Smart Ovens: the benefits of the CapleHome App in home cooking

June 8, 2023

The kitchen is a place where we prepare food and gather to share meals with family and friends. With the advancement of technology, the kitchen has become more than just a place to cook and eat, it has become a hub of innovation and convenience.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of a smart oven and take a closer look at the Sense Premium oven range and the tips for controlling your smart oven through the Caple Home App.

Using smart appliances in the kitchen

Technology has revolutionised the way we approach cooking and meal preparation, making our lives more convenient and efficient in the kitchen. With so many responsibilities and distractions around us, having technology do some of your work for you in the kitchen can help make life less stressful.

If you are currently looking to invest in a new oven, you might be wondering which functions you should look for and whether having a smart oven is worthy of your investment. Should you look for an app-controlled oven? One with pre-set functionalities? One that can do the cleaning for you?

Is a smart oven worth the investment?

Investing in a smart oven is an excellent way to make cooking easier and more efficient. Smart ovens are designed to take the guesswork out of baking, roasting, and even grilling. With features like automatic temperature control and the ability to pre-programme recipes, smart ovens can save you time and ensure that your food is cooked to perfection every time.

If you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with new cooking styles, a smart oven may offer more flexibility and versatility than a traditional oven. For example, the Sense Premium C2600SS, has pre-programmed functions for bread proving and dehydrating food.

Furthermore, many smart ovens come with remote controlling through apps that allow you to keep an eye on your food while multitasking around the house. Great if you lead a busy lifestyle. And if you’re someone who enjoys keeping up with the latest technology trends and wants to future-proof your kitchen, investing in a smart oven could be a good choice.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade your cooking experience, investing in a smart oven might be just the right move for you.

Introducing the Sense Premium Smart Pyrolytic Single Oven

This smart looking oven comes equipped with a range of features, such as Pyrolytic self-cleaning, a smart touch screen (CapleTouch+ TFT Touch control) and WI-FI connectivity. With no less than 23 pre-programmed functions, this is an oven for those who want to take the guessing out of cooking but also for those who want to take their cooking to the next level.


The large oven (67 litres) includes telescopic runners to easily remove pans and place food on trays. If you love chicken, its rotisserie function will help you cook a whole chicken easily at home. And to cook meat to perfection, the oven includes a handy meat probe.

And if you make a mess, you can keep your oven in pristine condition with pyrolytic cleaning. This genius functionality heats your oven up to 475C, turning oil residue and grime into ash. All you need to do, is wipe away once the oven has cooled down. The oven will even stay locked while the Pyrolytic cycle is running so no accidents can happen. How smart is that!

The Caple Home App

The versatile Sense Premium Smart Pyrolytic Single Oven can be easily controlled through the Caple Home app. Start by downloading the app onto your smartphone or tablet. Once you connect your oven to your local WI-FI, your app will pair to it. Easy to follow steps are also provided through videos on Caple’s YouTube channel.

Once you’ve paired your app to your oven, you can control the oven remotely, preheat it, set cooking times and temperatures, and even receive alerts when your meal is cooked.

From there, the fun begins! You can use the app to


  • Start a cooking programme remotely (handy when you are just about to leave the super-market);
  • check on the temperature if you have the meat probe inserted;
  • create and save your own recipes;
  • set reminders.

Anyone who likes technology in their home will enjoy the Caple Home app. It’s easy to use and the interface replicates the screen of your oven.

Multi-stage cooking

One of the functions we love in the Caple C2600 is the multi-stage cooking function. This is perfect for recipes that require different cooking functions or different temperatures for different parts of the recipe, like the traditional shepherd’s pie.

For example, if your recipe requires cooking conventionally for an hour before switching to grilling, you can arrange that easily in the app or on the oven’s touch screen. You can save the steps under your favourite recipe name too. Saving recipes like that allows other members of the household to help with cooking.

And the best part: you can save all the different steps into a ‘recipe’ on your app. You can then use the Caple Home app to cook to perfection every time.

Our verdict on the C2600SS and the Caple Home app

What a pleasure it is to have a handy app that lets you control a smart oven as powerful as the Caple C2600SS Sense Premium. The user-friendly app makes cooking joyful and the rest of the family can get involved too. With handy notifications, your pizza will never again burn and your Sunday roast will be juicy and delicious.

With touch of a button ease in controlling your oven remotely, the combination of the C2600SS oven with the Caple Home app will surely elevate your cooking game to the next level.

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