How to choose a larder fridge

April 1, 2020
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During these times, chances are that you might be wishing you’d invested in a tall larder fridge. After all, perhaps you’ve got your entire family to feed breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, right now, you’re probably stressing over exactly how to fit all the food in the fridge. So, follow our product manager Luke Shipway’s expert guide on how to choose a larder fridge. This way, you’ll find you can use this handy cooling appliance for easy entertaining, all year round.


Why Choose a Larder Fridge?

Why choose a larder fridge?

Did you know that a larder fridge comes in various shapes and sizes? So, this way, you’re bound to find a model to suit your individual needs. I’m a big fan of this appliance type, because you benefit from maximum storage space for all your chilled food. There may not be an ice box, so you can use every available inch

 of space for chilling and storing. Make sure you choose a model with the Caple Cool airflow system, so you’ll find the temperature will be more evenly distributed. You could, of course, match this appliance with a freezer. However, consider how much freshly chilled produce and frozen food you consume first, to help you decide.

Our RBL4 built-under larder fridge has an A+ energy rating with a maximum sound level of 39dB, making this a great choice for open-plan kitchen living. With a 136l total net capacity, this model has auto defrost and matches our RBF4 freezer.

Choosing your larder fridge size

Choosing your Larder Fridge Size

At Caple, we offer a variety of larder fridge sizes, from the built-under model to the tall larder fridge to suit you. Your decision may simply come down to what you want to store and where. However, you’ll also need to consider how much space you have in your kitchen.

If you choose an integrated larder fridge, you’ll find you can conceal it neatly behind closed doors. This provides the perfect solution in a streamlined, open-plan kitchen scenario where furniture may need to link the cooking and cooling area to the dining or living space.

An integrated larder fridge will naturally work just as well in a modern or classic kitchen, too. Whether you choose an under-counter model or a a tall larder fridge, it will sit flush with your kitchen cabinetry. Make sure your model can be hidden behind closed doors with a sliding door installation feature.

Integrated larder fridge

Integrated Larder Fridge

Our in-column fridge freezer has an A++ energy rating, auto defrost as well as a 233l capacity!

This type of larder fridge makes perfect sense if space is limited. However, this may not suit you as you can’t fit a large amount of food inside. These tend to work for small households. In fact, size-wise, you’re looking at an appliance which is around 60cm width by 90cms height, so it will fit snugly under a worktop. Of course, a built-under integrated larder fridge will still fare better than a model in these dimensions with an ice box. However, if you want something substantial for entertaining, a tall larder fridge may be right for you.

RIl1795 & RIF1795

Our RiL1795 larder fridge is so roomy it has a 300l total net capacity with an enviable A++ energy rating. With a maximum sound level of 39dB, this makes it almost whisper quiet and it features auto defrost, a super cooling mode and cool air-flow system plus our Caple Fresh preservation technology. This model matches out RiF1795 freezer.

Tall Larder Fridge

Tall larder fridge

You’ll see huge benefits straight away as these models offer a huge amount of storage space. A tall larder fridge is also incredibly easy to access and should come with a whole host of helpful options. Look for benefits, such as drawer compartments with humidity controls for optimum fruit and veg storage. These suit large households and will be extra handy at the moment for you to store all your fresh food.

Look for an in-column, tall larder fridge with a 300-litre capacity. This way, you can benefit from plenty of space in which to store all manner of produce for entertaining. A bottle rack may come in useful and Caple Cool-air flow with auto defrost will ensure there is even temperature distribution. Make sure you’ve got enough internal light to see what’s inside, too – top and side LED strip lights could be ideal.

Is a larder fridge with an ice box a necessity?

Is a Larder Fridge with an Ice Box a Necessity?

If you require an ice-box you can buy models, which will come with one as standard. A neat built-under larder fridge with this provision may be ideal, although you may struggle for space when entertaining. Our model is 595mm width by 819-839mm high so you’ll need to be realistic about how you intend to use this larder fridge size. Of course, if you prefer to use frozen produce or space is very tight, then this could be the ideal model for you!

Check whether your fridge is highly energy efficient. Typically, models from A+ to A++ will enable you to keep your electricity bills down; after all, your larder fridge will be working 24 hours a day. I believe auto defrost is a must too, as this will help your appliance work even more efficiently.

If you love fruit and vegetables, check out the crisper drawer in our larder fridge with our new Caple Fresh preservation technology. It helps to eliminate natural gases produced during the ripening and ageing process, preserving them for longer. So, this way, you can enjoy fruit and vegetables, which will stay fresher for longer. A super cooling mode will also ensure any produce cools down quickly and efficiently.

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