Chimney cooker hoods: The facts

June 6, 2019
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There’s no doubt that the cooker hood has become a key staple for the kitchen. Really, it’s no wonder as this room has transformed to become an open-plan living space where cooking odours are no longer welcome. However, the latest models on the market are not just vital in terms of the functionality they offer. In fact, ultra-efficient extraction in the form of super stylish appliances has become one of the most important elements in kitchen design.

So we asked our product manager, Luke Shipway, to reveal some key facts on chimney cooker hoods and some of the latest styles you could choose from. After all, this is one of the most common types of kitchen extraction fan.

Chimney cooker hoods explained

Chimney Cooker Hoods Explained

You’re likely to choose this model type if your hob or range cooker is positioned against a wall. This style features a hood or canopy, which ultimately sucks in cooking odours, some moisture and grease via an internal fan. These then travel up through the flue or chimney. However, what happens next will depend on whether you need a ducted or recirculating option.

Sleek and stylish, our Zella cooker hood features a black glass and gunmetal finish in line with our signature gunmetal ovens and wine cabinet


At Caple, all our chimney cooker hoods are available with a recirculating option

Ducting or Recirculation

Ducting or recirculation


In an ideal world, I suggest that you consider ducting as it will direct extracted air outside. This way, cooking odours etc. will be expelled externally through a duct in your outside wall.

You won’t need to pay to replace charcoal filters every six months (see more below), but you will need to consider the initial cost for the ducting and installation.

However, there are all sorts of reasons why this method may not work for you.


If you live in a flat with neighbours on either side, for example, or plan to place your extractor on an inside wall. Also, you may want to place your cooker hood wherever you want it to be in your new kitchen. Therefore, your choice might be on an internal wall.

So, if you’re unable to place your chimney hood in a location where it can be ducted, you’ll need to ensure you choose a model, which is available with a recirculating option. This way, you’ll find the air passes through grease and carbon filters, which absorb cooking odours before returning fresh air to your kitchen


Style and glamour

Style and Glamour

When we design our Caple chimney cooker hoods, I aim to cater for a variety of tastes and style, and performance is always key. Extractor style has become paramount for many open-plan kitchen settings, so the statement chimney hood is currently a high priority. In fact, some of the latest finishes feature a clever combination of black or smoked glass and stainless steel.

Contemporary design is also proving popular for the wall chimney hood, whether you mix it up with a classic Shaker-style kitchen or match it with ultra-modern, flush-fitting doors. I currently have two favourites – our Tauri and Nova extractors. Not only do these models look incredibly stylish, but we have designed these models to perform brilliantly, too.



New with Nova

New with Nova

Performance matters and we have designed our Nova wall chimney hood with four speeds, including a boost setting, which helps to remove unwanted cooking odours quickly. It even features a maximum sound level of just 60dB!

Our Nova makes the perfect choice for a busy, multi-functional kitchen, when you consider that conversation levels take place at 58dB. This cooker hood has an A-rating for energy efficiency, which we achieved in order to be more environmentally aware and a handy auto timer, too.

Style has become such an important feature in cooker hood design and Nova is ultra-modern to suit a contemporary kitchen.

Our Nova also features a beautiful black glass finish with white and stainless-steel accents with a 10.5W LED strip light. After all, LED lights will make your life easier, because you’ll find they will last a long time.

Trending with Tauri

Trending with Tauri

This cooker hood is ideal if you’re looking for a statement appliance. Featuring a sleek black & clear glass aesthetic with polished stainless steel grease filters, this model certainly looks the part. We added touch controls for a more contemporary finish with three speeds for increased functionality and making it much easier to clean.

There is a 10.5W LED strip light, which literally lights your way on the hob or range, for easy cooking. So, even when your chimney hood is not in use , you can keep these lights on to illuminate your cooking area?

Is this chimney hood efficient?

Is this Chimney Hood Efficient?

We’ve also taken steps to achieve high energy efficiency for this model. So, our Tauri wall chimney hood features an A+-rating, which we have almost matched with incredibly high lighting efficiency, which stands at A. With a maximum extraction level of 777m3/h and sound level at 64dB at the highest speed, this chimney hood should definitely feature on your wish-list. I also find our auto timer is an excellent way in which to ensure cooking odours are removed, as it will automatically switch off ten minutes after cooking has ended.

Our 900mm Spirit hood makes a stylish focal point in this kitchen

Grease and Charcoal Filters

Grease and charcoal filters

As grease filters capture the grease coming from your hob, you’ll need to clean these regularly.

However, at Caple, we have designed these with you in mind as all you need to do is simply place them in your dishwasher for cleaning. You’ll find you can remove them easily then replace them afterwards.

And, if you choose a recirculation chimney hood, don’t forget this will come with a charcoal filter. So, you’ll need to change this every six months on a Caple model to ensure it continues to work efficiently. (It’s also worth bearing in mind that the replacement time could vary with depending on your usage).

As product manager, I get the chance to work with our team on creating a variety of appliance designs, which will ultimately make life easier for you in the kitchen.

You’ll see that our chimney cooker hoods portfolio is extensive so, this way, you’ll get to choose a stylish model packed with functionality, which will suit you perfectly.

If you have any appliance questions, please don’t hesitate to ask via our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts and we’ll be happy to help.

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