60cm Integrated Dishwasher with Sliding Furniture Door System

How to buy the best dishwasher for your home from the experts at Caple

Product manager Luke Shipway discovers the best dishwasher to suit you and your needs, in terms of performance, in our latest UK guide.

How to buy the best dishwasher for your home from the experts at Caple

August 10, 2020
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Most of us spent a lot of time in our kitchens during lockdown. When non-essential shops and restaurants closed, we started cooking (at least) three square meals a day for the entire family. We made endless cups of tea and coffee, followed by medicinal glasses of wine in the evening. And we baked, turning out all manner of loaves from banana bread to sourdough. All of which translated into a LOT of washing-up.

So, if you’re desperate to reduce the amount of time you find yourself elbow-deep in soapy water, help is at hand. Our product manager Luke Shipway has put together an expert guide on how to choose the best dishwasher. So, whether you’re treating yourself for the first time or looking to upgrade your existing appliance, read on. Then you’ll be able to select the best dishwasher for your needs, from our wide range of available options.

The advantages of integration

At Caple, all of our dishwashers are fully integrated. This makes them ideal for anyone who wants their kitchen to appear as streamlined as possible.  Integrated models sit under your kitchen worktops, and are concealed by a furniture door that matches the rest of your hub of the home. I think fully-integrated versions are perfect for a multifunctional kitchen space, such as an open-plan kitchen-diner or living area. You’ll find this space will look so neat when your dishwasher is concealed from view.

Have you seen our new A+++ Di652 with 14 place settings? It features an innovative sliding furniture door system. This allows for a full or reduced-height plinth to be fitted without cutting in. If you’re looking for the best dishwasher, I think you’ll find its capacity is pretty impressive too. This appliance incorporates 14 place settings, which makes it perfect for a modern, open-plan kitchen where family living and/or entertaining is key. Our Di652 also has three spray levels and a 360° spray arm to ensure it reaches every item for thorough cleaning.

60cm Integrated Dishwasher with Sliding Furniture Door System

Our Di653 is packed full with high-level specifications, such as a programme status light. It’s a versatile, stylish, ultra-quiet (42dB) and efficient appliance. You’ll find it’s one of the best dishwasher options around for quality, contemporary kitchens.

Size and space

Once you’ve got your heart set on an integrated option, there are several other key things to consider before making your final purchase. I think space is the first and foremost of these. How much room do you have available and, importantly, where is it located? It’s tempting to opt for the biggest dishwasher possible, in order to maximise your loads. But that might not be the best use of your kitchen space. A smaller model, that

won’t completely disrupt your existing kitchen footprint, could well be a better choice. I’d think hard about where to site your new appliance, too. I would recommend next to the sink, which is ideal for two reasons. Firstly, it makes the plumbing far easier. Secondly, you’ll find loading simpler and more convenient after scraping/rinsing. Lastly, make sure your dishwasher door doesn’t block any walkways or work areas when it’s open.

Energy efficiency

Which Best Buy 45cm Integrated Dishwasher

If a slimline model is the best option for you, take a look at our Di481. Fully integrated, this appliance fits neatly into a 45cm kitchen unit, so it’s perfect for apartment living and compact kitchens. But rest assured, the Di481’s size by no means inhibits its performance. With an A++ energy rating, it features nine place settings and five different programmes: normal, intensive, eco, express and rapid. The eco cycle takes just 30 minutes longer than a standard setting and uses as little as nine litres of water. However, electricity consumption is reduced by 28%, and you can save more than three litres of water every time you use it.

Our Di482 appliance has even received a Which? Best Buy Award, proving that good things do come in small packages. It was commended for brilliant cleaning and excellent drying. So, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a compact but effective dishwasher that will help to reduce your water and electricity usage.

Our slimline Di482 has received a Which? Best Buy award, making it an ideal high-performance option for smaller rooms.

Which Best Buy 45cm Integrated Dishwasher

The decibel debate

If your kitchen is part of a multifunctional living space, you definitely won’t want a noisy dishwasher. You’ll find the sound level is measured in decibels (dB). For context, the average conversation level is around 59dB. Our Di652 operates at just 42dB, making this our quietest dishwasher in our portfolio. And, at just 47db, our Di641is pretty quiet, so you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s not actually washing. That’s why it has a handy programme status light that projects onto your kitchen floor, so you’re aware of the washing cycle.

Our Di641 has 14 place settings and a maximum 30cm plate diameter. So, it’s one of the best dishwasher choices if you’re after a quiet, yet large capacity model. It offers seven different programmes including an intensive 65° cycle and a glass 40° option.

This appliance also boasts an A++ energy rating. Our Di641 has an impressively low sound level of just 47db, making it a good choice for open-plan kitchen living

Prioritise the available extras

Modern dishwashers have a whole host of specialist features and functions designed to make life simpler and safer. These include fold-down prongs, cutlery trays and delayed timers. In fact, you’ll find the top cutlery tray on our 600mm models is so versatile, you can choose between five set-up options.

These include removing the right basket, only leaving the left to accommodate taller items, such as wine glasses, in the upper basket. You can also tilt the right basket and adjust the height of the rack to make the most of the space for items, such as whisks and cups.

60cm Integrated Dishwasher in Kitchen

Assess which features and functions you really need then choose accordingly. Living in a hard water area? Then make sure your chosen dishwasher incorporates an internal water-softening system, to help prevent limescale build-up and inhibit glass corrosion. Our A++ Di631 dishwasher features a wide variety of features and functions to suit busy households, including a delayed timer of three, six or nine hours.

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