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July 10, 2019
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As the open-plan kitchen has become essential for modern living, so has the central island. Not only can this feature offer plenty of storage space, breakfast bar-style seating and an additional food prep area but it can house your essential appliances, such as a hob or wine cabinet, and even a sink and tap.

Central islands have certainly elevated the hub of our home, adding more versatility to a hardworking kitchen. The island unit has moved on from a simple division between the cooking zone and living area to become a multi-functional piece of furniture with the wow factor.

Our furniture manager, Doug Haswell, explains: “Your kitchen island should define the room and help to encourage a more sociable entertaining and living space. If you choose this piece of furniture wisely, it can instantly help to increase your room’s functionality and efficiency and enable you to be both chef and entertainer.”


Use your island for a specific purpose and introduce seating to blend your cooking and prep area with your entertaining space. Introduce a breakfast bar and you will find the perfect place for guests to gather on stools with a glass of wine while you prepare your mouth-watering menu. Consider using different materials, which will help to define your island and hey presto you can enjoy your new kitchen for years to come.

If you plan to use your kitchen island for food prep, why not consider moving your sink and tap to this unit? You can always add your dishwasher to your central island and this will free up another unit in your main run of kitchen cabinetry. Just check that these can be plumbed in with your designer and what the additional costs will be.


700mm Gunmetal Front Panel and Black Glass Gas Hob

You can use your island to house a hob to instantly transform this space into a more sociable, entertaining area.

You can then use your central unit to serve mouth-watering dishes as you chat with family and friends.


If you enjoy good wine and love entertaining, why not ask your kitchen designer to position your new wine cabinet in your island unit? This is, after all, the best way in which to store your wine at the perfect temperature. Look for an appliance, which has anti-vibration gaskets and low vibration compressors, as these features help to retain the wine’s sediment balance, which would affect its flavour.

If you are looking for subtle, yet stylish, extraction, choose a downdraft hood. Doug adds: “Not only will it look good but it won’t detract from the culinary masterpiece you are creating in full view of friends and family.

However, if you are looking for something, which will create a focal point in your open-plan kitchen, a beautifully designed island hood will tick all your boxes.

Both will achieve the same results.”

If you have any appliance questions, please don’t hesitate to ask via our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts and we’ll be happy to help.