choosing the right hob

Gas, electric and induction ovens all have their merits. It’s really down to personal choice.
You could even combine all three if you want to.
   They work by creating a magnetic field between the hob
   and pan. They’re quick, easy to use, and energy efficient
   as well. Questions about cooking with Induction? Click here
Chosing-hob-2-(1).jpg    Electric ceramic
   Their smooth glass finish makes cleaning easier. They’re
   also sleeker and very contemporary, making them ideal for
   more modern kitchens.
Chosing-hob-3-(1).jpg    Electric sealed plate
   If budget is a real consideration, this could be for you.
   There’s still superb all-round performance, varied zone
   sizes and power levels.
Chosing-hob-4-(1).jpg    Gas
   Most professional kitchens opt for gas. Heat is instant
   and control is intuitive. Stainless steel or coloured enamel
   finishes are available.


   Mix and match modular hobs
   You could always choose to combine all  
   four. Any number of modules can be
   mixed together in any sequence. In fact,
   the options are almost endless.