Kitchen colours: Making a splash with furniture

July 11, 2022

Getting creative with kitchen colours can define the look you want to achieve in an instant. Whether you feel the need to make a style statement or add a personal touch, the shades you choose can make a big impact. And, if you just want to set the mood, your kitchen colours could fix the tone and create a cosy environment or a feeling of space. The beauty is you can cherry-pick kitchen furniture shades to create a completely new look.

You could choose a darker tone for your kitchen island unit and roll with different shades elsewhere. Or go bold in the centre and use softer colours on the base and wall units to provide a strong contrast. But remember, the size, lighting and layout of your space will also dictate your colour-way options. So, we asked our furniture manager Doug to offer his expert guide on kitchen colours with longevity in mind:

Going green with kitchen colours

These kitchens have certainly grown in popularity more recently. From darks, such as Riptide, to lighter shades, like Sea Salt, this colour is often selected for its calming qualities and links with nature.

In fact, The Great British Bake Off finalist and celebrity baker Alice Fevronia opted for our stunning in-frame, Shaker-style Halebury kitchen using a light green tonal approach. She selected our Thyme colour-way for her island unit, which sits perfectly against a softer Sea Salt tone on the wall and base units. I love the luxurious warm metallic finish she has added, too, thanks to our brushed satin handles.

Although picking the colour scheme wasn’t easy for Alice, she says she was drawn towards photos of light, bright kitchens. “I really loved the two-tone look and settled on greens as I liked those particular shades. Caple has so many beautiful colours. But I do a lot of filming and photography in my kitchen so light green cabinetry just seemed to work best within the space.”

If you’re after a made-to-order collection, why not follow in The Great British Bake Off finalist Alice’s footsteps and consider a painted kitchen from our Halebury range? With a solid-wood door, it has an additional groove for a cost-effective, in-frame style. The great news is there are 15 colour-ways to play with, so there’s plenty of chance to pick and mix. I’m a big fan of Bone and Thyme, if you’re looking for a mood-boosting combination.

Toning up. Great British Bake Off finalist and celebrity baker Alice Fevronia was keen to go green taking a tonal approach with our Halebury kitchen. Pictured here with Thyme on the island cabinets while Sea Salt features on her wall and base units

Modern neutrals with Vira

You’ll find going grey will create a classic and timeless feel for your hub of the home. One of the most versatile kitchen colour options, this can easily complement both statement shades or muted neutrals. So, consider peppering your furniture with grey accents and ride the trend for gunmetal by coordinating your appliances. For a contemporary look, Vira Grey offers a soft tone with sleek furniture design, which combines durability with a luxe touch. I think it teams particularly well with a crisp, white worktop. If you have a compact kitchen, I suggest you opt for lighter tones. After all, these will enable light to reflect more efficiently than darker shades.

Vira’s super-matt, vinyl-wrapped doors can be paired with minimalist stainless-steel bar handles to give you an understated look. Curved cabinets combine with sleek, angular lines to create a modern-retro vibe, making this a perfect choice for a super-stylish open-plan kitchen. The island unit provides ample space for storage, a handy sink and tap, and plenty of room for entertaining. Colour-wise, you can select from muted shades – will you feel flush with Blush or be moved by Mussel? Blush, for example, is a soothing shade, which some may consider as a ‘modern neutral’ due to the calming effect it can achieve. If not, why not embrace your darker side and pick Anthracite or Indigo?

Take a bold and beautiful approach by selecting blue if you want to pack a punch. In fact, selecting vivid coloured furniture, and pairing this with a matching splashback and velvet chairs can pull a contemporary look together. I love the contrast showcased in our new Sutton kitchen in Space blue and the neutral tone Bone.


Part of our signature in-frame collection, there are 15 classic and contemporary shades to choose from. So, if you are not tempted by navy, and blue just isn’t your hue, you could opt for a darker twist with Twilight or keep it soft with Cotton.

To tailor your own tone, ask for either our new Sutton, Harptree or Winford kitchens from our in-frame collection to come with a sanded finish. This way, you can paint the furniture, according to your own colour preference. All you need is a primer and top coat in your own preferred hue/s to add a more personal finish. And, if you want the quality and style of a bespoke kitchen, which is affordable too, our in-frame collection is a winner. Carefully crafted ash doors feature smooth centre panels, while dovetail drawers and soft-close hinges add to the luxurious feel. We can even build cabinets to size to suit awkward spaces, making this collection even more versatile.

Why not add drama with kitchen colours by introducing more intense furniture tones? I love our Nala kitchen furniture in Hunter Green, for example. Surrounding this statement shade with neutral walls and natural wood elements, from the central island worktop to the dining table, will bring the dark tone to the fore. Brushed satin brass handles, for example, can also help to lighten the overall look and add a luxurious touch

Don’t want to go dark? In fact, our Shaker-style cabinetry from our Classic Nala collection is available in a wide-ranging, sophisticated colour palette. You’ll also find a combination of curved and angular cabinetry adds a contemporary twist to this stylish design. Its good looks are also built to last as our super-matt vinyl-wrapped finish offers durability.

Adopting Auburn with Verse Shoreditch

Want to get down to earth with a terracotta-type tone for your kitchen colour scheme? Then, opt for Auburn in our painted Verse Shoreditch collection. Featuring slim-line, Shaker-style doors, these true handleless doors have been designed for a more seamless finish. This collection is also a solid bet with an ash frame and veneered ash centre panel. In fact, this provides stability by reducing shrinkage and expansion in dry and moist environments. And, if Auburn doesn’t float your boat, there’s a kaleidoscope of 15 colours to peruse. Ranging from Dusty Rose to Mink, we have even complemented them with 12 rail profile tints.

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