Tokyo Olympics 2021: healthy living ideas for the kitchen

July 27, 2021

After a fairly shaky start, 2021 is shaping up to deliver a fabulous summer of sport. Football fans have been glued to the Euro. Tennis enthusiasts have been watching Wimbledon. And on Friday 23 July, the postponed Tokyo Olympics 2021 will officially begin. This is almost exactly one year later than the original date, which was of course pushed back due to COVID-19. So, if you are looking for inspiration to lose weight and get fit after lockdown, this could be it! Read on to discover Product Executive Ashley’s top tips for healthy living straight from the heart of your kitchen.

The beauty of Sense Premium

Take your marks, get set, and go! Who’s enjoying this bumper summer of sport, which finishes in August after the Tokyo Olympics?

Stay Hydrated

We can’t all be Olympians. But most of us can benefit from the basic elements of an elite athlete’s lifestyle, namely nutritious food, maintaining hydration, regular exercise and plenty of sleep. And let’s not forget water – after all, it’s essential for regulating your body’s temperature. In fact, it can help you lose weight as it can keep you feel fuller for longer.

The Eatwell Guide recommends at least six to eight glasses of fluid a day. In fact, you should drink more when it’s hot or if you’re extra active. I always find water is the best thirst quencher. And, with no calories – or sugars to damage teeth – it’s healthy, too.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that we are seeing such a big rise in demand for filter taps. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a contender for the Tokyo Olympics to enjoy clear, filtered and purified water. And it’s so versatile, you can use it for drinking and cooking. I find our filtered water tends to taste better, due to the removal of chlorine and contaminants.

And, at Caple, our filtering system eliminates impurities, such as particulates, bacteria, rust, heavy metals and pesticides. However, we have designed our water filters to retain vital minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, fluoride and zinc.

Our Layton Puriti filter tap in solid stainless steel, is a high-quality, durable option for any kitchen wet zone.

Our Natick Puriti filter tap comes in a stylish, polished chrome finish with a modern, angular design making this the perfect choice for contemporary kitchens.

Puriti Pleasure

Our Puriti filter tap collection offers a wealth of options in terms of design and finishes. Each model works by directing your cold water supply through a series of filters that include activated carbon. You can also install your Puriti filter discreetly and conveniently under your sink and it’s easy to change, too. Although you won’t have to do this too often, as each one can last up to four times longer than other filtration systems on the market.


Our Salus Puriti filter tap, stands out in polished chrome and produces clear, purified, great-tasting water that’s perfect for all sorts of activities, from food prep to drinking!

Now, if you’re fan of polished chrome, I suggest you check out our Salus (above) and Ardor Puriti filter taps. I think these are the perfect complement for both classic and contemporary kitchens. You’ll find cartridges only need replacing on average once every six months, as is the case with all our Puriti models.

Our Ardor Puriti filter tap removes rust, chlorine and sediment from your water. This model is finished in polished chrome for designer appeal in the modern kitchen.

Nourish Your Body

We all know how important the right nutrition is for athletes. Now we can’t promise that our filter taps will get you fit enough to take part in the Tokyo Olympics. But filtered water improves healthy mineral content, which in turn promotes good digestion. Keeping yourself properly hydrated in this way allows your body to easily transport and process these minerals and nutrients. The result? Well, you should feel fresher, more awake and alert.

Our Atmore Puriti Tap is another great choice if you’re keen to embark on a healthier lifestyle. And remember, with a Puriti Caple filter tap, you can enjoy regular hot and cold water too – as well as purified water – from one model, thanks to an extra lever that diverts water through the filter. You can even buy replacement spare parts for this tap online.

Atmore Puriti

Crazy about chrome?

Feast your eyes on our Atmore Puriti filter tap, which features angular lines for a contemporary finish


Leave The Limescale Behind

Filter taps are great news if you’re planning on watching the Tokyo Olympics armed with your favourite brew. Firstly, I think tea and coffee, made with filtered water, taste much better.

This is mostly thanks to the absence of things that filtering removes, such as chlorine and limescale. But the lack of the latter isn’t just good news for your taste buds. Limescale removal should help to prolong the life of your kettle and iron, too.

Our Dalton Puriti model, finished in brushed stainless steel, is an excellent example of a filter tap that’s been designed to promote a healthier lifestyle. And because our Puriti filters can last four times longer than other models, you will enjoy better-tasting brews right through from the Opening to the Closing Ceremony at this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

Our stainless steel Dalton Puriti model delivers filtered and purified water at the turn of a tap with an elegant swan neck so it looks just as good in modern and classic kitchen settings.

Green and Clean

I hear the Tokyo Olympics is aiming to be the greenest-ever Games. Tokyo 2021 will be carbon neutral and apply the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals. Apparently, the stadium itself has solar panels. Even the medals are made from waste materials that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. Meanwhile, the athletes’ beds are made of cardboard, which they will recycle after the Games end.

So, if sustainability is important to you, you’ll love the environmental benefits of a filter tap. After all, this reduces the need to buy water in plastic bottles. That’s better for the planet – and your pocket. It could also free up more space in your fridge, which would otherwise be filled with plastic bottles. In fact, just one of our water filters could save you almost £4,000. This is how much it would cost to buy the equivalent of the 6,000 litres this would produce in plastic bottles. So, buying a filter tap would obviously make a significant difference to the environment, too.

Our Harlo Puriti collection offers a huge range of options that combine sustainability with style. Our Harlo collection is available in stainless steel, copper, gunmetal and black steel. You can choose from a swan neck or quad-style design, which makes it versatile too.

Mad about metallics? You’re sure to love our Harlo Puriti filter tap collection. These contemporary models are available in a wide range of metallic PVD coating, including copper, gunmetal, and black steel.

Cook Smart With Steam

Diet is always of the utmost importance to Olympians. After all, most elite athletes fuel their bodies every four hours. If you’re keen to maintain a healthy eating programme while watching the Tokyo Olympics, do experiment with steam cooking. It’s delicious, nutritious, and can save you energy and money. When you cook with steam, there’s no need to boost taste with added fats or oils. This cooking method retains all the moisture, minerals and vitamins your food contains, for meals that are full of flavour, every time.

If you’re looking to update your cooking appliances, one of my top recommendations is our CMS260GM Sense Premium combination microwave with steam. This smart oven offers endless versatility, allowing you to steam, grill, bake or microwave your meals with ease. It’s even Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control the setting via our new Caple Home app, using your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Technology Oven, Microwave & Steam Oven in Gunmetal

Our Sense Premium CMS260GM microwave in gunmetal (right), offers smart cooking with steam – perfect if you’re watching your waistline this summer! You can also choose black glass or stainless steel finishes to suit you and your kitchen.

Another great option if you’re trying to follow a healthy diet is our Sense SO111 built-in combination steam oven. Also available in three different finishes (black glass, stainless steel and gunmetal), this model offers 11 different functions, including steam, grill and steam, and fan heat with steam.

Our SO111 Built-In Combination steam oven features a removable water tank, which is positioned in the control panel for easy access.

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