Caple Studio: Our New Kitchen Showroom

February 1, 2022
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Are you looking for stylish, yet highly functional appliances, sinks and taps, for your project and customers? Then, you’ll love our NEW kitchen showroom. We have painstakingly created this stunning, new area, which covers an impressive 1,200sq ft, to help display our new initiative – Caple Studios.

We have produced this showroom for retailers and designers to discover even more about our Caple brand. Homeowners are welcome to visit too, although you won’t be able to buy from us directly on site. However, all is not lost as we are currently rolling out more Caple Studios, where you can buy our products and, in fact, a complete kitchen, in high-street locations across the UK.

Super-sleek and stylish, 0ur new Caple Studio has been designed and created to showcase prestigious examples of our kitchen furniture, appliances, sinks and taps.

Bristol Beginnings

We have carefully curated our Caple Studio in a specially designed space at our Bristol-based HQ. In short, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get this dedicated showroom ready for customers. This area leads the way before more Caple Studios, managed by hand-picked retailers, appear across the UK. Step inside our new Bristol showroom and you’ll find an extensive selection of design-led, highly-functional appliances, sinks and taps.


Style and functionality blend effortlessly in our stunning new Caple Studio.

Here, you’ll see style is key as we’ve pulled out all the stops to deliver luxurious furniture settings, too. We think you’ll agree our impressive kitchen showroom really has it all.

What better way is there to peruse our extensive portfolio, from appliances to furniture, than in a super-stylish Caple Studio?

The new kitchen showroom

We believe there has never been a better time for us to work with the homeowner. So, in our new Caple Studio you can see, first-hand, why our brand should be the homeowner’s ultimate choice for the heart of your home. And, if you want to find out more, we can take you next door to our Caple Experience Centre. There, you will discover seven striking kitchen displays, ranging from handleless doors to in-frame detailing. Each design comes complete with our appliances, sinks and taps to cater for all your kitchen needs.

Once you’re inside our Caple Experience Centre, you’ll see seven luxury kitchen displays. These range from the ultra-modern, handleless Verse furniture to our classic In-frame collection.

An innovative idea

Our managing director (MD) Danny Lay considered the Caple Studio concept during the first lockdown. You will probably recall 2020 became a time for reflection for many businesses. UK kitchen showrooms had to close to the public  during such challenging times and product shortages became the norm for some.

However, at Caple, we were in a very good position to meet the needs of every customer. This was thanks to our forward-thinking and extensive warehouse space. This meant we had plenty of available stock, ranging from appliances, sinks and taps to kitchen furniture.

Danny explains:

“Like many companies at that time, I started to think of ways in which we could ‘pivot’ our company. We were essentially looking for new routes to market.”

So, this is where the innovative idea for Caple Studios began. Thanks to our MD, we began looking at ways in which we could supply brand-dedicated showrooms.

Check out our new Caple Studio, where you’ll find our marble-effect worktops add a luxurious feel. You can experience cooling collections, such as wine cabinets and fridge-freezers, through to extensive cooking ranges, from smart ovens to hobs.

Don’t forget our impressive display of cutting-edge sinks and taps, super-stylish furniture and striking door handles.

Hand-picked partnerships

As our first Caple Studio kitchen showroom opens its doors to our customers, we’ve been looking at opportunities to work more closely with trusted retailers. This way, we could expand our new studio portfolio and Danny explains: We are the only company to offer Caple-branded appliances, sinks, taps and kitchen furniture in the UK. So, it made sense to hand-pick customers with the offer of a solus arrangement.

These retailers have a proven record of kitchen sales and they are already highly experienced in working with our brand. We’ve chosen those we know can work with us because they already are in some capacity. We have discussed exclusive partnership opportunities for these retailers to manage their own Caple Studios. Every product they sell will come from Caple, so they will benefit from being one supplier with all the advantages this will bring.

This is a win-win for Caple and each chosen kitchen retailer. Danny adds: They already have an intimate knowledge of our team, including sales, marketing and distribution. Therefore, we can ultimately help each one to make greater margins as they are channelling more business through one supplier. We can also protect our chosen Caple Studio retailers by offering them a solus geographical area.

Join us at our new beverage centre to enjoy the impressive views and discuss everything Caple!

Don’t forget to enjoy our handy drinks station or simply enjoy a glass from a perfectly chilled bottle from our built-in, framed wine cabinet when you visit.

The kitchen showroom future is bright

In the future, we envisage homeowners will have even better access to Caple appliances, sinks, taps and furniture. This will be thanks to our studios creating a strong high-street presence, as each will be situated in a key location. Then, it should be even easier to find a Caple Studio or kitchen showroom near you in the future, so watch this space!

If you are a retailer who is prepared to commit entirely to our brand by managing a Caple Studio, please get in touch. You can speak directly to your business development manager or regional manager for information on how you can work with us.

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