8 Things We Are Missing About The Office!

May 5, 2021

It’s definitely been an adjustment going from working in the office 5 days a week, to working from home, and for some all whilst trying to home school too!

We have been thinking about what we miss the most about the office, and this is our top 8…

1. The Caple Team!

Seeing each other’s faces on Zoom just isn’t the same!

Of course, more than anything we miss each other. In a recent gov.co.uk survey, people admitted that the hardest thing about working from home was the lack of personal contact. The things that they missed the most were social interaction, office ‘banter’ and the exchange of information.

This time away from the office has certainly made us appreciate each other more, and is something we won’t take for granted again! We can’t wait for morning catch-ups over a cup of tea, sharing our weekend stories and laughing with one another again.

2. Instant Tea & Perfect Coffee

Talking of tea… we are definitely longing for our Caple steaming water tap. Waiting for the kettle to boil at home seems like a lifetime in comparison to the instant 98-degree hot water we receive from our Vapos tap.

We’d also be lying if we said we weren’t craving the occasional cup of freshly ground coffee, from our Caple coffee machine…

3. Variety

One of the great things about the office is the variety. Whether it’s popping down to our beautiful showroom, having a meeting in our meeting room, or attending a training session, we can’t wait to make the most of these agile workspaces again.

We are looking forward to being back to learn, catch up, train, or simply feel inspired by one another.

4. Showroom Visits

Remember when you could visit the Caple showroom?

We can’t wait to open up our doors and host our lovely customers again! It’s exciting being able to show visitors around our exquisite showroom, and see how impressed they are with our extensive product portfolio & beautiful furniture ranges.

We also miss hosting our wonderful experience days, which is why we have reimagined them online. If you want to participate email us at training@www.caple.co.uk to find out more.

5. Delicious Bakes

One of the office perks we simply cannot wait for, is seeing what our National Trainer, Jo Underhay had been baking in the Caple Kitchen. It’s only right we complete a thorough Caple taste test before we share any of our delicious recipes, right?

It’s a very serious, and tough, choice between Jo’s classic, luxurious brownies or her new favourite, Nutella stuffed cookies. It’s a choice that can break friendships and divide teams! We’re looking forward to being back and doing some essential taste testing again…

If you want to see the recipe for Jo’s delicious Nutella stuffed cookies see here.

6. Four-Legged Friends

We also run a Caple doggy day care, where we have frequent visitors from the extensive Caple dog family. How can these faces not brighten up your day?

7. Creative Juices!

Sometimes the buzz, excitement and human energy surrounding a project are hard to replicate at home. The creativity and camaraderie that collaborative work can bring have been sorely missed, and although we have all adapted to new ways of working, we are very much looking forward to bouncing ideas off one another in the office again.

8. Positive Working Environment

In a study by Harvard Business Review they concluded that having a positive work culture can directly increase employees productivity. They highlighted a few examples, such as, being inspired by other colleagues, emphasising the meaningfulness of the work, and supporting one another, as some of the key factors that lead to an improvement in both motivation and productivity.

Whether your office environment is lively, calm, relaxing (or all of these things) we’re sure that like us, you’re missing the benefits of a great work culture.

Reflecting Back…

Reflecting back on WFH it’s incredible how successfully and quickly we have all adapted to working in these new conditions. There are definitely some positives we can all take from the last few months, such as spending more time with our families, instead of a long commute, making time for a lunchtime walk, or being at home before it’s dark.

What do you miss most about the office? And if you need some family lunch idea to help fuel your day then take a look here

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