Mother’s Day recipe ideas to inspire you

March 15, 2023
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This year in the UK, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 19th March – so it’s time to get those thinking caps on. We all want to spoil our mums on this special day, and show them how much they mean to us. In today’s busy world, two of the greatest gifts of all are time and effort. Which is why in terms of presents, home-cooked cakes, mouth-watering desserts and even good, old-fashioned breakfast in bed is still hard to beat. As the cost-of-living-crisis continues to bite, these types of Mother’s Day gift ideas won’t break the bank either! Read on to discover northern regional training manager Lauren’s favourite Mother’s Day gift recipe suggestions:

Vanilla cupcake bouquet

Some mothers adore flowers. Others love cake. So, why not combine both? This clever vanilla cupcake bouquet recipe from BBCGoodFood is one of the most innovative Mother’s Day gift ideas I’ve come across. It really looks and tastes amazing. This edible bouquet does take a little time to prep and put together, but the results are well worth it, I promise! When you make it, try not to be fazed by the icing element. Buttercream is so simple to make, and you can buy fondant to make the petals.

The Sense C2902GM 90cm Electric Single Oven in Gunmetal is ideal for this type of baking. Our signature Motion Heat+ function distributes hot air evenly around the cavity. This means you can use different levels to cook multiple cupcakes quickly and evenly, all at the same time. Its energy-efficient triple-glazed door also retains more heat for a better bake.

Top tip: Get ahead by baking your cupcakes in advance, then storing in the fridge (or even freezing) until they’re needed. You can also make the buttercream icing the day before. Simply keep this in the fridge overnight.

Crème caramels

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Retro desserts are enjoying a big comeback. So, if your mum prefers puddings to cakes, why not serve up some classic Crème Caramels? They might not seem like the most obvious of Mother’s Day gift ideas, but they are the perfect blend of lightness and indulgence. A lovely way to finish off a home-made Mother’s Day lunch. We’re currently serving Crème Caramels for our Spring Experience Day menu at our new Leeds Caple Studio.

You’ll find there’s no shortage of Crème Caramel recipes online. And, once you’ve mastered making caramel, this dessert is surprisingly easy to make, especially if your oven has a steam function. I recommend our Sense Premium CMS260BS Smart Combi Microwave & Steam Oven. This model allows you to choose the best steam function for the exact setting temperature required, without overcooking. So, you never have to worry about rubbery Crème Caramels!

Top tip: To make this dessert extra-special for Mother’s Day, decorate each individual Crème Caramel with colourful berries and/or edible flowers.

Baked dippy eggs

For many of us, spoiling our mums means breakfast in bed. So, my recipe round-up of Mother’s Day gift ideas includes this BBCGoodFood recipe for baked dippy eggs. It’s a fun, easy version that’s simple enough for young children to be involved in. Why not invite your mum to stay for Mother’s Day, and treat her to breakfast, lunch and dinner? As gifts go for busy grown-ups, no cooking or chores for an entire 24 hours is priceless!

This breakfast dish is a really tasty upgrade of a basic boiled egg. You simply cut, assemble and bake. Our Sense Premium C2600SS Stainless Steel Smart Pyrolytic Single Oven would be perfect for this. You can pre-set the temperature to the required 180°C. And if there are any unwanted eggy spillages in situ, this model’s pyrolytic self-cleaning function will deal with them effortlessly. Any baked-on overflows are simply carbonised into fine ash, which you can wipe away easily with just a damp cloth.

Top tip: If your helpers are little, give them a pair of scissors (instead of a sharp knife) to cut the ham and spinach into strips.

Iced coffee

For many busy mums, starting the day without a decent cup of coffee is unthinkable. So, for my Mother’s Day gift ideas, I’ve included an upgrade to the usual breakfast-in-bed offering. Why not serve an iced latte instead?

This version requires just three ingredients (plus ice) and if you use our Sense CM465SS Stainless Steel Built-in Coffee Machine you’ll be treating your loved one to a barista-quality beverage. I’m a huge fan of this model’s versatile steam nozzle, which allows you to customise how much air you use to heat and froth your milk.

Top tip: For vegan or dairy-free diets, swap the 100ml whole milk with a suitable plant-based version.

Home-made potpourri

Did you know that our ovens can even be used to create non-edible Mother’s Day gift ideas? Potpourri is another retro idea that’s enjoying a new lease of life, boosted by the rise of cottagecore. Traditionally used to scent a home, this mix features a blend of subtle florals and botanicals. It’s a wonderfully natural and sustainable alternative to chemical/synthetic air fresheners.

Rose petals work well, but it’s super easy to customise your potpourri according to mum’s personal preferences or favourite flowers. Blend with cinnamon sticks, cloves or nutmeg for a spicy sent; rosemary or peppermint to refresh; or lavender and camomile to relax.

For most potpourri ‘recipes’, you’ll need to ‘bake’ your chosen ingredients in a very cool oven. I’ve had excellent results using the dehydrate function on our Sense Premium C2600BS Black Steel Smart Pyrolytic model. It’s brilliant for removing moisture from foods, to dry and preserve them. So, you can also use this to dry fruits to decorate food and drinks.

Top tip: A small fabric bag filled with home-made potpourri is a wonderful way to scent a drawer or wardrobe, and makes a truly thoughtful and unique Mother’s Day gift.

Heart-shaped pizza

The final element of my food-themed Mother’s Day gift ideas is pizza. But not just any design. What better way to declare your love for your mum than with this heart-shaped version?

This is another easy recipe that younger family members can get involved with. Kneading the dough is always great fun, and you can customise your base with mum’s favourite toppings.

Preparing pizza couldn’t be easier with the dedicated function on our Sense Premium C2600GM Gunmetal Smart Pyrolytic Single Oven. It can cook a traditional, home-made, authentic Italian-style pizza in just 2.5 minutes. So, your mum definitely won’t need to wait long for her Mother’s Day meal. And you won’t ever have to worry about your pizza having an unappetising soggy bottom!

Top tip: In addition to shaping the dough into a heart design, use a heart-shaped cutter (or sharp knife) to shape any suitable pizza toppings – such as pepperoni too.

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