Gold taps: follow this latest trend in the kitchen with Caple

Assistant product manager Ashley shows you how to get on board with superior gold taps fit for only the most luxurious kitchen

Gold Taps

February 23, 2021
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Most of us are hoping that 2021 will (eventually) turn out to be a golden year. The good news is, in terms of interiors, it’s already happening. Metallic finishes have been growing in popularity for a number of years, underpinned by cooler colours such as chrome, stainless steel and silver.

These options have gradually been complemented by warmer tones, which has led – literally – to a new gold standard. So if you’re keen to use this latest lockdown to update your decor, don’t be afraid to experiment with this surprisingly versatile shade. After all, gold taps are enjoying a serious moment in luxury kitchens. Assistant product manager Ashley Allen offers some expert advice on how to get going with the gilt.

Mode Right handed Inset or Undermounted Sink in gold

Keen to tap into the latest trend for metallics? Feast your eyes on our gorgeous gold Karns model! Made from solid stainless steel, this streamlined, monobloc design has a single lever ceramic valve and requires a minimum of 0.5 bar pressure. It is 265mmH with a 213mm reach.

Less is more

Less is more

I think gold is one of the most versatile shades in both fashion and interiors. However, this finish may still be considered by some to be garish and gaudy – an out-of-date relic from the 80s and OTT oligarch designs. But, when it’s used creatively in the right shade, gold is a brilliant way to add interest and individuality to a room. Forget blingy and bright: subtle, muted gold looks incredibly chic and stylish.

These accents look gorgeous in light, white kitchens, but work equally well to offset dark worktops and cabinetry. The key, as with most things in life, is moderation. Choose your colour carefully on products, which will suit the size and space of your kitchen. Pairing gold taps with a matching sink can look stunning. Or simply tie these in with other selected design highlights, such as on your lighting and/or door handles.

Our Ridley tap comes in a stylish gold finish with a popular, elegant swan neck. This single-lever design is made from solid stainless steel with a matching ceramic valve. It features a single flow with a minimum 0.5 bar pressure. This tap measures 443mmH by 226mmReach.

The appliance of science

The appliance of science

We make our ‘gold taps’ in solid stainless steel, which is ultra-durable. We then achieve our signature metallic finish using a revolutionary process called PVD: Physical Vapour Deposition. This technique (which Rolex uses for its watches) vaporises solid metal in a high vacuum and deposits it on electronically conductive materials as a pure metal or alloy coating. The result is a special durable layer that is highly

 resistant to tarnishing, scratching and corrosion. It also creates a brilliant non-fade finish in terms of colour. An added bonus is that PVD is also one of the most environmentally friendly coating methods available. In addition to our striking gold, we also use this method for our copper and gunmetal sinks and taps. So, whichever metallic finish you favour, style and eco-friendly solutions go hand in hand.

Make it modern

Make it modern

Gold taps used to be synonymous with antique or ornate designs, but nowadays there are plenty of contemporary options to choose from. Sleek, minimalistic lines are perfect if you’re keen to avoid overkill. And my advice is to steer clear from highly polished finishes to help dial down the bling.

One of my favourite modern gold tap designs is our Joya 3in1 model. Featuring a striking, swan-neck with separate dial controls that are set into the worktop, it’s perfect for making a serious style statement in your kitchen. But it doesn’t just look good. The Joya 3in1 includes a cool touch spout and a separate flow for steaming water, so it’s practical as well as ultra-stylish.

Joya Hot Water Tap in Gold
Joya Hot Water Tap in Gold

Our eye-catching Joya 3in1 steaming water tap combines a gleaming gold finish with an elegant, minimalist design that’s the perfect complement for every contemporary kitchen.

Another great gold tap option for contemporary kitchens is our Vapos2 3in1. This WRAS-approved model supplies fresh cold, regular hot and filtered 98°C steaming water. So, it doesn’t just look stunning: it’s the ideal kitchen companion that can be used for anything, from making a cup of tea to speeding up the time it takes to cook pasta or rice.

With the latter, simply fill your pan, turn on your hob and it will reach boiling point in next to no time. Best of all, the results are the highest quality, thanks to advanced new filtration technology that reduces impurities, even in hard water areas.

Vapos Hot Water Tap in Gold with Ceramic Sink

Offering a range of cooking short-cuts – and up to 100 cups of tea an hour – our Vapos2 3in1 gold tap is perfect for busy families and home office scenarios.

Classic values

Classic values

Even if your tastes are more traditional, there’s still a place for gold taps in your kitchen. An antique brass finish, as sported by our Frampton Single Control Tap is a great gold effect alternative. Still on-trend, I think this muted tone is the perfect choice for a classic in-frame or painted kitchen.

Featuring a single lever ceramic valve, our Frampton tap in antique brass is single flow and measures 313mmH by 250mmReach.

Our classic Putney Bridge tap is another excellent option for fans of traditional styling. Available in four different finishes, including polished stainless steel, this model is idea for the classic kitchen. Its distinctive bridge design pairs perfectly with a Butler or Belfast sink too. This single flow tap has quarter turn ceramic valves and requires a minimum 0.3 bar pressure.

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