Integrated appliances: Behind closed doors

May 26, 2018
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We all know the modern kitchen has become the place to spend time with friends and loved ones. So this space has to work much harder as it’s no longer confined to just a room for cooking. If your hub of the home is going to work well as a multifunctional space, it needs to be designed to suit appliances, which are hidden from view. Don’t forget to add clever internal storage solutions inside your cabinetry, too. As a result, you will benefit from a sleek run of units and a clear worktop, which blend seamlessly into the living space.

Our Vira Grey [shown to the left] furniture features beautiful, slab-fronted doors for a streamlined look. These modern cabinets will hide all sorts of appliances, from a built-in dishwasher to a fridge-freezer.

Simply ask your kitchen designer to help you choose which models you can house behind cabinet doors. They will then show you a whole host of high-performance, integrated appliances you can pick from, to create a clutter-free, open-plan kitchen.


A classic kitchen, such as our Pesaro Cloud and Pebble, would benefit from featuring a selection of integrated appliances for a more uniform finish.

A built-in dishwasher is the perfect choice if you are looking for integrated appliances, which will blend in with your hub of the home. Why not consider a model with a special light, which will show you when the dishwasher programme is complete? This light will simply shine onto the kitchen floor at the end of the cycle so you don’t need to interrupt anything by opening the door.

If you want your fridge-freezer to fit seamlessly into your streamlined kitchen, a built-in model will suit you. In fact, integrated appliances, such as refrigeration, can be cleverly concealed in a run of tall units, so guests won’t even know they are there. Don’t forget to pick a size with a fridge-to-freezer ratio, which will suit you. Alternatively, invest in a separate fridge and freezer for ample room to store fresh and frozen goods.

Install a washing machine, which will fit behind closed doors, if you want the hub of your home to be pristine. This way, your appliance will instantly fit in better with its open-plan surroundings. Washing machines tend to be rather noisy, too, especially during the spin cycle. So make sure you choose a model with a low sound level, bearing in mind that normal conversations take place at around 59dB.

Downdraft extraction has the ability to hide out of sight when not in use so will instantly enable you to create a more minimalist look. Styles vary and include models, which will simply rise into place when switched on. However, if you are looking for something less intrusive, a downdraft appliance, which is activated with an innovative tilt mechanism, may be just the thing for you.

The storage you choose will be paramount if you want to achieve an uncluttered look for a chic kitchen. There are a wide variety of internal systems available, from carousels to pull-out organisers. You could also pick a tall larder cupboard, which will have a multitude of solutions for storing goods. This piece of furniture can, for example, accommodate pans in deep drawers, small domestic appliances on shelving and even condiments and spices in door racks.

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