Inspirational kitchens for Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2019
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It’s February already, which means that romance is well and truly in the air. Valentine’s Day 2019 is fast approaching. So, it’s time to plan how you’ll be celebrating with the object of your affection. Eating out with your loved one might seem like a great (though predictable) way to spend the evening.

But why not do things differently this year? Preparing a meal at home shows you’re willing to spend money, time and effort to make them feel special. So skip the stress of an overcrowded (and often overpriced) restaurant. Instead, serve up a meal to remember in your kitchen at home with our Valentine’s Day ideas.

An open-plan kitchen diner – or kitchen with breakfast bar – is ideal for Valentine’s Day entertaining. In fact, this sort of space is flexible, relaxed and versatile and certainly offers a way to spend more time with the people who matter. With an open-plan kitchen, you and your partner won’t feel isolated during the prep stage. So they won’t be left all alone while you’re attending to that special Valentine’s Day menu!


Sleek and contemporary, our stunning Vira Grey kitchen looks beautiful in open-plan spaces

At Caple, we believe zoning can be key to a successful, open-plan space. Most modern, open-plan kitchens have at least two distinct zones: one for cooking and one for dining. If space allows, a third living space adds an even more inclusive feel. However, the easiest way in which to create these

different zones is with your furniture. So your cabinet choice is very important here. In fact, the right units will help to create a more relaxed feel within an open-plan environment. It will also establish a seamless flow from the kitchen to the dining/living area.

Consider your material choice, as well as your colours and styles, carefully. For example, lighter palettes, gloss finishes and pale wood will all help to make your kitchen feel brighter. This is important if your space is smaller than you’d like, or north facing, for example.

If you’re attempting to make a good impression on your special guest on Valentine’s Day, get the clutter under control. A messy, chaotic kitchen is guaranteed to lower the temperature of any potential hot date. So make sure your kitchen incorporates plenty of storage. This isn’t just about aesthetics. The more minimalist your kitchen, the more room for successful entertaining. Food stores, tools and gadgets belong behind closed doors – not strewn across your worktop.


Our Woburn kitchen incorporates a beautiful, painted Shaker style with plenty of room for storage behind closed doors

Store and order

How your kitchen sounds is just as important as it the way it looks. Your Valentine’s Day entertaining is doomed if you can’t hear yourself think, let alone chat. So, where possible, integrate your appliances and opt for models with low sound levels. You don’t want your dishwasher drowning out those whispered sweet nothings when you’re relaxing over dessert.

Remember that lingering cooking odours aren’t exactly romantic either and are often a concern where open-plan kitchens are concerned. But choose the right kitchen extractor and it will remove these quickly and efficiently. These days, extractors come in all shapes and sizes, so you can even make yours a statement piece.


Island dreams: Our Shaker-style Pesaro kitchen combines timeless styling and an on-trend colour palette to deliver a contemporary twist to classic kitchen design.

Island Life

The island unit has evolved to become a key feature in today’s modern, open-plan kitchen. And with good reason: a central island instantly makes your kitchen more sociable. You can chat to your guests while preparing and cooking food. Perfect for impressing your Valentine’s Day date with your conversation and culinary skills!

A central island also has more practical advantages. It will provide additional storage and offers extra worktop space. Certain styles can even act as an informal dining area so pick wisely. However, if your kitchen isn’t big enough to accommodate an island,

 a breakfast bar is a great alternative. Not just for your first meal of the day, this type of feature can easily serve as an informal, yet romantic, space for two. You can enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of bubbly from a perfectly stored bottle in your nearby wine cabinet, while your main course is cooking.

Our Wi6232 dual zone under counter wine cabinet stores red and white wine as well as Champagne, so you can indulge in the perfect Valentine’s Day tipple.

Romantic dining

Ambience and flow are so important when you’re entertaining, especially on Valentine’s Day. Create the perfect space for romantic dining by incorporating a dining table and chairs into your kitchen.

This classic Shaker-style table from Madedotcom doesn’t just look great – it’s extendable too, giving extra space for additional guests when Valentine’s Day is over

Make every effort to coordinate all your furniture styles, materials and finishes. So, if your kitchen cabinetry features sharp, angular lines, so should your dining furniture. In the same vein, a complementary colour or material should be selected for worktops, kitchen furniture and dining tables.

Our gorgeously glossy Metz collection features streamlined, high-gloss cabinets that make a striking contrast in an open-plan kitchen diner when teamed with a light wood floor and wood features such as a breakfast bar. 

The right lighting will set the scene perfectly for your Valentine’s Day dinner date. As kitchen/living spaces have combined, lighting has become more differentiated according to function. In fact, these are usually divided into mood, task and ambient.

Of course, you need enough light to chop and slice safely. But harsh spotlights are certainly not suitable for a romantic meal! Simply turn off that bright task lighting once you’ve finished your food prep. And use a dimmer switch to adapt your ambient kitchen light.

Perfect for open-plan living and providing a seamless flow between the cooking and dining zones, our Parkhurst Dust Grey kitchen provides an ideal stage for both entertaining and day-to-day family life

All that’s left to organise is the food. Don’t panic if you’re struggling for menu ideas. Michelin-starred chef and Caple brand ambassador Josh Eggleton has created

 a selection of exclusive recipes, which would work perfectly for Valentine’s Day. We can recommend the Black Cow Vodka Cured Salmon. The Butternut Squash Wellington is pretty special too!

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