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November 10, 2017
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Five acres of West Sussex woodland is where Clinton Dall decided he would build the biggest building project ever seen in the history of Channel 4’s Grand Designs. “Pavello” is a 60m long private house comprising 550m2 of oor space and a footprint that would accommodate seven normal family homes.

A self-confessed perfectionist, Clinton, with his architect Des Harvey, bought together a team of material and construction specialists to complete the build. Every feature and every detail meticulously planned and precisely executed to breathe life in to the dream house that Clinton had been building in his mind for quite some time.

As for the “numbers”, the steel frame weighs 21 tonnes and the exterior is clad in pure white porcelain tiles, each one a 1.5m square. The fully sliding windows, that stretch the length and height of the property, were designed and built in Switzerland and transported on specialist trucks to the UK. The glue for the door tiles alone cost £6,000!

There are five bathrooms, a spa room, a gym, a pool and a bespoke 5m long sofa specially made to fit into the lounge area. The staggering statistics go on and on.


Clean, crisp lines dominate the design, yet the house is a home; it is not cold and clinical. There are many design in uences from Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion, giving Pavello its Catalan inspired name. Cues like the handmade polished stainless steel cruciform pillars, acres of glass, at ceramic surfaces, natural stone panels and leather and chrome furnishings. The floating roof, which when the windows are all pushed back on a fine day, makes it hard to determine whether you are inside or outside. All placed on a purposeful grid that is the very “glue” of the design.

As Kevin McCloud summarised “ is is a building where order reigns and where chaos has no place”.

A house so architecturally fascinating and photogenic in nature, the opportunity to use it as the location for the new Caple SENSE collection was too good to miss – a perfect setting for beautiful appliances, sinks & taps. A match made in Horsham you might say…