Wine cabinet storage for Valentine's Day with Caple

Make Valentine's Day one to remember with our product manager Luke's expert advice on wine storage to ensure your bottles retain all their delicate flavour

Wine storage for Valentine’s Day

February 2, 2021
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Whatever you usually choose to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this year your plans are likely to be a bit different. All of the traditional popular options (pub lunch, fancy restaurant, cinema trip, theatre tickets and so on) are obviously off the menu in 2021. This is thanks to the coronavirus crisis and lockdown 3. In other words, staying in is still the new going out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a special celebration with your loved one.

Why not prepare a delicious Valentine’s Day meal at home, accompanied by a selection of fine wines? This is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your partner. Whether your favourite tipple is red, white or sparkling, we’re sure to have the perfect wine storage option for you. So, we asked our product manager Luke to offer his pick of the best wine storing and serving options for Valentine’s Day:

How important is proper storage?

How important is proper storage?

The short answer is, if you don’t store your wine properly, it will lose its flavour. In fact, you may well have wasted your money, time and effort buying it. That’s why investing in a dedicated wine cabinet makes perfect sense on so many levels. Did you know Caple is renowned as a market leader for wine coolers? So, whatever type of wine storage you need, we can provide it. We offer a huge range of high-performance freestanding, under-counter and in-column wine cabinets. So there’s really no excuse for serving up a sub-standard glass during your special Valentine’s Day dinner!

Premium Stainless Steel 60cm Wine Cooler with wine bottles

When you start shopping for wine storage, there are a few important things I suggest you consider. To start, I’d look at the location, size and functionality you require. Where in your kitchen will your wine cooler go? How many bottles would you like it to store? How many temperature zones do you require? Storing and serving wine correctly can be tricky. But choosing the right cabinet eliminates all the guesswork about temperature, light and humidity levels. All our models ensure the perfect pour, every time. So, this will leave you free to fully concentrate on your Valentine’s Day wooing!

The in-column option

Are you considering a kitchen redesign and love a neat, matching finish? Then I think a built-in, in-column wine cabinet is definitely worth considering. This type of storage can fit seamlessly into your units, for a sleek, seamless aesthetic.

The in-column option

Our Sense WC6100 in-column wine cabinet is available in three different finishes: black, stainless steel and gunmetal. It features a handy drop-down door with superior soft-close and open functionality. With a single temperature zone, you can store red, white, rosé or sparkling wine. This is perfect if you’re keen to incorporate Champagne into your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

60cm Wine Cabinet with matching Steam Oven and Warming Drawer

A feature in all Caple wine cabinets, this model features no-frost compressor cooling technology. So, unlike thermoelectric versions, the environment and ambient temperature will not affect them. Therefore, your wine cooler will maintain a consistent temperature much more effectively.

Integrated In-column Triple Zone Wine Cabinet in Green Kitchen

Another great in-column storage option is our Sense Premium WC1800. This is a furniture-clad wine cooler option, so your kitchen designer can simply make a frame to match your cabinetry perfectly. It looks amazing when positioned within a tall bank of units, to give a luxury bespoke kitchen that added wow factor. But this model doesn’t just look stunning; it’s high-performance, too. It features three independently controlled temperature zones.

So, this offers plenty of options for a variety of ‘wine tasting’ for Valentine’s Day celebrations, which would most certainly suit the serious wine connoisseur, too. Other key features include telescopic shelves, three charcoal filters, a toughened UV-protected glass door and four programme functions, including an eco-setting.

Valentine’s Day under-counter wine storage

Valentine's Day under-counter wine storage

Is space at a premium in your home? Then perhaps a substantial in-column wine cabinet isn’t for you. Instead, I suggest an integrated under-counter model is a great alternative. You can position this versatile type of wine storage neatly in a run of base units – or even your kitchen island. Our Sense Premium Wi6161 model allows for a bespoke furniture frame, which will slot into place for a precise match with your kitchen cabinets.

60cm Wine Cooler with Furniture surround door with glasses
60cm Wine Cooler with Furniture surround door and wine bottle with glasses

It offers dual stacked temperature zones and you may wonder why this is important. Well, all wine – red or white – should be stored at 12-14°C . But serving temperatures vary significantly. Rosés and whites should be served between 8-14°C, while full reds require 16-18°C. For sparkling wines, it’s 6-10°C. In fact, temperature variation can be a problem. So, multiple zones can ensure all your wine is kept at the perfect temperature for both storing and serving.

However, if you’re on a budget and quite can’t stretch to a top-end model (Sense Premium), our Classic collection has plenty of affordable storage options that don’t skimp on quality or functionality. Our Wi3125 wine cabinet for example, is a compact, single zone option that can store 750ml Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne bottles.

Kelly Holmes Kitchen Make-over Ovens and Wine Cabinet

So, if you’re splashing out on something special to drink on Valentine’s Day, you can rest assured it will be stored in perfect surroundings that will preserve its delicate taste and aroma. And if you enjoy a variety of drinks other than/including wine, this clever model has optional glass shelving that allows it to convert to a can chiller instead. I happen to know double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes uses her Caple Classic wine cabinet to store her favourite tipple, which is gin!

A moveable feast for Valentine's Day

A moveable feast for Valentine’s Day

If you need a speedy solution to your fine wine storage problem, consider a freestanding model. This type is endlessly versatile in terms of location and position (try your utility room if your kitchen is compact). And if you move home, you can simply take it with you!

Our Classic WF334 single temperature zone model combines an understated modern look with clever no-frost compressor cooling technology. Finished in stylish stainless steel, it features a reversible door with a smart square handle. And, despite its modest size, it can store a maximum of 35 Bordeaux-style bottles – which should be more than enough for an intimate Valentine’s Day dinner à deux!

If your kitchen space allows, think big. Our SENSE WF1552 freestanding wine cabinet can store up to 111 Bordeaux-style wine bottles (144 if the wine glass rack is replaced) – which in theory could see you through to Valentine’s Day 2022!

Large freestanding built in wine cooler in green kitchen

Packed full with handy features, such as a high-temperature and open-door alarm, this wine cooler incorporates three separate zones, three humidity control water tanks and fan-circulated cool air for even temperature distribution. Best of all, at just 45dB this quiet operation wine cabinet won’t disturb your Valentine’s Day dinner. So, you can still whisper sweet nothings into your beloved’s ear as your pour them a perfectly chilled glass of wine. Cheers!

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