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April 23, 2019
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If you’re looking for comfort and style from your kitchen, then it’s vital that you consider your layout carefully. However, are you finding it difficult to choose a design which you know will suit you and your family?

Never fear as our furniture manager Doug Haswell has done all the hard work for you. Here, he reveals six very different kitchen layouts and the benefits of each.

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchen

This design is usually confined to an area where space may be tight. Therefore, the units will fit along at least one or two opposing walls. This design could be useful if you want to have an opening at both ends of the room. It can create an interesting walk-through from the hallway to the garden, for example. The galley kitchen can

also provide a comfortable option with easy access to appliances. You could even introduce open or glazed shelves, if you don’t want to feel cramped. In fact, I think this idea works really well in this style of kitchen. This galley design also instantly enables you to place key appliances and your sink and tap within easy reach.

Fargo Drift

Our Fargo Drift furniture showcases the look which can be achieved to create a U-shaped kitchen.

U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shaped kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen tends to feature cabinets on three walls. However, I think this kitchen shape can prove popular because it will suit a variety of room shapes and sizes. So, with such a versatile design, you’ll find it will create a practical solution in a fully functional kitchen. In this space, you’ll be able to introduce the ‘working triangle’ concept. Put simply, this is where your refrigeration, ovens and sink are positioned across the three areas for added accessibility. So, if functionality is key for you, I’d certainly consider this option.

This kitchen features our Leigh Dawn Blue and Midnight Blue furniture and demonstrates how to create an U-shaped design perfectly.

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen

I know there are a number of kitchen layouts available to choose from, however you’ll find this design also tends to suit the working triangle. In fact, I’ve got an L-shaped kitchen in my own home. For example, you could place refrigeration at one end with a sink in the middle and ovens at the other end.

This design solution will suit an awkwardly-shaped kitchen, too. If there’s space, you could always allow for a table or breakfast bar along one spare wall. This way, you can instantly create a dining area for friends and family.

Harptree Bone & Coal

Our luxury, in-frame Harptree kitchen in Coal and Bone showcases some of the latest colour ways trends available with a stunning island unit topped with marble

Island kitchen

Island kitchen

As the kitchen has become so much more than simply a cooking space, one of the most popular options, in recent years, has been to introduce an island unit. A central island instantly looks impressive and you’ll benefit from plenty of storage, too. This is one of the most

 versatile kitchen layouts, which I love, and can provide additional work prep space. You can even add an appliance or sink and tap to your central island – just make sure you plan this in from the start with your kitchen designer. After all, electrics or plumbing may need to be factored into your island unit design.

What’s more, you’ll find you can create dining space with a breakfast bar area and a collection of high stools. Just check how much room you have as an island unit may not be your best choice if you have a small room, because you will need to ensure it will not block access.

One-Wall Kitchen

One-wall kitchen

If space really is tight or perhaps you’re looking to open up a room into a kitchen living space, you may want to consider a one-wall design. This way, you position all your furniture, appliances, sink and tap literally along one wall, providing a compact kitchen solution and more efficient working kitchen. This is one of the kitchen layouts which, I feel, is particularly affordable as you’ll have less furniture to consider. It makes perfect sense

 in a modern setting and can work so well in an open-plan environment. This way, you could feature a dining table in the centre of the room and have a sofa and chair along the opposite wall. Admittedly, only one person can really cook at a time, however this solution could be ideal for single households. Storage will be important so choose appliances, which will suit a smaller space, such as a compact oven and slimline dishwasher.


This perfect example of a peninsular kitchen design features our Metz Graphite and Ivory furniture for a stylish solution for the hub of the home

Peninsular Kitchen

Peninsular kitchen

This is one of the kitchen layouts which, I think, makes a fantastic alternative to the kitchen island, especially if you just don’t have the space to accommodate one. Similar in style, your kitchen designer simply connects the peninsular part to one wall. So, it’s not freestanding but can still be used in the same way as a central island. This way, you can achieve an ‘island look’ with all its benefits, from additional storage to perhaps housing an appliance, such as a hob.

The fact that you can decide how big or small the peninsular will be, also means you can fit this to any kitchen. As a result, you’ll still benefit from additional worktop space and more storage. You can position this in between your kitchen area and another part of this room, such as the lounge space. This way, you’re defining each area but you can still enjoy an open-plan kitchen design. You could also introduce a breakfast bar by simply overhanging your worktop, so you can enjoy a place to eat.

Choosing the right design will instantly create a more efficient space so make sure you choose wisely. Don’t forget to discuss your needs with your kitchen designer who will be able to point you in the right direction, too!

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