The benefits of stainless steel & gas on glass hobs

February 24, 2023

These days, the hob is at the heart of your kitchen. It’s likely to be one of your most used appliances, whether you’re cooking for family, or entertaining friends. You’ll want to enjoy using your appliance to whip up delicious dishes, so it’s vital to choose one that best fits your needs. But with so much choice available, this might seem easier said than done. Broadly speaking, there are three main types of hob: induction, ceramic and gas. Here, our assistant product manager Ashley concentrates on the latter to help you select the right model for you.

Fans of traditional gas hobs will love our C4071G stainless steel model, which incorporates five burners, including a large central one that’s ideal for wok cooking.

Cooking with gas

For many people, nothing beats the controllability of a gas hob. Gas and, indeed, gas on glass hobs remain the default option in many domestic and pro kitchens. Their main benefit is how responsive they are for the user. Gas hobs deliver instant, even heat and great temperature control. They are reliable, intuitive and allow you to see the impact as soon as the temperature is adjusted. Gas models are also suitable for use with all pan types – unlike induction hobs, which require magnetic pans to generate heat.

Stainless steel & gas on glass hobs

Not sure of the differences between stainless steel and gas on glass hobs? It’s less complicated than it sounds, I promise! Let’s start with low-profile stainless steel gas hobs.

New this year, our C7061G low-profile stainless steel hob sits flush with your worktop for a smooth, sleek finish

The low-profile design gives the illusion that the hob surface is flush with the level of the worktop without complex installation. This gives your appliance a smooth, sleek appearance. This thin stainless steel hob style is more chic and minimalist. It all comes down to your personal preference in terms of the style you choose.

It’s worth noting that stainless steel tends to be a popular material choice in the kitchen for professional chefs, thanks largely to its durability. I’m especially pleased with our new C7061G and C7011G models. Measuring just 591mm, the former is a great choice for smaller spaces. The latter, which measures 1000mm, is a sleek, slimline ‘ribbon’ hob that would suit a wide, but shallow, worktop.

Our new C7011G stainless steel hob incorporates an eye-catching ‘ribbon’ design, with four burners all in a row.

What is a gas on glass hob?

This design is mounted on top of a flat, smooth glass surface. The key advantage for this type is that it’s easy to clean. So, if you enjoy the precision that gas hobs provide, with a smooth flat surface to simply wipe away spillages, this could be the option for you. Our new C7591G gas on gas hob, which launched this month, is a favourite of mine.

It features five burners (perfect if you’re cooking for a crowd), all with easy-to-operate dial controls. It also incorporates a flame-safety device, and magnetic cast iron pan supports make cleaning even easier.

If you’re looking for a compact but powerful gas on glass hob, call off the search! Our new C7561G model is small but mighty and offers excellent value for money.

Criteria to consider

Before you make your final decision about stainless steel or gas on glass hobs, however, there are some general criteria to consider. As always, size matters. How much space do you have for your new hob? Is the model you’re interested in available in the necessary width? And how many burners do you really need?

Size matters

You might be dreaming of a wide, 5-zone gas hob – complete with wok burner – in the middle of a spacious kitchen island. Before you buy, think hard about your available space, your kitchen footprint, the size of your household, and your cooking habits. A compact hob with four burners might be the better option, especially if your new appliance has to fit into an existing kitchen worktop.

Love cooking but hate tidying up afterwards? We have a wide range of stylish, yet practical, gas on glass hobs, like our new C7571G model. It’s simple to cook with, and easy to clean too!

The importance of aesthetics with gas on glass hobs

While it’s vital that your hob is capable of performing the way you need it to, appearances matter too. Your new appliance is likely to be the visual centrepiece of your kitchen, so it’s important to take its aesthetics into account. Gas on glass hobs are certainly enjoying a moment, particularly in contemporary kitchen settings.

Black is back in a big way for 2023, and we’ve embraced this glamorous colour-way with a comprehensive collection of high-performance appliances, such as our new C7571G model. An excellent mid-priced option, this gas on glass hob measures 760mm wide and includes five different burners. It also incorporates magnetic cast iron pan supports, a flame safety device and dial controls. If your kitchen space calls for something smaller, I’d recommend our new, compact C7561G model, which measures 591mm.

Our new C7591G gas on glass hob sports an on-trend black finish and works equally well in both classic and contemporary kitchen settings.

Small is beautiful and compact kitchens will love our 580mm four-burner C4061G stainless steel model. If space allows, make a statement with our C4071G gas hob in the same finish, which measures 760mm and incorporates five gas burners.

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