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Bonfire Night 2021: Party Ideas

November 4, 2021
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This weekend marks the chance to invite friends and family round to watch fireworks in the comfort of your own home and garden. After all, it’s officially Bonfire Night on Friday. So there’s no greater  excuse than to make sure your soirée at the weekend goes with a bang. Our marketing manager, Alex, knows how to party so we asked her for her top tips on how to host your own in style this season:

Garden styling for bonfire night

Garden styling for bonfire night

These past 18 months or so have meant I’m far more accustomed to partying on a patio in colder weather. And I think dressing your garden for Bonfire Night will be crucial to create party vibes. Hang battery-operated fairy lights from your walls or fencing and light a pathway with candles in jars. Make your garden furniture look instantly more inviting with cosy cushions and blankets. After all, once the drinks start flowing, you may find you’re partying outside for longer!

A firepit can make a fantastic alternative to a bonfire especially if your outdoor space comes at a premium.

Dressing the table

Dressing the table

Outdoors or in, it’s time to ‘go to town’ and create a beautiful tablescape! These days, dressing the table has become a work of art and I love making a stylish setting for guests. I’ve already chosen a colour palette for my evening and am planning to go to our local florist to pick up some seasonal florals to add to the mix.

I use a white (machine-washable) tablecloth to create a blank canvas, then dress to impress. Decorative plates will instantly add a splash of colour and you could even add ‘gold‘ cutlery to your dining area for some extra pizzazz. Twinkling tea lights and name cards will complete the look.

Kitchen cosy for entertaining

Kitchen cosy for entertaining

Create a welcoming kitchen with candles and cosy textures for those who want to watch the fireworks indoors. Our Enko kitchen could provide the perfect backdrop for this. It’s an ultra- modern handleless kitchen with super matt slab doors, shown here in Porter Red and Stone.

For a Bonfire Night to remember, you’ll want your kitchen to look extra warm and inviting, especially for those who are finding it’s not so much fun standing around in the cold. Add candles to create a seamless flow from outdoors to in. Just make sure someone is always present in the room when these are lit. If you’ve got an open-plan kitchen living area, cosy up your sofa with layering.

Warm textures and natural materials on throws and cushions will add the perfect finishing touch. Neutral colourways will also add a sense of bringing the outside in to create more cohesion, so your Bonfire Night party will go with a bang. You can use a breakfast bar or dining area for those who want to dine and watch the fireworks in the warm.

Bonfire Night food ideas

For me, traditional Bonfire Night food tends to cover warming dishes, from soup, spicy chilli and hot dogs to baked potatoes and pizzas. Try BBC Good Food’s mouth-watering collection for cosy, comfort food. Pick the recipes you can prepare ahead, so you’re free to enjoy the fireworks with friends and family.

Mouth-watering fillings for hot dogs will be easy to prep in advance so you can enjoy more time on Bonfire Night with friends and family.

Storing and serving fine wine

Storing and serving fine wine

Gunmetal Wine Cooler 60cm Undercounter
Our Wi6135 GM is perfect for storing red wine and Prosecco in optimum conditions before serving to friends and family.

Whatever the occasion, don’t forget the drinks! To start my celebration in style, I usually start with a glass of bubbly. I tend to stock up on bottles of red (and Prosecco!) in my wine cooler at this time of year, too. This way, I can store them at the optimum temperature in cellar-like conditions before serving.

In fact, red wine can make the perfect accompaniment to a hearty meal. So, why not treat your guests to the dark berry flavours you should expect from a rich, smooth Malbec? Or a fruity Rioja filled with autumn berries and spice may make your Bonfire Night one to remember. I also tend to serve mulled wine at this time of year – well, it’s not just for Christmas!

Safety matters

Safety matters

Consider whether your garden is large enough for a display to make sure your evening goes with the right bang and sparkle. If not, you could consider indoor sparklers and table fireworks instead. If you have created a bonfire, check it before lighting to ensure small animals are not trapped inside. Don’t use petrol or paraffin to light the fire and wear appropriate, low flammable clothing. If you’re planning a fireworks display, you can follow these guidelines. Above all, be safe and have a great Bonfire Night!

Check out the official guidelines on fireworks use before you start and you’ll be sure to enjoy a fantastic night with friends and family.



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