Wine coolers: read our expert Q&A

Caple's expert Q&A reveals why you should buy one

Wine Cooler read our expert Q&A

October 25, 2020
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If you love entertaining as much as we do, at Caple, then a wine cooler should be top of your wish-list. You should always serve your favourite tipple at the optimum temperature to fully enjoy the flavour. And this is just what you’d expect when ordering a nicely chilled bottle of white, for example, when eating out at a high-quality restaurant.

In fact, these days wine cooler are joining fridge-freezers, ovens and hobs as one of the fundamental appliances in kitchen redesign. So, we asked our product manager Luke Shipway some questions about wine cooler, which we think will help you choose the perfect model:

You could keep reds in a kitchen unit but all wine ages more quickly if it’s stored at temperatures higher than 21°C. And, if it gets even hotter, it will impair the delicate aroma. The wine’s subtle flavours will be overpowered by the

 alcohol and, if it gets too cold, you might find it tastes too acidic. In fact, serving red wine at room temperature is usually a bit too warm, which is why a dedicated cabinet set at perfect conditions makes such a sound investment.

Can I keep my white wine in the fridge?

If you store any wine in your fridge, the lack of moisture may dry out the cork. This could result in air entering the bottle, which will ultimately damage the contents of your bottle. When it comes to serving, you’d need to remove whites

from your fridge and give them time to warm up. However, a wine cabinet will enable you to serve at optimum conditions. So, you won’t need to worry about impairing the flavour and you and your guests can enjoy every bottle.

Why buy a wine cabinet?

Our appliances are designed for long-term storage and perfect serving conditions for your wine. So, if you want to ensure the contents of your carefully chosen bottles remain drinkable for longer, then a dedicated cabinet is vital. I think it’s the most affordable way in which to store your bottles in perfect surroundings in the comfort of your home. Storing and serving wine is tricky, but a wine cabinet takes away all of the guessing work for you. This way, you’ll get the best out of your reds, whites, rosés or Champagne.

Wine cabinets mimic cellars (below ground) as they remain at a constant temperature with the correct level of humidity and they are away from light. Did you know all wine should be stored at 12°C – 14°C, whether it is red or white? As mentioned, you can also use your cabinet to bring your wine to the perfect drinking temperature. The optimum temperature to serve rosés and whites is 8°C – 14°C and sparkling is 6°C – 10°C. Full reds should be served at 16°C – 18°C whereas lighter reds are best at 13°C – 16°C.

Integrated In-column Triple Zone Wine Cabinet in Green Kitchen

Our new WC1800 wine cooler from our Sense Premium collection has been designed so your kitchen designer can make a frame to match your doors perfectly. It holds 70 Bordeaux-style bottles.

Why is it important to serve wine at the right temperature?

This will enable you and your guests to experience all its complex flavours and aromas, and enjoy the body (texture or weight in the mouth) of your wine. If it’s not served in perfect conditions, the actual scent and taste of the wine will change, which can make it unpleasant. Once you reach the optimum drinking temperature, I find this is the best way in which to embrace all the notes of a wine.

Our new freestanding WF1550 features an impressive stainless steel frame for a more luxurious finish. This striking model can even fit a furniture surround for more versatility and can hold up to 111 Bordeaux-style bottles.

Freestanding Wine Cooler with Stainless Steel Door

Should I buy a built-in wine cabinet?

It all depends on the look you’re hoping to achieve & whether this will form part of a kitchen redesign. The choice is yours, however built-in models are ideal if you want a neater finish. These days, you can choose from a huge variety of sizes, shapes & finishes. Our furniture manager, Doug, says he likes integrated models because you can install them flush with your units.

This way, the wine cabinet provides a neat, yet useful, addition to your kitchen. A popular built-in model is our under-counter Wi157. It comfortably fits seven Bordeaux-style bottles and looks beautiful in an island unit. However, if you’re a wine aficionado, then you may be looking for a wine cabinet, which can store up to 70 and will accommodate Champagne and Burgundy.

60cm Wine Cabinet with matching Steam Oven and Warming Drawer

Featuring a drop-down door, our new WC6100GM wine cabinet even has superior open and soft-close functionality. It holds 30 Bordeaux-style bottles and can accommodate reds, whites, rosés or Champagne.

Why should I choose a freestanding model?

If you’ve already designed your kitchen and you now wish you’d chosen a wine cabinet, I think a freestanding version will suit you perfectly. It’s a great way for an immediate solution to entertaining with fine wine in your home.

In fact, you could position it in a utility room if space is too tight in your kitchen. Again, you’ll find a comprehensive range to choose from in all manner of shapes and sizes. And, if you move home, then you can take your wine cabinet with you.

Our new WF1551 model in black glass holds up to 111 bottles of Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne. There is also a handy rack, which can store your glasses at the perfect serving temperature.

Large freestanding built in wine cooler in green kitchen

Which type of wine cabinet will suit me?

60cm Wine Cooler with Furniture surround door and wine bottle with glasses

You’ll find wine cabinets come with a choice of up to three temperature zones…So, if you favour red or white and want to serve this in perfect condition, then a single zone model should work well for you. This will also make a great choice if you want to use your wine cabinet purely for storage purposes.
However, if you like red and white wine, a dual- or even triple-temperature version should be on your wish-list. This way, you could have ready-to-serve whites in one section and reds to serve or/and store in another.

Don’t forget to consider how much wine you’ll want to cater for every occasion. If you entertain regularly and are looking forward to having the family round at Christmas, you’ll probably want a more substantial cabinet.