The ultimate guide on how to keep cool in hot weather

August 4, 2023

It took a while to get going, but the smart money says this summer is set to be a scorcher. The Met Office has confirmed that 2022 was the UK’s hottest year on record. But temperatures in 2023 could soar even higher, if El Niño makes a return. We Brits are famous for complaining about the weather, and most of us long for a little more sunshine.

But if the thought of another heatwave fills you with horror, don’t panic. Assistant product manager Ashley has put together an expert ‘keep your cool’ strategy, harnessing a selection of Caple products. Read on to discover his top refreshing tips.

Drink plenty of water

The hotter it gets, the more important it is to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is an absolute priority when the weather is warmer. So a sweltering summer means it’s time to make friends with your kitchen tap!

High temperatures mean we sweat more, and that liquid needs to be replaced, in order to avoid dehydration. If you want to know how to keep cool in hot weather, the NHS’ Eatwell Guide acknowledges you will require more than the standard six to eight glasses of water in hot weather or if exercising.

Our SL6/CH single lever single flow kitchen tap makes summer drinks runs a real pleasure. Easy to operate with a smart 360° swivel spout, it requires a 0.3 minimum bar pressure and is WRAS-approved. The added bonus? The polished chrome finish is super stylish, and complements both classic and contemporary kitchen settings.

How to keep cool in hot weather with food

What we eat when the weather is hot is just as important as staying hydrated. Swap large, carb-heavy meals for lighter salads, chilled soups and plenty of fruit. I’d advise stocking up on ice lollies too, as a seasonal treat.

Our stainless steel CAFF46GM French Door Fridge Freezer is spacious enough to offer ample storage for both chilled and frozen produce. And it’s packed full with useful features, such as Caple Cool – our unique airflow system that ensures cold air flows to every level inside, for even chilling.

Best of all, it incorporates a number of energy-saving features, such as Eco and Holiday mode, to help you keep your bills in check. It even has an intelligent night sensor, which switches off the lighting in the refrigerator if there’s sufficient illumination in the room.

Feel the freeze

If your freezer is large enough, like our Sense Premium RiF1800 177cm In-Column Frost-Free Freezer, it can accommodate more than just food. Clear a little space, and use it to freeze your sheets and pillowcases. Pop them into a resealable plastic bag first, to minimise any food odours and stop them getting wet for a few minutes just before you plan to turn in. Then put them on your bed to enjoy a cool start to your sleep time. Try placing a flannel in the freezer using the same method. Simply remove it a few minutes later and place it on your face for a great morning pick-me-up too!

If you’re concerned about how to keep cool during the hot weather, another clever trick is to place a bowl of ice in front of an electric fan. Our in-column frost-free RiF1800 model has a Super freeze function to speed up freezing times and a Twist ice-cube maker that’s perfect for this. When the fan air passes over the ice in the bowl, it becomes colder. Your fan then circulates this refreshing, chilled air around your room.

Time for wine

I think a refreshing glass of rosé is hard to beat when you’re hosting in the heat. But alcohol can pose a dehydration risk generally, which is of course exacerbated by high temperatures. So, if you do indulge, do it sensibly – and compensate by drinking lots of water!

The good news is that some of our wine cabinets aren’t just for alcohol. Our Sense Premium Wi6155 Undercounter Dual Zone Wine Cooler features a clever glass shelving option that can be converted to accommodate soft drinks cans.

Its standard shelves are designed to store 750ml Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne bottles. But they are equally suitable for 750ml bottles of water, to help keep you cool – and save more of your fridge space for food!

Our smaller Sense Premium Wi3155 Undercounter Single Zone Wine Cooler is the perfect option for smaller spaces. It still has capacity for 20 bottles however, and can also be converted into a can chiller using optional glass shelving. Each model incorporates no-frost compressor cooling technology, to maintain a consistent and even temperature with fan-circulated cool air. Other key features include an open door and high temperature alarm – both very handy in a heatwave!

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