warming drawer features

Warm-drawers-feature-1-(2).jpg    Black-spot handle
   An exact match to all of the Sense ovens and
   microwaves, as well as a selection of the
   Classic ovens.
Warm-drawers-feature-2-(1).jpg    Quality interior
   Precision engineered sliding runners give a high-quality
   feel and all models feature either a protective anti-slip
   mat or stylish black base.
Warm-drawers-feature-3-(1).jpg    Minute minder
   A mechanical timer controls the heating element, so
   when the timer sounds, the heater switches off too –
   no need to worry about over-heating.

Warm-drawers-feature-4-(1).jpg    Seamlessly integrated
   The ideal warming drawer should blend in with a
   kitchen, and not take up too much space.
   Our SWMD1053 model sits perfectly under the
   Sense 48cm C2282 built-in oven. You’ll hardly even
   know it’s there. Until dinner’s ready of course.