Kitchens Island Ideas

December 3, 2018
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If you are looking for the ultimate kitchen island, but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Simply follow our expert guide, which provides you with everything you need to know from the comfort of your sofa.

Our Winford in-frame kitchen is available with deep drawers for pots and pans, making this a great choice for a kitchen island. Pictured in sea salt , this kitchen comes with lacquered oak dovetail drawer boxes.

If you invest in an island unit, you’ll find this piece of furniture comes with so many benefits. This is after all an essential feature in modern kitchen design, which can give you more space. So, you will find you benefit from an additional food prep area and you can even house some appliances here. But space is not the only positive factor. Simply read on to find out why you need one in your kitchen.

This Harptree in-frame kitchen features an under-mount sink and butcher’s block for chopping vegetables on the island unit for a multi-functional work space

Kitchen divide

With a kitchen island, you can instantly create a subtle division between your cooking and living area. So, you can chat to friends and family, but still get on with the cooking. This seamless divide will also enable you to create an enviable cooking platform. The kitchen island provides the perfect spot for guests to watch you as you work. After all, this is where you could carry out your food prep and use your hob to conjure up your mouth-watering menu.

The textured, wood-effect finish on our Anola Dark Elm kitchen is gorgeous and it looks stunning on this island unit. This design features a cooking platform with the hob and breakfast bar

Consider where to position your island unit for easy movement around your kitchen. You should aim for at least a 1m walkway. Also, think about where any seating could be placed.

For example, how much room will be left once you’ve pulled your bar stool out to take a seat? You may have chosen drawers so take this into account to ensure you can open these fully with ample space. Your designer will tend to position your island unit in the centre of your kitchen.

This way, you can enjoy easy access from all sides. Your designer will ensure your central island is positioned with ample space around it for easy movement like this one featured in our new Finton kitchen.


The island in our Pesaro kitchen provides a multitude of functions with a stylish sink and tap, a built-in dishwasher not in view and a breakfast bar

Storage solutions

We’ve already mentioned the kitchen island as the perfect place for storage but what exactly should you consider storing there? Well, the list is almost endless. Choose deep drawers to store pots and pans with a top drawer and cutlery tray. A spice rack on the other hand will provide the perfect place for accessing more flavour to add to your cooking. The rack could fit neatly inside a base cabinet. In addition, why not add a pull-out waste and recycling bin? Your kitchen island can accommodate a huge variety of items, from small domestic appliances to your crockery. However, your designer can advise you and, ultimately, the choice will be yours.

Wine Cooler in blue kitchen with furniture door surround

Integrated appliances

Apart from a hob, this furniture can house a whole host of built-in appliances, from your wine cabinet to your dishwasher. A wine cabinet will always look particularly stylish in a kitchen island. This is a practical choice too, as it will be positioned closer to your entertaining space, whether this is at a breakfast bar or perhaps your open-plan dining area.

The island can also provide a handy place in which to position your dishwasher, particularly if you decide to house your sink and tap here. In addition, a pop-up USB electric plug socket could make life easier, whether you want to charge your mobile phone or plug in your electric mixer.

Our new integrated wine cabinet really is part of the furniture in this island unit. Your kitchen designer will make a frame to match your cabinets perfectly and slot it into place.

A breakfast bar will be a must if you don’t have enough space for a separate dining area. As a result, this extra seating solution should be a priority. However, if you’ve got a table and chairs for dining in your open-plan kitchen

you can always use an area like this for a different purpose. Just imagine being able to perch on a bar stool as you enjoy a quick cup of coffee or enjoy a glass of wine with friends.

You can create country-style charm with a modern finish if you choose an island unit for your kitchen design. Our Stanton Oak and Pebble kitchen fits into this scheme perfectly with a sink and tap and ample storage.

Stanton Oak

Add different materials

Choose different surfaces on your kitchen island worktop. This way, you can perhaps use a chunky butcher’s block surface for chopping vegetables at one end, while the remaining stone surface can be used to serve food.

The kitchen island on our Darga White and Cloud kitchen shows how you can choose different materials for different purposes, such as maple at your breakfast bar.

Increase worktop space

If you’re a keen cook, the work surface will be key in your kitchen design. So, you can expand your food prep with the top on a kitchen island. In addition, you’ll find it easier to spread out the workflow and perhaps have more than one ‘cook’ in your kitchen. Extra worktop space can also create a handy eating area or a place to prepare drinks when entertaining.

If you’re looking for ample storage space, a large island unit could be just the thing. This is a perfect example showcased in our Juko Gloss Cashmere kitchen

Colour combo

You can break up a block of colour with a different shade on your island unit. Not only will this clearly define your kitchen island but you could tie in its colour way with the same shade on a run of wall units. This will create an extra dimension to your kitchen plan and it can be a great way in which to add your own personal touch to your design.

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