Refrigeration: how to choose the right appliance for your kitchen

June 22, 2023

As the weather warms up, we tend to think more about how to keep cool – and that goes for our weekly shop too. We all know how important it is to keep fresh food safely chilled or frozen when the temperature rises and food spoils faster. So now is the perfect time to assess your refrigeration needs, and make any necessary changes.

It’s likely your fridge and/or fridge-freezer is going to work extra hard during the summer months, especially if you’ve planned lots of entertaining. So, it’s important to get the refrigeration size, type and technology exactly right. There are plenty of different elements to consider. Luckily, our product manager Luke Shipway has plenty of expert advice to help you choose the best appliance for your home.

Refrigeration location

Refrigeration location

The first decision you need to make involves where you plan to place your refrigeration. Will your fridge or fridge-freezer replace an existing appliance, or are you starting from scratch thanks to a kitchen renovation? Ideally, your refrigeration solution should form part of a ‘working triangle’ that incorporates your hob and/or oven and your kitchen sink.


Once you’ve picked your location, which must also be away from direct sunlight, measure the area carefully. Remember to allow enough space around the back, sides and top for ventilation. Also, check to make sure any door(s) can open fully in the direction you require. When you’ve calculated your available measurements, the fun of choosing the best refrigeration option really begins!

Integrated versus freestanding

There are two main types of refrigeration: integrated and freestanding. Integrated fridges and fridge-freezers include in-column, under-counter or built-in versions. As their name suggests, these are perfect if your dream is to own a seamless, streamlined kitchen.

In contrast, freestanding models aren’t incorporated into your units. They are always on display and you can, if necessary, relocate yours to another space or take it with you if you move home.

The latest and greatest

The latest and greatest

In line with their enduring popularity, the latest additions to our refrigeration portfolio are both integrated appliances. Our new RiR125 Larder Fridge combines functional design, style and affordability. This model incorporates a generous net capacity of 163 litres, with a 16-litre integrated freezer compartment. In addition to its many advanced features, the new RiR125 also includes a deluxe steel trimmed interior, LED lights for easy viewing, and easy installation for smoother opening and closing.

Keep your cool

Keep your cool

Some households need a larger fridge to freezer capacity. So, this is why you should consider an appliance’s “split” (how the fridge/freezer space is allocated), as well as the overall capacity. If you’re big on fresh foods and still require ample room for frozen produce, our new Ri7302 70/30 In-Column Fridge Freezer could be the perfect choice. The fridge has a 181litre net capacity, while the freezer still accommodates 70 litres. You can operate the Super freeze function at the flick of a switch 24 hours before use. Simply freeze large amounts of frozen food (or prepared meals) quickly and switch it off 24 hours later.


Refrigeration cost control

cost control

As we’re all too aware, there’s no end in sight to the UK’s cost of living crisis, and energy prices in particular remain excessively high. Most of us have made changes to our energy expenditure, to try to keep our outgoings under control.


However, fridges and freezers account for around 13% of the average household’s energy bills. That’s hardly surprising: these appliances need to stay switched on 24/7. But if you choose your refrigeration model wisely, you can still make savings.

Always pay close attention to the energy ratings. The more energy-efficient an appliance is, the more economical it is to run. And look out for appliances that offer our Eco and Holiday mode technology, such as our gunmetal CAFF46GM French Door Fridge Freezer. Eco mode is an economy function that maintains the optimum temperature, while saving power, during periods of less frequent use (such as reduced door opening) or absence from home.

Our Holiday mode performs a similar action. This allows you to run your freezer at full power, while your fridge switches off. You can also transform one of the freezer compartments into fridge mode when required to adjust to your individual needs.

This clever appliance even has a night sensor function, which saves energy by switching off the lights inside the refrigerator, if the room is sufficiently lit.

Waste not, want not

Waste not, want not

Your fridge-freezer’s primary function is keeping your food fresher for longer. This not only helps to save you money, but it reduces food waste, too. Our freestanding stainless steel CAFF42 French Door Fridge Freezer is a spacious, stylish model that’s packed full of energy-saving features. These include the Eco and Holiday modes previously mentioned. It also incorporates a versatile independent temperature control for the fridge and freezer zones. Importantly, our Caple Cool airflow system ensures cold air flows to every level of the refrigerator, for even chilling. This helps to prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying, and further reduces waste.

Refrigeration storage features

Yet another great freestanding refrigeration option is our stainless steel RFF731 70/30 Freestanding Fridge Freezer. With a 230-litre fridge capacity, there’s plenty of room for fresh produce, with a chiller drawer for meat and fish, and a humidity-controlled fruit and vegetable drawer.

The 101-litre freezer section even has an innovative drinks cooling function called Qdrink. Perfect for hot summers, and this year is set to be one of the hottest on record, this mode allows you to cool bottled drinks quickly in the freezer.

Then a handy alarm will sound, to remind you to remove them, after a set period of time.

Store and order

If you want your frozen and chilled produce to last longer, look for an appliance with features, which are designed to do this. Consider our in-column Ri7306 70/30 fridge-freezer, for example. The freezing compartment in this model offers frost-free technology, which simply melts away any ice. This means your freezer no longer has to work harder, so food stored here will last. Even chilling with Caple’s Cool airflow system in the fridge enables this section to operate efficiently, reaching every shelf level. You can also benefit from Caple Fresh technology in the vegetable drawers. This tech eliminates ethylene gas, which is a natural by-product for fresh food, so your produce will stay fresher for longer.

With the cost-of-living crisis in mind, stacking your chilled and frozen produce correctly can also help you save money on bills and food. This is about making your appliance work smarter. So, place items with the most recent use-by date at the front so you use these first. Introduce an organised system when you unload your shopping with an advanced plan for where everything will go.

Also, don’t overfill your fridge as this can prevent the air from circulating between your produce. We asked Seasons In Colour blogger Jenny to show us how she stacks and stores her food in her Caple Ri7306 fridge-freezer. So, you can watch her reel here…

Small and compact

Huge fridge-freezers aren’t for everyone. If you’re short on space, or live on your own, we offer smaller, more compact refrigeration options. One such example is our RBR7 Built Under Larder Fridge with Ice Box. This compact appliance is integrated, but it fits underneath your worktop, rather than in-column. Its features include auto defrost and an open/closed ice box indicator. And with a sound level of just 39dB, this model is super quiet, making it especially suitable for open-plan living.

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