Back to School

September 6, 2019

Before you know it, it’s the time that some parents secretly cherish…yes, it’s back to school for the kids! However, on a more serious note, this is when you’ll look at ways to help this new term run smoothly for everyone. In fact, cooking and lack of time can play a huge part in the ‘back to school process’. So, our resident national trainer Jo Underhay is here to help as she reveals four delicious midweek meal ideas

Once the kids go back to school, any parent will know that time is now of the essence. After all, there can be so much to get done on a school day and evening. Whether you need to wash, dry and pack gym kit, drop your kids off for a teatime play date or collect them from an after-school club, time just flies by. So, in the evenings, you’ll be looking for quick and easy midweek meal ideas to lessen your workload. But you know you’ve got your work cut out as these meals will need to be healthy and enjoyable for all the family.


If you’re out of midweek meal ideas, why not try conjuring up a delicious lamb keema biryani for all the family? This is one of my go-to dishes as it’s simple to prepare and quick to cook. So, if you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, this mouth-watering meal is a must. This one-pot delight is literally packed full with flavour and you’ll find prep time can be kept to a minimum.

I tried and tested our NEW SO110SS combination steam oven only recently. It’s a beautiful model, which performs brilliantly if you want to achieve mouth-watering roasted vegetables with a tender centre and crisp coating. This oven comes as part of our new Sense stainless steel collection and it features ten functions, an A-rating for energy efficiency and full touch controls.

Top tip: Bring naan bread to the table, which you can dip into your biryani.


You can also take your pick from our comprehensive hobs collection, any of which will enable you to cook creatively on the hob with absolute precision. So, your lamb mince, rice and all the other tasty ingredients will be cooked to perfection, whichever model you choose.

Tuna pasta bake

Now, tuna pasta bake is still one of my favourite back to school midweek meal ideas. In fact, I remember this was one of my first weekly dishes I used to make when I was student. What makes this even more perfect is that you’ll find your meal is ready in next to no time; the prep is brilliantly quick and easy.

So, what will you need? A tin or two of tuna of course, a handful of store cupboard ingredients, such as butter, flour and milk, some sweetcorn and strong cheddar. Why not try BBC Good Food’s Tuna Pasta Bake recipe?

I find this meal works a treat in our new c2402SS Sense oven. With pyrolytic technology, you won’t need to worry about making a mess and there’s ample room with a 67l capacity. With an A rating, there’s a whole host of functions to also help make cooking a breeze. So, why not experiment with my midweek meal ideas on this model to your heart’s content?

Top tip: Use vegetables you’ve already got in your fridge for a recipe variation.


If you’re on the hunt for vegan midweek meal ideas, then this one’s for you. It’s a Spanish-inspired dish. It’s perfect during the back to school period as it’s extremely filling. It can make a comforting meal, which the family will enjoy even more once the weather starts turning colder. Try Anna Bloomfield’s Chickpea and spinach stew recipe on her Once Upon A Food blog. She loves cooking from scratch and this looks delicious!

Top tip:  I would serve this dish with rice to make a complete midweek meal.

My family and I love a frittata. Not only are they easy to make but they are versatile, too, as you can add different ingredients to your beaten egg mix to suit you. So, for those who’d prefer a vegetarian alternative, you could swap the chorizo for sliced leeks.

I sometimes throw sliced cherry tomatoes into my mix in the pan, which add to the flavour. I tend to use crusty bread to serve with a side salad – yes, I enjoy the latter, even in winter! Olive magazine’s Chorizo, red pepper and pea frittatarecipe looks easy to make and incredibly tasty, too.

What sort of ingredients are you looking at? Staples such as garlic, eggs and olive oil and chilli, red onion, chorizo and frozen peas.

Our NEW C3249 double oven from our Classic collection could be just what you need with a full grill, eco grill and turbo gill plus a 61l capacity in the bottom oven. So, you can fit your frying pan in with ease and use the other oven to warm your bread simultaneously.

Top Tip: You can freeze any leftovers for up to three months. However, defrost this thoroughly, then reheat in an oven rather than a microwave or it may get too soggy.

Josh Eggleton

You can find more recipe ideas from our brand ambassador Josh Eggleton on our blog


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