Summer cooking: choosing the best extractor fan

July 5, 2021
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“Summertime and the livin’ is easy”, sang Ella Fitzgerald – and if you choose the right recipes, so is the entertaining! Summer cooking should be light and easy, but still full of flavour. Which means that fish is a fabulous option, time after time. It’s quick to prepare, packed full of protein, and generally low in calories. In fact, according to the NHS, a healthy balanced diet should include at least two portions of fish a week. At least one of those should be oily fish, such as salmon or sardines. That’s because these are high in long-chain

omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to keep your heart healthy. Arguably the only drawback to cooking fish is the lingering odour. But that’s where your kitchen extractorcomes in. These appliances work hard, removing moisture and grease from your kitchen – and eliminating any nasty odours! At Caple, we have a whole host of different types available, including downdrafts, ceiling hoods, integrated and telescopic. Read on to discover Assistant Product Manager Ashley Allen’s expert advice on choosing the best extractor fan:

Salmon Niçoise salad

Salmon Niçoise salad

If you can’t get to the Mediterranean in person this year, you can at least enjoy its cuisine. I love this twist on the traditional French recipe, from Delicious Magazine, which swaps tuna for salmon. I think the addition of broccoli works really well, too. If you’re a fan of updating classics with modern thinking, you’ll love our DD940BK downdraft extractor. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, this appliance is one of my favourites. It can incorporate two filters – Plasma and charcoal – which will purify the air and eliminate odours. This is a clever addition where the motor draws air through ducting towards the Plasma filter. This is then purified and cleaned, eradicating 95% of odours.

You really can’t get another appliance to perform like this on the UK market. The air then travels through the carbon filter, removing any remaining odours passing through and using both methods extends the life of the charcoal filter from six months to five years. Our sleek induction downdraft extractor combines elegant looks with advanced functionality. It’s just as ideal for smaller kitchens and open-plan spaces, and works well within any minimalist, clutter-free aesthetic. Fully integrated into the 90cm frameless induction hob, this model incorporates a 12-stage grease filter, four speed options and an auto timer. Its stylish, minimalist appearance means it’s perfect for open-plan living.

Pasta vongole

Pasta vongole

When I’m cooking for a crowd, I usually look to Italy for inspiration. One of my favourite dinner party dishes is Jamie Oliver’s recipe for spaghetti vongole. It’s much easier to prepare than you might think, although you do have to pay close attention when prepping your clams. Before cooking, always throw away any that don’t close after a sharp tap. And, after cooking, get rid of any that haven’t opened!

Flipping fabulous: Our DD903BK Flip downdraft hood features an innovative tilt mechanism, which allows for unobtrusive extraction when entertaining. It’s suitable for use with both gas and electric hobs.

This entire recipe is prepped on the hob, so your extractor fan will need to work hard. I think another great option is our DD903BK Flip Downdraft. If you’re not keen on kitchen clutter, this model is an excellent option. It integrates seamlessly within your work surface when not in use.

Once switched on, it tilts to offer effective yet unobtrusive extraction that’s ideal for low-level, pan cooking. I tend to feel a downdraft model is often the best extractor fan for a modern kitchen. These appliances look amazing, suit any contemporary aesthetic, and can be quieter than traditional models depending on the position of the motor, too.

Mackerel, potato and spinach salad

Mackerel, potato and spinach salad

Salads are traditional summer fare. If I’m entertaining, I’ll often serve a more substantial version, like this Scandi-style mackerel and potato salad. It’s nutritious, delicious and takes just 20 minutes to prepare.

Our Vela VEL410 island hood (pictured here in matt black) combines state-of-the-art style with high-performance extraction. Mad about metallics? This model is also available in on-trend copper and gold finishes.

If you like to make a statement with your appliances, an island hood could be the best extractor fan option for you. How stylish is our new VEL410BK model? Showcased here in on-trend matt black, this extractor features an aluminium grease filter, three different speeds, plus a handy remote control. The adjustable height can accommodate both standard and tall ceilings. This model also incorporates a practical Halo LED light so you can see what you’re cooking.



Seafood paella

If you’re keen to serve something special now that lockdown has eased, allow me to recommend Sainsbury’s seafood paella recipe. It looks and tastes impressive, but takes just 30 minutes to prepare. It can be adapted with different types of seafood – I add whole squid to mine. I absolutely adore the aroma of onion and chorizo frying. But I don’t want the odour to linger for days afterwards!

Luckily our COR540SL ceiling hood is one of the best extractor fans in terms of function and form. This high-performance statement appliance features perimetrical extraction, for reduced noise and increased pressure. The seamless integration of lighting and extraction puts this ceiling hood in a league of its own. The 750mm wide, halo glow not only illuminates the hob below, it also creates the perfect ambience when entertaining. It combines improved motor performance with a stylish, circular design. And it incorporates four speeds, a stainless-steel grease filter, as well as the 14W Halo LED light.

Pan-fried sea bass

Sometimes the best summer dishes are all about simplicity. This BBCGoodFood recipe for crispy sea bass with wild garlic mayonnaise makes a perfect dinner party main. And if you’re not a fan of garlic, you can substitute fresh basil instead. Be warned: the fish takes just minutes to cook, so prep everything else first, and serve it straightaway.

Go for grey: Our ZEL900GM wall chimney hood features black glass and gunmetal, in a striking shape. Best of all, it matches a selection of other gunmetal kitchen appliances, for a coherent, consistent finish.

If your hob is fitted on a wall-side worktop, a wall chimney hood could well be your best extractor fan option. These appliances come in a huge variety of styles and finishes, from sleek minimalist glass to traditional chimney designs. I’m a big fan of our ZEL900GM model, which combines gunmetal with black glass. It features an innovative ‘wings’ shape that works

really well within contemporary kitchen settings. And it matches our other gunmetal appliances, including sinks and taps in the same finish for seamless style. The Zella wall chimney hood is rated A for energy efficiency, and has a maximum extraction rate of 612m3/h. There are three speeds, plus easy-to-use illuminated LED touch controls and two 1.5W LED lights.

Gremolata prawn pasta

Long, leisurely al fresco lunches are one of my favourite things about summer. This recipe for gremolata prawn pasta is pure perfection in a bowl. It’s easy to prep, and takes just ten minutes to cook.

Long, leisurely al fresco lunches are one of my favourite things about summer. This recipe for gremolata prawn pasta is pure perfection in a bowl. It’s easy to prep, and takes just ten minutes to cook.

To help remove those lingering odours when cooking prawns, check out our OM900 wall chimney hood. The striking tilted black glass finish is seriously stylish. In terms of extraction, it offers three speeds, which are adjusted via illuminated LED touch controls. There’s also an aluminium grease filter, and two 1.5W LED lights.