Easter baking traditions with celebrity GBBO baker Alice Fevronia

April 3, 2023
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Easter celebrations have really evolved in recent years. And as you’d expect from any occasion that involves fun and feasting with family and friends, Easter food has a key role to play. For some of us, it’s all about the Easter eggs – after all, chocolate is almost obligatory at this time of the year. But this long weekend just wouldn’t be the same without traditional treats from hot cross buns to Simnel cake. So, our marketing manager recently spoke to Great British Bake Off (GBBO) finalist Alice Fevronia for her expert take on Easter baking traditions.

GBBO star Alice Fevronia has been baking since she was tiny – and always goes the extra mile at Easter with traditional seasonal favourites

Alice has been baking for as long as she can remember, and she became well-known on GBBO for her decorative layered cakes and her intricate, delicate baking style. As you’d expect, she spends a lot of time in her Caple kitchen, testing recipes, filming content, and simply working on her laptop. Read on to discover what Alice plans to serve up this weekend, including Easter baking traditions and the beliefs behind them:

Easter baking traditions explored

There’s no shortage of bakes in the shops to celebrate this time of year, but it’s a great time to get creative in the kitchen. Easter baking traditions usually involve a lot of chocolate, but bread is also a big feature, more so than at Christmas or in the summer. So, I think the long weekend is a good time to experiment with things you don’t usually bake very often.

Easter baking traditions are special because their results are only on our plates for a few weeks each year. Not many people tuck into hot cross buns in November! So, getting creative in the kitchen is a great way to spread some seasonal happiness.

It wouldn’t feel like Easter with a hot cross bun or two. They’re a firm favourite of ours – and Alice’s. How do you eat yours?

Plan ahead

My Easter baking usually starts well before Easter, but I’ll be seeing my family over the Bank Holiday weekend. So, I’ll be making a seasonal-themed cake that will definitely involve a lot of chocolate! I’ve even made my own Easter eggs in the past, with moulds you can buy online. It’s such a fun, easy thing to do, and you can really get creative with your own decorations.

The right appliances

I use my C2600SS Caple Sense Premium Smart Pyrolytic oven almost every day, but I will really put it through its paces during Easter. And I will also use my C858i (bridgeable) Touch Control Induction Hob and CM111SS Built-In Combination Microwave a lot, which enable me to operate multiple appliances at once. I’m planning to melt a lot of chocolate so my hob will come in super-handy!

As you’d expect from a professional baker, the right cooking appliances are key. Alice chose our Sense Premium C2600SS oven for her new kitchen. It even includes a proving setting for bread!

Get everyone involved

I’m quite the perfectionist when it comes to decorative cakes, but I think it’s important to introduce Easter baking traditions to children. One of my earliest baking memories as a child (I still have the photo) is making Easter nests out of biscuit dough, which was then baked and filled with chocolate eggs. There are so many easy bakes to do with just a few ingredients. You can also add crushed chocolate eggs to pretty much any bake, in place of chocolate chips, for an easy Easter twist.

My Easter crowd-pleasers

Hot cross buns are a real favourite of mine. They’re great for sharing, and I often eat them for breakfast. They’re definitely a big part of my Easter baking traditions. Most people know that the cross on top (made from flour paste) symbolises the crucifixion of Jesus. But did you know that the spices they contain are also said to represent the spices that were used to embalm Christ after his death?

Hot cross buns are made from dough, and I love the process of making bread. It’s not quick and does take patience, but it’s very satisfying. Also, the wonderful aroma will fill your kitchen! With hot cross buns, you can even experiment with different flavours. Orange zest or chocolate, instead of raisins, works really well.

Simnel cake is a traditional Easter classic, and the end result is always worth the time and effort it requires

Easter baking traditions with Simnel cake & Easter bread

For many people, Simnel cake is synonymous with Easter baking traditions. This light fruit cake is topped with marzipan balls that are meant to represent the apostles. But there should always only be 11 as Judas is obviously left out! Bread has a very strong link to lots of Christian religious ceremonies. It’s said to represent the body of Christ and was served at the Last Supper.

I like traditional Italian Easter bread. This soft brioche dough is formed into wreaths or braided. The wreath is said to symbolise Christ’s crown of thorns, while a three-piece braid is meant to represent the Holy Trinity. If you enjoy the process of baking – as opposed to decorating – I think bread is a lovely thing to try and the most rewarding to make.

Love the process of baking? Why not experiment with some traditional Italian Easter bread. Some versions include a coloured egg in the centre – and plenty of sprinkles on the top!

Chocolate eggs

Did you know that we buy around 80 million Easter eggs a year in the UK? Non-chocolate versions are believed to be a symbol of fertility and represent the rebirth of nature after the dead of winter. Giving chocolate Easter eggs began in France and Germany in the 19th century, before becoming an annual tradition in the UK too.

They are my secret weapon when it comes to making Easter baking traditions as stress-free as possible. If in doubt, throw some chocolate at it! Decorating at Easter is really easy, because you can make something look pretty in an instant by adding these eggs. Top a cake with some chocolate flakes and some little foil-wrapped eggs, and you have a lovely centrepiece for any Easter celebration.

Planning to eat your own body weight in Mini Eggs this Easter? Be sure to stock up, because they don’t just taste delicious. Adding them to almost any bake is a fast, easy way to make it look fabulous

Chocolate Mini Egg Cookies
Fake it till you make it

In fact, “fake bakes” are really popular at the moment. They’re brilliant if you’re short on time, or if decorating a bake is your favourite part. Simply buy a pre-made cake then customise it with your choice of decorations. Enjoy your cooking have a happy Easter!

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