Caple Tap Guarantee

The Caple Care Protection plan has been carefully put together to offer you that extra peace of mind.
  • Your Caple tap is guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Should you have any defects as detailed above during the appropriate guarantee period we guarantee to repair or replace the defective products or parts, or, at our option refund the purchase price assuming we were advised immediately of any claim in writing.
  • It is important that you keep a proof of purchase (such as your receipt) to facilitate your guarantee.
Stainless Steel Sink & Pull-Out Tap



Benefits of 5 Year Tap Protection

5 year guarantee on coatings and finishes

5 year guarantee on moving parts and valves

5 year guarantee on stainless steel finish

Gunmetal hot water tap

Tap Cleaning Tips

Ensure you care for your tap correctly by following a few simple instructions from our Tap Cleaning Guide.



Guarantee conditions are only valid if the Care guidelines listed above are followed. 

Our obligation under the guarantee is to the original purchaser, and may not be transferred. 

The guarantee is valid for UK domestic installations only and relates to defects in manufacture, materials and workmanship only. 

Issues that arise due to normal wear and tear (for example valves, discs or washers), poor installation, improper use or accidental damage are not covered by the Caple guarantee. Spare parts can be purchased from our Customer care helpline 0117 938 1900. 

No liability is accepted for consequential damage to other household fixtures, fittings or furnishings relating to any claim – even if attached to the product. 

If it is more economically viable a replacement tap will be supplied, this tap might vary from the original design should range changes of occurred since the initial supply. 

We reserve the right to inspect any tap before committing to support under the guarantee conditions. 



Only clean your taps with soap or mild liquid detergent and clean water then dry using a soft cloth

Do not use chemical cleaners, or bleach based solutions to clean your tap, contact could affect the finish of your tap

Do not use abrasive cleaners, liquids, powders or pads. These will damage the finish of your tap and void the guarantee.

Provided all of the above points are adhered to the surface finish of your Caple Tap is guaranteed for 5 years.