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    Freestanding Triple Zone Wine Cabinet

    Freestanding Wine Coolers

    There’s no messing around when it comes to these freestanding, triple-zone wine fridges. With toughened UV protected glass door, vibration free technology and sleek, stainless steel handles, they are as functional as they are beautiful. Short on space? Our freestanding, single zone wine coolers are compact yet functional, and are a perfect fit for under counter wine storage. If you want to make a statement or love wine as much as we do, freestanding wine coolers are the most impressive wine storage you can get. Get ready for the limelight to be stolen.

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    What is a freestanding wine cooler?

    Designed for standalone installation, freestanding wine coolers are ideal for those who have space in the kitchen and are looking for a convenient solution to store and serve wine. Triple stacked, independently controlled zones allow you to change the temperature to accommodate different wine types. Freestanding wine coolers aren’t built-in and can be moved to any location in the kitchen or dining area.

    Why should I choose a freestanding wine cooler?

    With a freestanding wine cooler, you can house your extensive wine collection in a single cabinet. If you regularly entertain with family and friends, you’ll want a more substantial wine fridge.

    The WF1553 freestanding model has multi-zone temperature zones and is ideal for storing a serving simultaneously. Each zone of the wine cooler is independently controlled, perfect for storing reds, whites and sparkling at their preferred temperature.

    What is the difference between built-in and freestanding wine coolers?

    As freestanding wine coolers do not require installation into furniture, they can be positioned in most areas of the kitchen, providing adequate ventilation.

    Can you put a freestanding wine cooler under-counter?

    The WF334 freestanding wine cooler is designed with top and side heat dispersion. As a result, if the cooler is positioned under a counter against two adjacent walls and each side pressed against a wall, the heat build-up would eventually impair the wine cooler’s general performance.

    The WF1553 and WF1552 models are large units, meaning they would not be suitable for under-counter use. However, due to ventilation being at the front of the cooler, they can be fully installed into any large cabinets or furniture units. Always refer to the installation guidance when designing a wine cooler in a kitchen.

    Where should I place my freestanding wine cooler?

    The WF334 freestanding wine cooler should be positioned in a location with plenty of space around it so that ventilation can occur. This will ensure the most outstanding performance and prevent overheating.

    WF1553 and WF1552 freestanding wine coolers can be installed with furniture surrounding to create an integrated appearance or freestanding in the kitchen or dining area.  Always refer to the installation guidance when designing a wine cooler in a kitchen.