Choosing classic sinks and taps

March 15, 2019
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There’s no doubt that traditional kitchen styles are currently high on the wish-list for those who are looking for longevity from their hub of the home. However, you could find you’re entering a minefield when looking for classic sinks and taps to complement your timeless scheme.

After all, there are so many designs and materials to choose from. Of course, you could pick a modern style to create a striking contrast. However, if you are choosing a real stone worktop, for example, it makes sense to complement this with classic sinks and taps, which will stand the test of time.

Ceramic sinks

When it comes to classic sinks and taps, a ceramic model and traditional tap should instantly spring to mind. After all, our Caple sinks, which are made from fireclay, can instantly add a timeless finish to a classic kitchen and even a modern design. This beautiful style is also created using time-honoured, handcrafted techniques for more traditional appeal.

Our handmade Pemberley sit-on sinkfeatures our Hygiene finish with a 190mm bowl depth

Ceramic sinks

Ceramic sinks look gorgeous, they are ultra-durable and they can handle high temperatures, too. These models are glazed so you’ll find the surface is ultra-smooth to touch, which instantly makes them easy to clean. You can even invest in sinks with a specialist hygienic finish.

At Caple, we have introduced our signature Hygiene finish to a number of our ceramic sinks. In fact, this glazing reduces surface bacteria by 99.9% and lasts the sink’s entire lifetime so what’s not to like?

Belfast sink

Our Belfast sinkfeatures 1.2mm brushed stainless steel with an overall 229mm bowl depth

High quality stainless-steel sinksare incredibly popular, which may be in part due to their durability and affordability. These can also work just as well with stone or laminate worktops for more flexibility in your hub of the home. This material won’t chip or crack but consider the properties of the steel as the higher quality it is, the more resilient your sink will be.

When choosing classic sinks and taps, don’t forget that this material is also the staple choice for professional kitchens. So, it makes sense that this stainless steel tends to be first in line for celebrity chefs, including our brand ambassador Josh Eggleton.

These days, you can chose from a variety of colours, too, including copper, gold and gunmetal, although these metallics tend to feature on modern styles. However, if you’ve got your heart set on a traditional-looking model with a modern edge, the good news is that it’s possible to pick up a Belfast sink in stainless steel. It is certainly a statement piece and can feature just as well in a modern or classic kitchen.

Our new sit-on Shapwick sinkfeatures our Caple Hygiene finish with a 205mm sink depth

Sink shapes, sizes and styles

In terms of shapes and sizes, there are plenty of classic sinks (and taps) to choose from. In fact, you’ll also find a good selection of designs, from undermountand inset to sit-on are available, so one should certainly suit your kitchen scheme. If you choose an undermount model, don’t forget to factor in your need for a drainer, whether this is moulded into your stone worktop or movable.

Single and double bowl versions are available, however one of the best ways to make your decision is to consider how you intend to use your sink. If you’re choosing a second model for your utility room or island unit, a single bowl may suit you perfectly. In addition, if you are installing one main sink in your kitchen,

you may feel that you’ll benefit from a one-and-a-half or two bowl version. This way, you can multi-task across both bowls, which will make life easier. However, if space is tight and you’re looking for a smaller sink, a single bowl may be just what you need for a more compact finish, which will be practical, too.


Our inset Butler Lingfield sinkis glazed with our Hygiene finish with a bowl depth of 280mm

Sink depth could also be key in your buying decision. If you want plenty of room in which to rinse or wash bulky pots and pans,

look for a ceramic model as these could allow for more depth in their design. Consider a good bowl depth of more than 250mm, for example.

Choosing traditional tap finishes

With such a high selection of classic sinks and taps to choose from, when you’re considering the latter, you’ll find there are a whole host of finishes you can choose from. Chrome tends to be a more standard finish, however you might prefer brushed nickel, pewter or stainless steel. In addition, you could raise the ‘style’ bar even higher and opt for antique brass for a stunning gold finish or even blackened copper. Pretty unique, aren’t they?


Our Putney Bridge tap in stainless steel creates the perfect finish in a classic kitchen setting with a minimum 0.3 bar pressure

Traditional tap styles

If you’re looking for a traditional tap to suit your new sink, you’ll find you’ll be spoilt for choice. But we think bridge mixer taps tend to lead the way with a traditional-style sink. After all, these models are usually associated with luxury kitchen styles. So just imagine the results you can achieve when teaming this design with a classic ceramic Belfast model.

However, if you’re looking for a more simple, traditional style, which will last, a swan-necked, single curved design could suit you perfectly. Classic taps tend to be dual control and you’ll find curves tend to feature highly in many traditional tap designs. Our Hadley tap is ideal if you’re looking for a classic design in a modern finish and it requires a 0.5 bar pressure

You should make a note of your water pressure before you choose your tap. After all, if you install a tap which needs a pressurised water system and you have a gravity-fed boiler (low pressure),

the hot water flow will be extremely weak. However, if you have a high-pressure water system, you’ll find most taps will work. So just check with your plumber before you buy.