Healthy Family Meals

January 7, 2020
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Are you feeling like you seriously over-indulged at Christmas (aren’t we all?!)? Then, perhaps some healthy family meals might be just what you’re looking for to kick-start the year. After all, January is the perfect month to do this, isn’t it? In fact, this is when we tend to restart the gym and shy away from all the naughty desserts we consumed in droves in the holidays!

So why not follow our national trainer Jo Underhay’s sensible eating ideas? Here, you’ll find she will reveal some of her favourite healthy family meal plans she has sourced online. Jo can then can help you with one of your new year’s resolutions, if eating well is on your to-do list this month.

Chicken ramen

Now, ramen is one of my favourite healthy family meals. I love Japanese food and this dish made with Udon noodles, is delicious. In fact, ramen is a broth, which literally translates as ‘pulled noodles’. It tends to be served with meat, hence the chicken in this dish, however you can consider a fish-based option if you prefer.

Laura at fork knife swoon is one of my favourite food bloggers. She comes up with such easy-to-follow recipes with short prep time, which instantly gets my vote as a busy mum. So, I suggest you follow her gorgeous homemade chicken ramen recipe. I sometimes swap the noodle choice for thicker Udon versions, but that’s just personal preference.

I find this particular dish works a treat if I cook the chicken first in our combi steam oven. This way, the bird won’t lose all its juices by the time it’s cooked through, which will add more flavour to your meal.

I tend to call this a one-pot wonder as it’s my go-to when time is tight and I can just get the ingredients from my cupboard staples. The good news is that it’s another one of my healthy family meals, which goes down really well with everyone. This is despite the fact that my family and I are not vegetarians. However, we can always appreciate a delicious meat and fish-free dish.

Chickpea and tomato stew

The sorts of ingredients you’ll need for this healthy family meal include a tin of chopped tomatoes, a tin of chickpeas, some veg stock and seasoning. I also cook this dish with spinach for a tasty alternative, which I find the family enjoys.

This is such a wholesome dish packed with flavour and it’s easy

to make, which makes it a win win for family mealtimes. Delicious magazine has an easy chickpea and tomato stew with feta and dill. In fact, it takes no time at all to conjure up for four. If you follow this recipe, you will need some orzo or you could substitute this for arborio rice instead?

Top tip: You can add crumbled vegetarian feta to your dish as a topping or leave this out if you’re watching your waistline.  Crusty bread always works well as a side for me.

700mm Gunmetal Front Panel and Black Glass Gas Hob

Try our new gas hob for precision cooking. I find the burners can easily cook this dish to perfection, from gentle frying to bringing all these tasty ingredients to the boil quickly.

If you’re looking for a healthy family meal, which is going to be ready in double-quick time, I think beef stroganoff may be just what you’re looking for. I love this kind of dish at this time of year as it’s so comforting. Just simply add some rice to complete a delicious dish the family will remember.

I like BBC Good Food’s easy-to-follow beef and mushroom stroganoff. You may also find some of the ingredients will be part of your cupboard staples. You can use herbs in the dish itself and as a garnish.

Top tip: You should choose lean steak and fat-free fromage frais, as suggested in this recipe, for a healthier alternative.

Chicken casserole

You can’t go wrong with a healthy family meal, like chicken casserole. I call this comfort food heaven, but it can be packed full with a whole host of veg for a healthy option. I tend to throw a selection of beans into my casserole, which I find helps to add even more flavour to this dish.

Try Good To Know’s handy recipe here which serves 6 and will help you keep an eye on the calories this month at 390 per serving. If you’re dreaming of a carbohydrate companion, you can add boiled potatoes as a side.

Top tip: Simply store your leftovers in an airtight container in your fridge and use within two days. Just make sure you reheat it thoroughly first.

Our pyrolytic oven is the perfect place to cook this dish, as there’s no need to worry about spillages. After cooking, you can simply press the pyro programme and the oven heats up to 475°C. Once it has burnt away any grime, you will be left with ash residue. So, all you need to do is wipe this away with a damp cloth afterwards.

For more ideas on what to cook for all the family, follow our national trainer Jo’s mouth-watering recipe ideas with pumpkin. From pumpkin soup to bacon and pumpkin pasta, we think you’ll find there’s something for everyone.