Amanda Atkins, Sales Person of the year

February 7, 2020
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We recently awarded Amanda, our regional sales manager for the North and East Midlands the accolade of sales person of the year. This is thanks to all her hard work, dedication and enviable sales

 results she successfully achieved for the Caple brand last year. So we thought we’d reveal more about Amanda, her work, some of her favourite products and what the future holds.

How long have you worked for the Caple brand?

I started in March 2003, so nearly 17 years. The brand was in its infancy then with a small selection of basic appliances, it’s amazing when I look back how the brand has evolved.

What was your initial position?

I started as Business Development Manager for the North East and Yorkshire.

When did you become regional manager?

Beginning of 2008, just before we did our first KBB Birmingham.

Why choose Caple?

I could go on forever here. The brand is family owned and run, and I think this makes such a difference. So much care goes into every aspect of our business, from product development, packaging and sales to marketing, training and customer care. High quality products at affordable prices without compromising on style.
So – why not choose Caple?

What’s your favourite category in the Caple brand (and why)?

I love our cooking products, when you look at the families of products Classic, Sense & Sense Premium and you look at the different finishes and how the products match and line up seamlessly. There is something in the range for everyone, no matter what their budget and you don’t have to compromise on look, even at entry level.

The product development team, along with Jo, our trainer, have used the products extensively and looked at making them as user friendly as possible. They are attractive, stylish and very easy to use. Because we also supply and understand kitchen furniture, we make sure the products look right and fit correctly in the furniture.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

This is difficult as there isn’t one specific aspect. Every day is different. I obviously love the brand. Team and support are very important to me and I have fantastic people around me. I enjoy seeing customers; a lot of them have become friends.


How many people do you have in your immediate team?

Saqib Mirza covers the North West; he joined the company in 2015 and is a great support.

Phil Smith covers my old patch, North East & Yorkshire. Phil joined in May 2019 and is doing really well.

Adrian Pashley has just recently taken on the East Midlands and is already proving to be a great asset to Caple.

Which appliance is currently your favourite and why?

I really like the Wi6136 wine cooler. It is so stylish and it makes a kitchen studio unique if they have it on display. We have some unique product that just makes the Caple brand stand out, I like the fact that we dare to be different.

60cm Wine Cooler with Furniture surround door and wine bottle with glasses

What do you think of the Caple kitchen furniture portfolio?

If you want to offer something different, Caple furniture is a must; for me, it’s almost bespoke. We do special size units and doors on most of the kitchens that we sell. We have ten cabinet colours and I have lost count of the door styles and colours. The quality is superb and we offer a great service; we just make kitchens easy.

Do you have a Caple kitchen and if so, which one?

Unfortunately I don’t; I wanted an in-frame kitchen and, at the time, we didn’t do one. The year after, Caple launched their in-frame – they took their time to get it right and it is superb.

What’s your best-selling product in your area?

I have no idea; we have so many products, I wouldn’t like to guess.

Why do we (Caple) have such a loyal customer base?

At last an easy question. Great products, reliable stock levels and fantastic service.

Mode Right handed Inset or Undermounted Sink in gold

What do you think of our new gold sinks and taps? 

I really like the gold; it’s such a talking point and a great showroom product. I really like the colour. I think you have to be very careful with gold and copper, but we have selected really nice shades. The Karns is my favourite tap in the range and it looks so nice in gold (gunmetal, copper and stainless steel also available).

What are you looking forward to most at the KBB Birmingham show in March?

It’s like Christmas! We don’t really know what’s going to be on the stand until we arrive on the Saturday. Our managing director at Caple, Danny Lay, keeps everything a secret; I think he likes to see our reaction. We always have a fantastic stand, it makes me very proud. Then its lovely to see so many customers, it’s a nice change them coming to see me. Then there’s the ‘Team’ thing again. We all get on so well, it’s really nice to have everyone around. We all support each other; it’s just a nice feeling.

What do you think the future holds for you/the Caple brand?

There is so much to do and not enough hours in the day. There are a lot of areas that we are only just starting to explore with the Caple brand, which is developing and growing all the time. Caple will continue to grow long after l leave the business, but as long as I can drive, see and speak, I’m brand Caple.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

This award means a lot to me, but really I need to share it; I couldn’t do it without everyone else. The Caple brand is excellent and the team behind it. It sells itself – I just do the introductions.