Environmental impact with plastics

July 4, 2019
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Thanks to recent TV programmes, such as BBC1’s War On Plastics, we can already understand a lot more about the environmental impact plastics have on the world. So, our product manager Luke Shipway thought

he’d look at various issues surrounding plastics and sustainability. He also reveals what we are doing at Caple, which will help you to address the environmental concern of single use plastic water bottles.

War On Plastics

Did you watch the recent series, War On Plastics? If so, you’ll have seen celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and radio and TV presenter Anita Rani challenge an entire street to reduce the plastics they are using, in our home city of Bristol. However, it was the huge piles of British plastics on illegal dumpsites in Malaysia, which should have really highlighted the environmental impact we are responsible for. I think this has also emphasised why we need to reconsider our plastics use in the UK and all over the world.

According to Recycling Bins UK, the average household in the UK uses 480 plastic bottles each year. However, only 270 are recycled and this means 44% are sent to landfill. After all, plastic is one of the main pollutants on this planet. According to the United Nations, they estimate that one million plastic bottles are bought every minute worldwide, then they are thrown away.

Plastic bottle facts

It’s all too easy to simply stock up on a whole batch of bottled water in the supermarket. After all, it’s a convenient way in which to hydrate and it’s portable, too. If you forget to bring a bottle with you, you can simply buy one in your nearest supermarket or newsagent. It can also be safer than tap water as it

is checked for contaminants so therefore should have less impurities. But I believe buying plastic water bottles is not the way in which to achieve sustainable living and this is an expensive way to rehydrate. What’s more, the environmental impact from this learned behaviour could be catastrophic.

Our Ardor Puriti tap in polished chrome makes a striking addition to the kitchen.

Where to store filtered water

However, there are other ways to enjoy good quality water, which will not have an environmental impact on your surroundings. You can still benefit from drinking filtered water if you install a tap designed specifically for this purpose. In addition, if you invest in a reusable stainless-steel bottle, you should find it will last for years to come and will be 100% recyclable.

One such company I can recommend is One Green Bottle. Not only do they ship their products in with zero plastic packaging but they recycle any waste they produce.

Try One Green Bottle to buy your reusable water bottle such as this copper finish thermal model.

Puriti Taps

With a Caple Puriti filter tap you can have ordinary hot and cold water, as well as purified water from one single fitting – as an extra lever diverts water through the filter.


At Caple, we produce a selection of filtered water taps, which all use our signature filtration process.

Benefits of filtered water

This way, you’ll find your water will be free from many contaminants. In addition, there will be no unpleasant odour which tends to be apparent in chlorine, because most of this chemical will have been removed. If you install this kind of tap, once you’ve paid the initial outlay,

you’ll discover this method will be cost effective in the long-run. However, installing a filtered water tap in your home will also help to reduce the environmental impact. After all, just one of our water filters can produce a staggering 6,000 litres.  So, let me break this down into savings –

you will save the equivalent of £3,864 as it would cost this much to buy this amount of water in plastic bottles. This would mean a reduction of 3,000 2-litre plastic bottles in just one household, which will help to make a significant difference to the environment.

Hard water

If you live in a hard water area, you can use this filtered water in your kettle and for cooking reducing limescale build-up for  food prep. I think you’ll also benefit from a better tasting tea or coffee.


When you drink bottled water, you’re no doubt expecting to taste delicious water, which is why we ensure our filtered water travels through a series of filters including activated carbon. This process gets to work when you turn the tap and this removes almost all the chlorine and other impurities such as particulates, rust, heavy metals and pesticides. This way, your water is still free from impurities with a

balanced pH and it tastes great, too. It’s important to maintain the pH balance of the water because this makes it healthier when compared to tap water. In fact, tap water tends to be either overly acidic or alkaline. This aspect may not address environmental issues directly. However, this instead gives you another reason why you should swap from bottled water to a filtered water tap.


If you’re looking for a modern tap design, our Atmore Puriti could make the perfect choice

The filtration system

You can place your system in your kitchen unit below the sink for a neat finish. So, you can simply turn the filtration tap which will divert your normal cold water supply via our Caple filter to the tap and your glass. I have chosen a collection of taps, which vary in functionality. So you can choose a third lever or they are fully integrated into the standard design.

If you stop using water bottles, this would certainly reduce our plastics waste. Of course, it would protect our environment at the same time. In fact, according to an article in the Metro newspaper, Britain recycles 57% of the 13 billion plastic bottles used in this country every year. In fact, these are bottles used for all sorts of things from water to cleaning products. They claim that the average person now uses 150 bottles a year. So, the number of water bottles consumed in the UK has doubled.



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