Celebrity chefs cook on all cylinders

May 24, 2017
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Find out how celebrity chefs are using our high performance Caple appliances in this demo kitchen

Marvellous Mariella

At Caple, we love working with new people and that of course includes brands with a distinctive flavour. So, when Black Cow asked us to work with them, we jumped at the chance. The brief was to supply a selection of our high performance appliances for a new demo kitchen in their Dorset distillery.

You may already know our team can be rather partial to a glass or two of Champagne. However, vodka is another one of our favourite tipples! What makes Black Cow vodka so special for us is that the wonderful TV presenter and journalist Mariella Frostrup raves about it. And it’s also the world’s only ‘Pure Milk’ vodka.

What does that mean we hear you ask? That this beautiful white spirit is made entirely from the milk of grazed cows and nothing else. No wonder Mariella describes it as ‘the finest, smoothest, most velvety vodka’ she has ever tasted. And yes Mariella, we agree, of course.

Anyway, enough of Mariella…and onto the demo kitchen. Black Cow designed this kitchen specifically to suit both the keen cook and the celebrity chef. So, it was with this in mind that our team got together an exciting portfolio. We came up with a selection of functional, stylish appliances, which were fit for a match made in kitchen heaven.

Appliance heaven

We supplied eight built-in and freestanding appliances with a sleek, stainless steel aesthetic plus a matching tap. We think you’ll agree they all fit in perfectly with the modern kitchen cabinetry. These include our striking induction hob, which is the first model of its kind in the UK. Not only does it give a kitchen an instant ‘wow factor’ but it features four modular induction zones. These can be configured wherever you want them around a control panel. And this stunning, black, frameless appliance features 11 power levels. It also has a whole host of handy features from a keep warm function to a power booster.

Other appliance highlights in this demo kitchen for keen cooks and celebrity chefs include our combination steam oven. We love this model because it delivers a healthier way in which to cook with its impressive steam settings. It also has a roomy 34-litre capacity with 11 functions. This makes it the perfect choice for a busy household and chef’s home kitchen. But the best way in which to see what a cooking appliance can really do is to experiment with it. This is where celebrity chefs come in. At Black Cow Distillery, they can cook high quality cuisine for you so you can taste the results for yourself.

If you can’t get to Black Cow Distillery in Dorset, why not book to see our beautiful appliances in Avonmouth? Or you can arrange to visit one of our local stockists nationwide? To find out where your nearest retailer is based, click here: