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May 15, 2019
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If you’re dreaming of a new kitchen and you’ve got contemporary styling in mind, a handleless version could be perfect. After all, this design is not only ultra-modern but it’s practical, too. So, read on to discover why our furniture designer Lily Dahl believes minimalism in the kitchen is proving so popular.

For me, the true handleless kitchen represents everything great about modern kitchen design. You’ll find the doors are sleek and pared-back for a more streamlined look. And with this comes a whole host of benefits, one of which has got to be easy cleaning.

True handleless kitchens leave little, if any, room for gathering dust and dirt. So, you can save time in the long-run as this kitchen finish is going to be easy to maintain. All you need to do is simply wipe the smooth surface on the cabinet doors, which will reduce the time you spend on your housework.

Modern kitchen design

Modern Kitchen Design

Brava concrete & Zeta matt graphite doors feature in this kitchen from our new handleless Verse collection

Open-Plan Living

Open-plan living

I think this kitchen style suits open-plan living perfectly. You’ll find a less-fussy finish on modern kitchen doors works well in a kitchen with a living or dining area combined. So, a true handleless version will create a more seamless flow

from the cooking zone to the relaxation area. This way, you can be more adventurous with accessories in this space. For example, you could experiment with patterned cushions on a beautiful, bold colour on a sofa. However, it won’t feel overpowering.

Epos natural oak and Zeta matt graphite

Our Epos Natural Oak contrasts beautifully against our Zeta Matt Graphite doors in our Verse handleless kitchen collection

Choosing appliances & accessories

Choosing Appliances & Accessories

I also find these kitchen styles can make appliance choices easier. After all, you’ll no longer need to worry about whether your oven handles match your kitchen door knobs. You can also choose your worktop more easily with a less-fussy door design. Then, you should be able to accessorise your worktops with relative ease and you won’t need to tie in certain colours with the door handles.

Strong colour contrasts make a strong feature on a true handleless kitchen like these two doors, Juko Matt Ash and Brava Black Marble, from our new Verse range

Combining Finishes

Combining finishes

Once you decide that a true handleless kitchen will suit you, in addition, you’ll need to consider the colour and finish. After all, I think this is the best way in which to add your own touch. Whether you prefer a textured, matt or gloss finish,

you can choose one or even combine these to define certain areas in your kitchen. This may be a small design trick but it really works wonders if you’re looking for a more individual kitchen, which will reflect your personality.

Zeta Gloss Yale and Grey

With a light grey rail, our Zeta Gloss doors in Grey and Yale showcase colour contrasts beautifully in our new Verse handleless kitchen collection

Gloss, matt or textured handleless kitchens

Gloss, Matt or Textured Handleless Kitchens

I tend to recommend a gloss finish for kitchens, which would benefit from more natural light. After all, this is a fantastic way in which to bounce more light around the room. Usually, this can work well in a small or dark kitchen. On the other hand, matt kitchen doors will absorb more light. Therefore, these could make the perfect choice if you’re

 looking for unstated elegance in a larger kitchen. I’d also recommend matt if you’ve got small children, as their fingerprints won’t show up so easily. Meanwhile, a textured finish can instantly add more depth to a door design. My favourite at Caple includes the rustic iron look. In fact, this features an intricate grain that varies from door to door for a unique look.

Zeta Matt Graphite and Cashmere

A black rail creates a contrast to our Zeta matt graphite and cashmere kitchen from our new Verse collection

Compact kitchen solution

Compact kitchen solution

For those of you who are planning a more compact kitchen, the true handleless design could be just what you’re looking for. After all, you won’t catch your clothes and young children won’t bang their heads on any handles. You’ll also find that your kitchen will instantly feel larger as streamlined doors will create a more uniform finish.

These textured finishes on our Verse Brava showcase rustic iron and dark walnut for an industrial finish

A handleless kitchen could also work for you if you want a sleek update in your kitchen especially if you have plans to move. This way, the design will provide a more uncluttered look, which could make the perfect choice for viewers, if you put your home on the market. After all, they will find it easier to imagine themselves in a room with less clutter.

A kitchen island can look so sleek if the doors are handleless. You’ll also find it easier to move around without any handles so the walkway around the island will be clear.

In addition to standard black or anodised steel rails, there are ten stunning, contemporary colours available to suit our new Verse range.

If you’re looking for the ultimate handleless kitchen design, consider your choices carefully. Some brands offer doors with ‘J’ grip handles, which are used to open the doors. However, these are not strictly handleless. Instead, you should find there are a variety of ways in which you can open your doors depending on the brand you choose. You may find discreet finger pulls, push-to-open mechanisms or soft-closing hinges so it’s best to try different versions to make the right decision before you buy.

Caple Showroom

Why not visit Caple HQ to see the difference yourself?

At Caple, we use a rail system, which will create a gap for your fingers so you can curl them around the door to pull it open. After all, this is a true handleless style. You can even choose whether to have this as a design feature in another colour or match it to your kitchen doors.

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