Enjoy a Breath of Fresh Air with Caple’s PlasmaMade E-Filters

May 1, 2024

Built Into Every Great Kitchen

In the realm of modern kitchens, where functionality meets aesthetics, Caple stands out as a pioneer in delivering innovative solutions. For nearly five decades, Caple has been synonymous with excellence, offering a range of appliances, furniture, and

accessories designed to elevate your kitchen experiences. One of their latest innovations, the PlasmaMade® E-Filter, not only promises cleaner air but also embodies sustainability and efficiency in its design.

Caple’s Commitment to Excellence

Caple has carved a niche for itself by blending quality craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Their commitment to creating kitchen solutions that are both high-performing and affordable sets them apart in the industry.

Whether it’s cooking, cooling, or cleaning, Caple products are engineered to enhance every aspect of your kitchen.

PlasmaMade® E-Filter: Clean Air, Sustainable Living

Caple’s PlasmaMade® E-Filter is a testament to their dedication to cleaner, healthier living spaces. By harnessing the power of plasma and electrostatic discharge (ESD) technology, these e-filters effectively eliminate odours, fine dust particles, and

contaminants from your kitchen environment. What sets them apart is their ability to achieve this while reducing energy waste through recirculation, making them a sustainable choice for homeowners.

Versatility in Design

Caple understands that every kitchen is unique, which is why they offer a range of PlasmaMade® E-Filters tailored to different extraction setups. Whether it’s wall/island extractors or downdraft extraction and ceiling hoods, there’s a PlasmaMade® solution designed to deliver optimal air quality across diverse kitchen configurations.

Efficiency and Sustainability Combined

The advanced recirculation e-filters not only ensure cleaner air but also contribute to energy efficiency. By sealing in heated or cooled air within the home, these e-filters prevent heat loss, leading to reduced energy bills and a more comfortable living environment throughout the year. Moreover, with a recyclability rate of 97%, PlasmaMade® E-Filters align with eco-conscious practices, making them a choice that benefits both homeowners and the planet.

Ease of Installation and Longevity

Caple understands the importance of hassle-free solutions. That’s why PlasmaMade® E-Filters are designed for easy installation, ensuring a seamless experience for both homeowners and installers. With proper maintenance, these e-filters can last up to an impressive 15 years, providing long-term air purification without the need for frequent replacements.

Exclusive 5-Year Guarantee on All Appliances

To further enhance customer confidence, Caple offers an exclusive 5-year guarantee on all appliances when purchasing any Sense Premium oven or microwave simultaneously. This guarantee reflects Caple’s commitment to durability and quality, providing homeowners with peace of mind and protection for their entire Caple kitchen setup.


Caple’s PlasmaMade® E-Filters embody a harmonious blend of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. By choosing Caple, homeowners not only invest in cleaner air and enhanced kitchen experiences but also contribute to a greener planet. With Caple, your kitchen transcends functionality to become a realm of sophistication and inspiration.

Explore Caple’s range of products and discover how every detail is crafted to elevate your kitchen experience.