2020 Trending Interior Colours

Metallic sinks and taps are a great as a focal point for your kitchen styling, so whether you like striking, bold colour combinations or more muted tones, each of our metallic sinks and taps can be styled to suit your taste.

Metallic kitchen, sink, tap and colour trends for 2020

July 21, 2020
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Interior trends frequently come and go, however, utilising metallics in the kitchen is a trend that has been around since 9000BC, when copper cookware was first introduced. Metallics are the best way to add warm hues to your kitchen so it’s no surprise they’re surging in popularity again.

Which sink and tap finish would you pick?

Whether you love copper, gold, brass or even silver, there is a metallic finish for you. Our metallic sinks and taps are ideal for making a statement in your kitchen, and with our ever-expanding range, there is more choice than ever before. They’re great as a focal point for your kitchen styling, so whether you like striking, bold colour combinations or more muted tones, each of our metallic sinks and taps can be styled to suit your taste.

Picking a metallic finish is a difficult choice. Choosing a colour to accompany your metal of the moment, however, can be just as hard. It can often feel intimidating picking colours for your kitchen as it’s arguably one of the most utilised rooms in the home. Luckily, metallic sinks and taps are extremely versatile and there is a wide range of colour options that will suit your metallic of choice.

To help give you some mood board inspiration we have compiled a list of our favourite combinations and latest kitchen trends for 2020 to make your kitchen sink and tap pop:


Terracotta and gunmetal kitchen interior trend 2020 with rattan features

A Must-try 2020 Kitchen Trend

Terracotta is everywhere and if you visited this year’s @kbb exhibition you would have noticed its presence amongst both bathroom and kitchen designs. Terracotta is beautiful, inspired by earthenware, clay and rich natural tones. Aged and rustic interiors are an emerging kitchen trend that terracotta encapsulates perfectly.

In keeping with this rich, natural aesthetic combine terracotta with our Ridley gunmetal tap and Mode gunmetal sink. The deep grey tones will give your kitchen a more urban feel complementing the bold terracotta accents. Complete the look with plenty of luscious plants. Why not plant them in terracotta pots? These can easily be changed when you’re ready to switch things up again!


Kitchen Designers Are Loving this Rustic Combo

Black and white kitchens exude modernity and offer a dramatic and elegant aesthetic. Whether it’s white marble waterfall worktops or crisp white walls, white can add more light to a room, creating a calming environment.

Our latest black steel kitchen sink and tap finish look dramatic in contrast to sleek white walls. Made from stainless steel not only means they are low maintenance but they’re actually one of the most hygienic materials to use in the kitchen. They’re not porous therefore easy to wipe clean, ensuring elegance doesn’t compromise functionality.

Combine your monochrome look with reclaimed wood to give your kitchen a rustic feel. Small details such as misshapen wood, amber glass and textured ceramics help to give your kitchen an edge.

Rustic Kitchen interior styling with black cabinets & sink, tap


Green, the most popular kitchen colour in 2020 with copper sink, tap & accessories

This Kitchen Trend Will Make You Green With Envy

Green kitchens are all over 2020 interior magazine spreads. You can add a twist to this kitchen trend by combining forest greens with copper. Not only are copper tones an excellent way to ensure your kitchen feels inviting and homely, but with the addition of dark walnut wood, the rich natural tones will leave your home feeling fresh and energised.

The great thing about our copper sink is it can be undermounted into a solid worktop and can also be inset in a laminate. We think copper looks great in a rich walnut worktop, the dark tone of the wood and the satin finish of the sink and tap are the perfect contrast.

Adding a green-tiled splashback is also a great way to incorporate this vibrant colour with your kitchen sink and tap duo. Green glass, vases, and copper kitchen utensils are also gorgeous finishing touches.

Top tip: If in doubt, don’t pick a colour trend for the sake of it. Pick a colour that you like. You’re the one that has to spend time in your kitchen and, if you make a good choice, your chosen colour should stay for at least 5 years without looking dated.

When you’re ready, simply switch up your look without spending a fortune by mixing up your colours again!


Gold sink and Tap with dusky pink tones kitchen Mood board

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Pink 

Ever since the mention of ‘millennial pink’, hints of blush have been seen all across home interiors. Pink can often be an intimidating colour to have in the kitchen, however, it doesn’t have to be ultra-feminine to have the desired effect. A little bit goes a long way! The best way to use pink is not to go too crazy – start by selecting smaller kitchen items (especially ones with texture such as clay jugs or placemats) to gradually incorporate pink into your kitchen.

With so many shades of pink to choose from it can be very overwhelming, where do you start? It’s so important to make sure you’re happy with the shade before you start your kitchen project. Why not pick up some colour swatches, lay them out in different lighting and narrow them down? By process of elimination, you’ll find your favourite pink!

Gold is the perfect warm jewel tone to pair with dusky pink. We’ve used our gold Mode sink and Gold Ridley gold tap alongside pink, grey and white accessories to create a flawless balance. A marble worktop with gold flecks is another great way to tie these elements together. Light blush tones mixed with warmer metallic hues create a subtle and elegant finish.

If you don’t want to commit to a gold sink and tap, then why not go for a ceramic sink instead? The white of the ceramic sink mutes the gold-tone for a more subtle style, it’s a great mix of traditional and contemporary. We have a huge range of ceramic sinks to choose from.


Sleek Black kitchen with marble and gold & black steel sink tap duo

Trending Right Now: Black and Gold 

Black really is back. If you’re a risk-taker then this is for you! Why not go dark? Painting your kitchen units or walls black and using gold detailing gives your kitchen a luxurious feel.

