Have peace of mind with Caple Care guarantees & warranties

July 20, 2023

“Take good care”. It’s a common phrase almost all of us use in our everyday life. While this is mostly articulated in relation to family and friends, it’s an instruction you should extend to your new kitchen too. These room renovations are exciting – but they cost time and money – and are an investment well worth looking after. We all know that the right cleaning and maintenance will ensure everything stays looking as good as the day it was installed for years to come.

But for extra peace of mind, it’s important to register your appliances; taking full advantage of any warranties and guarantees. This might sound like yet more unwanted life admin. However, we’ve made everything as quick and easy as possible with our clever Caple Care initiative. Our marketing manager Gemma speaks to customer service manager Natasha Paterson, and Caple’s commercial director Phil Morrish, to find out more.

Did you know that every Caple appliance comes with a free 24-month guarantee? This covers repair or replacement in the event of electrical or mechanical breakdown?

Why register appliances?

Most new appliances come complete with a reminder about registering them with the manufacturer. And if we do this, we’re often offered extended guarantees and warranties in return. But why is it so important? The short answer is safety. Registering your appliance means the manufacturer can trace and contact you if any issues or problems come to light. This might involve a complete recall, or just a simple safety repair.

Registering your appliances is quick and easy using Caple Care. “We offer registration by phone and online,” confirms commercial director Phil. “Both options are really simple and we send a very prompt registration confirmation to the customer afterwards. This only applies to our appliances as we don’t require customers to register sinks, taps or furniture.

For extra peace of mind, our Caple Care protection plan includes a 5-year warranty option. This includes parts and labour, for any of your Caple appliances.

Crucially, Caple Care allows customers to register their products directly with us, and not a third-party company. “This means we have all the data required for any after-service requirements,” Natasha notes.

More about Caple Care

Happily, Caple Care is about so much more than just appliance registration. “This was launched in 2014, and became an in-house operation overseen by our Service Director Richard Wood, and managed by our Service Manager Jason Paterson,” explains Customer Service Manager Natasha, who adds: “Before this, we outsourced this to a service provider. We decided to set up Caple Care and bring it in-house in order to review and evaluate enquiries more effectively. This allows us to make decisions much faster, and provide far better after-service to the consumer.”

No pre-purchased cover? No problem! Caple Care also offers an out-of-guarantee cover option. This includes a service call or product replacement, up to six years after the original purchase date.

Guarantees for after-care solutions

At Caple, we understand the importance of performance and reliability. That’s why we have created a three-tier after-care service. Therefore, customers can choose the level they need, incorporating different warranties and guarantees. Importantly, we offer a free 2-year guarantee on parts and labour, across all Caple appliances. “We extended our 1-year guarantee to 2 years,” notes Natasha, “to provide our customers with confidence. This also demonstrates that Caple really cares about its products and after-service.”

We understand that a new kitchen can be a big investment. For extra reassurance, we offer a free, five-year guarantee on all our kitchen furniture, as standard

Warranties for additional peace of mind

For more support, this 2-year cover can be extended to a 5-year warranty, for either a one-off payment or a manageable monthly fee. “Many customers like this extension for peace of mind. Also, they know that, in the unlikely event of an issue developing, we will resolve it,” acknowledges Natasha. “We introduced our Caple Care extended warranty so anyone who has a Caple product can benefit from this service.

“Guarantees and warranties provide the customer with confidence that products, which are important to their lifestyle, are protected,” Phil agrees. He adds: “Should anything go wrong, we aim to answer and resolve service requests very quickly.”

Your kitchen tap is one of your home’s hardest working appliances. We provide a 5-year guarantee on every model. So, in the unlikely event of an issue, we promise to repair, replace or refund

Out-of-guarantee repair and protect

Caple Care even offers options for customers who have chosen not to take out ‘advance’ guarantees and warranties. Did you know that our out-of-guarantee repair and protect option means that, for a fixed fee, we can still arrange a service call (including parts and labour) or a replacement product, up to six years after the initial purchase date?

Kitchen furniture, sinks and taps

There’s more good news. Our Caple Care protection plan isn’t just about warranties and guarantees for appliances – it includes furniture, taps and sinks too. For example, we provide a free, 5-year guarantee on kitchen furniture, as standard. We also offer a 5-year guarantee on all of our kitchen taps. This includes coatings, finishes, moving parts and valves. Finally, we offer a free lifetime guarantee, again as standard, on all Caple sinks.

We’re so confident in the quality of our kitchen sinks that all of our models now have a free lifetime guarantee as standard, to give you complete confidence when you choose Caple

Timely reminders for guarantees

A lot of people are put off taking out warranties and guarantees because it can be tricky to keep track of them all. But our Caple Care service does the hard work for you. “We send out reminders throughout the guarantee period,” Phil confirms. “And, with regard to our 2-year guarantee, for example, we also send out a final reminder at 23 months.”

AMDEA approval

For even more reassurance regarding guarantees and warranties, Caple are signed-up members of AMDEA’s (The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances) Register My Appliance scheme. “The AMDEA website is a resource designed to help consumers find simple answers to issues. So this can potentially avoid a service call,” Phil explains. “It also provides quick links to all signed-up brands.

Additionally, the website acts as a central point to check for industry appliance recalls and service information.” He concludes: “AMDEA runs regular initiatives to encourage users to register their appliances, in order to offer the most support when needed. We at Caple fully endorse the ‘register my appliance’ programme.”

Click here for more information on Caple Care, or call 0330 123 0998 to register your Caple appliance.