver function, if you choose a model with LED panel lights.

Our CAFF42 fridge-freezer is packed full with all the eco benefits mentioned above. This intelligent model also features an eco-setting, which provides the cooler compartment with an optimum temperature while saving power.

Making an investment

Although, you may find your initial outlay on an energy-saving appliance could be higher than one without these features, you will benefit from lower running costs during each model’s lifetime.