combination steam oven features

SO109-feature-1.jpg    LED Touch controls and LCD display
   The intuitive control panel lets you swiftly access all
   12 functions, the electronic timer, minute minder and
   clock. You can also see the current cooking time
   and temperature.
SO109-feature-2.jpg    Auto setting
   Choose from 100 pre-set recipes displayed on the
   LCD panel. Includes food weight and temperature
   for optimum results. You can also create and save
   your own customised programmes.
SO109-feature-3.jpg    Stainless steel interior
   Hygienic and easy to clean.

   Injection steam
   Creates a consistent temperature for better results.

   Steam recovery system
   Water is collected during the cooling process and
   recycled to reduce the amount of water used.

   Clean function
   Option to clean the inner cavity, and steam system.