Our Gold Joya tap is sleek and elegant, its textured dials are perfect for adding sophistication to your design. You could either mix it up and pair with our Black Steel sink in a dark worktop or keep it gold with our matching gold Mode sink to really make a statement.

We would suggest not overusing gold, it should be used sparingly, particularly against black. The slightest touch will create a powerful contrast, which is why accessorising shouldn’t be underestimated here. Gold accessories such as our Gold fold mat, and our beautiful textured handles will ensure your kitchen is still warm and inviting.


Use Gold accessories to finish off the look...


Pantone colour of the year classic blue kitchen design ideas with gold styling

Pantone Colour of the Year with a Twist

If you’re nervous about experimenting with colour in the kitchen then this blue and the mixed metallic combination is the perfect way to ease yourself in. Blue is an extremely popular kitchen colour that will stand the test of time. Featured as Pantone colour of the year 2019 ‘Classic Blue’ doesn’t have to be a safe option, you can easily modernise this traditional kitchen shade with mixed metallics.

Mixing metallics can be intimidating, and sometimes considered a faux pas in times gone by, but when done correctly can have outstanding results. The key is to pick no more than two finishes – one dominant metallic hue and another to complement it. Think about designer watches. They often mix two metallics; gold and silver. It has become a classic aesthetic and synonymous with high-end designers.

For example, we have paired our MODE175 sink (which combines both gold and stainless steel) alongside our gold Ridley tap. As we have chosen gold to be the main metallic hue here, so we’ve accessorised using other gold elements such as our gold fold mat, handles and a gold marble chopping board.


Latest 2020 Kitchen colours: Mink & Cotton

Colour doesn’t always have to be prominent and punchy; it can be elegant and subtle too. Our latest Harptree Kitchen addition ‘mink and cotton’ are a perfect example of this. These colours are classy, sophisticated and right on-trend. Our furniture manager Doug explains:

“A new kitchen is a big investment, lots of thought, time and money goes into a kitchen renovation. If, like me, you like to change things up then choose an on-trend, yet neutral colour palette for the kitchen cabinets. You can then choose fun accessories and update them when you change your style. Also, the great thing about the In-frame collection is, after a few years, you could change the colour of the doors and paint them as they are solid wood.”

If you want to update your stainless steel kitchen sink and tap, cotton and mink are a great choice, ideal for a traditional style kitchen such as our Harptree range. Our dual control stainless steel Putney tap is the ideal fit and would be complemented by one of our ceramic sinks.

Grey traditional Kitchen interior mood board inspiration with swatches


Burnt Orange latest Kitchen trend for 2020 with slate chopping board

The Best Kitchen Colour Combo

Black kitchens are here. It’s easy to change up accessories when you have a black and white canvas to work with, and with Black Steel, the latest addition to our range of metallic finishes, there is more choice than ever before.

Burnt orange has been seen all over this year’s catwalks, and interiors are following suit! Not only does burnt orange add a pop of colour, but it also looks striking alongside black. Orange kitchen cabinets are a big commitment, so we suggest creating a burnt orange feature wall above black kitchen units, this way you can easily update your look by adding a lick of paint when you’re ready for a change.

We have used our Karns Black Steel tap and Black Steel Mode sink alongside this beautiful geometric tile pattern to add depth. Pattern is great for adding another dimension to your design, giving your kitchen character and reflecting your personality. Use black dishes, bowls and slate chopping boards like our VACB to finish off the look.

Top Tip: Why not create a mood board just like ours. Buy small sample paint pots, tiles, sample doors and handles to help bring your vision to life before you commit.

Vibrant pastel kitchen mood board with gunmetal accessories 2020
Kitchen trends 2020 copper sink and tap with peacock blue


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you visited us at KBB Birmingham 2020 you will have seen our unique blossom and pistachio kitchen, which received an incredible reaction from visitors. If a colour is your thing, then be brave and go for these bespoke pastel units that will really make an impression.

Gunmetal complements pastel colours without creating a harsh contrast. See how our Harlo Puriti gunmetal tap looks sleek and classy against these hints of pastel without taking the playfulness away. Since the launch of gunmetal we have seen a dramatic rise in this finish across appliances, sinks and taps, it is becoming more and more popular with kitchen designers as the colour suits all kitchen types – whether it’s modern or traditional, dark or light kitchen cabinets.

Our gunmetal finish is not just available in our kitchen sink and tap range, it also expands across our kitchen appliances including ovens and wine cabinets so you can create a seamless aesthetic throughout.

Peacock will Make Your Copper Sink Pop

Peacock is the perfect shade to modernise your kitchen. Strong and moody paint colours such as charcoal, peacock blue and off-black are all great if you want to update your kitchen on a budget. Adding a rich colour like Peacock blue alongside a copper kitchen sink and tap is an excellent way to make your kitchen a showstopper.

We’ve used our Mode copper sink and our Joya 3-in-1 copper tap as an example. The warm copper is show-stopping against the rich backdrop, and the use of dark wooden chopping boards makes your kitchen feel homely. Copper hues are charming and look even more luxurious surrounded with deep rich shades such as peacock.

Our Joya hot water tap is a great asset to your kitchen, speeding up cooking and making you the perfect cup of tea, all whilst looking beautiful. Hot water taps are a kitchen must-have, once you have one you won’t be able to do without! Find a tap that best suits your family’s lifestyle in our sink & tap blog.